Day: September 6, 2016

Book Review: Dead Girl’s Guide to Style

Book Title: Dead Girl’s Guide to Style  Book Author: Rose Pressey Source: Downloaded from Amazon Kindle Unlimited. Rating: 5 Dragon Paws  This was SUCH a refreshing read. This novel is about Hadley, a female vampire who is unlike any vampire that I’ve read about. She prefers champagne to blood, hates breaking nails, and when she fights- it’s more of a cat fight than a serious fight … Read More Book Review: Dead Girl’s Guide to Style

A Gift of Short Story

Hey everyone! This entire month, I will be taking your suggestions for short stories. THE RULES I would love to give you give a gift of a short story to each and everyone of you. ^_^ I will start posting these stories with personal dedications in November and December. This is just for fun so if you end up not liking my stories, I … Read More A Gift of Short Story


Hello Fellow Book Bloggers! It’s I Messed Up Book Tag time! Thank you Jasmine @ JASMINE (How Useful It Is) for tagging me! Please check out her blog for book reviews and so much more! A Character Appearance You Misread or Imagined Differently? After watching Harry Potter movies, I always imagined Hermione the way the actress looked like so it was weird to see a different actress … Read More I MESSED UP BOOK TAG!