A Gift of Short Story


Hey everyone!

This entire month, I will be taking your suggestions for short stories.


I would love to give you give a gift of a short story to each and everyone of you. ^_^

I will start posting these stories with personal dedications in November and December. This is just for fun so if you end up not liking my stories, I hope that you will not take offense, it could be that I am just bad in that genre, but I am exciting to explore the possibilities. You can even tell me to write about an event that happens during Christmas, that would be fun!

The short stories will be posted in my blog and you will be able to keep them and share them. They are gifts after all.

I will post updates about this gift of stories whenever I would get entries and answer any questions.

You are free to start your own “A Gift of Short Story.” Please just reference where you received the idea for it. ^_^

  • You have until September 30 to comment with your request for a short story
    • Tell me what genre you want your short story be in
    • Give me a synopsis of what you want to see in your short story
    • Tell me if the main character should be female or male
    • Tell me what year it should be in, keep in mind that if it is in the past, you may not get your story in a while because I would have to do some research to make it believable.
    • Absolutely no zombies and apocalypse 
    • Keep in mind that it will be under 4,000 words
    • I may need to ask you questions one on one if I’m not sure about something, so I may ask for your email address.


32 Comments on “A Gift of Short Story

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  2. I love this idea! This is so creative and gracious of you. It’s also a great way to step into some other genres and evolve your writing style. It shows a lot of courage. Give me a few days to put some thought into it and I will add my bullets to the comments. Again, awesome idea – I love it 😀

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  3. I forgot to post this yesterday! I’ve been absolutely swamped. Better late than never though 😀 This is a really cool idea. Happy writing and good luck.

    Genre: Dystopian Future

    Idea: In a future society truth is valued more than any currency. So much so that when a baby is born a chip is implanted into their brain. This chip prevents the impulse to lie. This system has been in place long enough for everyone to be fitted with a chip. A solar flare from the sun disables all of the chips. However, there are no sparks or pain. They just simply switch off.

    Whatever gender character allows you to be more creative.

    The distance future.


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  5. Genre: Historical
    Idea: The MC has been training to assassinate the king for years. However, she ends up finding out that she is actually the king’s long lost daughter.
    Preferably female, but gender doesn’t really matter.


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  7. Oooh, I love this idea! ❤ I think authors should do gift short stories, just like artists do gift art.
    Hmm, I would love it if you wrote a short story for me too. Also if you like to request one yourself we can do a short story gift swap. 😀
    – Genre – Fantasy
    – Synopsis – A kings warrior is sent to capture and kill a known traitorous sorcerer, but the target turns out to be the kings nephew, the warriors former friend and the heir to the throne. Suspicious towards the reason he was sent on the mission, the warrior decides to investigate the situation further. Is his king in the wrong or has his old friend truly changed? Either way, his loyalty is about to be tested.
    – Male
    – Year – Well I'd like fantasy… so swords and stuff like that… kind of medieval.
    – No zombies and apocalypse- Perfectly fine, no zombies needed. 😀
    -4,000 words- Whatever you write it will be beautiful. ❤
    -Questions- Feel free to ask me anything further. 🙂

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    • Yeah, let’s do a short story swap!
      -genre: fantasy
      -Synopsis: The elves lived happily until a natural disaster happened, diving the towns and families. One elf is desperate to reunite with her family and maneuvers through the new strange landscape. On the way home, she meets a fairy who lost his family as well. What happens on the way back? Who do they meet? Do they get a happy ending?
      -Year- Any since it’s fantasy
      -No zombies or apocalypse for you as well. haha
      -4,000 words, right back at you! ^_^
      Questions- Feel free to ask me anything as well.

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  11. Okay, so I am finally back! Sorry it took me so long, but I have been pretty busy 😅 Just telling you right now that I suck at putting my thoughts on paper – well… comment – so I am sorry for the sucky synopsis!
    *Genre: YA Fantasy (I guess?)
    *Character’s gender: Female
    *Year: 2016
    *”Synopsis”: [character name] has a gift – and a curse! While she can heal people from almost anything, using an ancient amulet handed down to her by her grandmother , she kills anyone who comes in contact with her bare skin! No wonder that at the hospital, where she volunteers, people miraculously recover from bad diseases! But she completely keeps to herself in every aspect of her life until she meets [male character] – have I mentioned that I suck at giving names too 😅 – he somehow cancels out her ability and therefore becomes the only person she can have contact with. But why did he show up now and how can he neutralize her curse?

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