Into the Flames: 3rd book and how it came to be

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Last time I talked about my third book was on August 9 at Plans for my third book. Time sure flies.

Here’s the blurb again:


I want to tell you guys on how this novel came to be. I sat in a store, eyeing the fitting room. My sister and niece just went in with a bunch of clothing. I was lucky that I bought myself a notebook and a pen before heading inside the dreaded clothing store.

Knowing that I had at least thirty minutes, I started tapping my pen on the notebook. A man sat down next to me and started playing some game on his cell. I ignored him. I stared at that first page and stared, willing an idea to be born. The loudness of the store disappeared and I thought of four words: creepy butler, lightning, and phoenix. It was like magic. Words started to flow through my mind and I started quickly writing them down. Mind you, my hand writing is readable, but not beautiful.

In that short time period, I wrote an entire scene that appears in chapter two and I was satisfied that I didn’t waste my time playing some game on my iPhone.

How did your idea for a book come to be?

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