Into the Flames: Main Character

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Hey everyone.

Here are the two posts about my work in progress:

Into the Flames: 3rd book and how it came to be and Plans for my third book

I want to introduce you to my main character, Omari.


Omari is young and clueless about her destiny. She was first mentioned by The queen of the Phoenixes to Gardenia in  book cover. That happened was when Gardenia received a day off from her studies from her third teacher, Ri.

Omari is the daughter of the 7th king of Phame and is the heir to the throne. She has several appearances, the above image is of her at the beginning of the novel. Innocence, right? She is afraid of spiders, her room at the mansion, and of fate. She is of of the drinking age and never been to college, mainly due to not having money. When high school ended, she joined the workforce and worked her cute little butt off so she could have a better life. Those experiences made her the person she is at the beginning of the novel which is a pretty good one. Go 7th King!

That’s it for now! If I give anything else away… that could really give away my turns and spins of book 3.

Enjoy the weekend!

What are some of your crossovers? Do you have characters crossing over from novel to novel?

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