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Book Review: Union Street Boarding House: An Edwardian Mystery

Book Title: Union Street Boarding House: An Edwardian Mysteryunion-street

Book Author: Jamie Michele and Mary Rinehart

Source: Downloaded from Kindle Unlimited

Rating: 4 Dragon Paws 4

I would that this novel would fall under the category of mystery, cozy mystery.

It is about an event that had occurred at a boarding house of Mrs. Peterson. The event being of a murder of one of her tenants. It took me a chapter to get into the story line, mainly due to me not being used to reading the language in that format. It has some parts which made me cringe and I rather not have read them, mainly the ones to do with animals. Throughout reading this beautiful piece of work, I thought of a movie that I’ve seen a couple of years ago. How to murder your wife 1965

Jamie and Mary have come up with realistic characters which was a pleasure to follow. The main character of Mrs. Peterson is very believable and relatable… well could be if they were in similar familial situations. It was nice to see, a regular man, trying to solve the mystery. He was no Sherlock Holmes, but awesome to read because of his passion.

I recommend this novel to eighteen and over audience.