Book Review: Union Street Boarding House: An Edwardian Mystery

Book Title: Union Street Boarding House: An Edwardian Mysteryunion-street

Book Author: Jamie Michele and Mary Rinehart

Source: Downloaded from Kindle Unlimited

Rating: 4 Dragon Paws 4

I would that this novel would fall under the category of mystery, cozy mystery.

It is about an event that had occurred at a boarding house of Mrs. Peterson. The event being of a murder of one of her tenants. It took me a chapter to get into the story line, mainly due to me not being used to reading the language in that format. It has some parts which made me cringe and I rather not have read them, mainly the ones to do with animals. Throughout reading this beautiful piece of work, I thought of a movie that I’ve seen a couple of years ago. How to murder your wife 1965

Jamie and Mary have come up with realistic characters which was a pleasure to follow. The main character of Mrs. Peterson is very believable and relatable… well could be if they were in similar familial situations. It was nice to see, a regular man, trying to solve the mystery. He was no Sherlock Holmes, but awesome to read because of his passion.

I recommend this novel to eighteen and over audience.


11 thoughts on “Book Review: Union Street Boarding House: An Edwardian Mystery

    1. Well, there was only one scene where we get a feeling like a dog was tortured, but it was mostly reading about hurt animals during floods. Horrible. Very minimal though because the story was focused on the case about the murdered woman. Thank the stars.

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