Results from the Polls for fantasy writing

You can still provide feedback at: Polls for fantasy writing Climate and Geography So, 2 people like having accommodating maps (which is awesome) but not something that I can have for edition 2 of Deity’s Soulmate. Mainly because she jumps galaxies…. that would be a really hard map to make… For geographic locations of species, it’sContinue reading “Results from the Polls for fantasy writing”

ARC Book Review: The Adventures of Princess Firecracker and Sir Hye Oye

Book Title: The Adventures of Princess Firecracker and Sir Hye Oye  Book Authors: Renee Lake Illustrator: Katie Vance Source: Received an ARC copy from the author for an honest review. Rating: 5 Dragon Paws  This is a great children’s book! It is about 30 pages long with illustrations! Perfect for kids because kids love illustrations. The illustrationsContinue reading “ARC Book Review: The Adventures of Princess Firecracker and Sir Hye Oye”

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I am thankful to all of my followers on WordPress. Thank you. I have almost reached a 100! So exciting. As a thank you, I want to share with you my short story about a high school crush. However, I can’t send you the short story if I don’t have your email, which is whyContinue reading “Subscribe to receive your free story”

The Secret Life of a Book Blogger Tag

Thank you Cassiopeia’s Moon for tagging me! This will be interesting… I hope. How long have you been a blogger? I’ve been blogging since the 27th of May 2016. A really short time frame… I tried creating a blog on my first website – but the webhost is not built for blogging and connecting with other authors orContinue reading “The Secret Life of a Book Blogger Tag”

Bookish Bingo: Fall 2016 Update 6

The Details: From Pretty Deadly Reviews Every new season has a new bingo card. This one is for books read in the months of September, October and November. The object is to get as many BINGOs as possible (five across, up and down, or diagonal) One square per book You do not have to review theseContinue reading “Bookish Bingo: Fall 2016 Update 6”

Book Review: The Alpha Billionaires’s Revenge (Books 1-9)

Book Title: The Alpha Billionaires’s Revenge (Books 1-9)    Book Author: Deana Farrady Source: Kindle Unlimited Rating: N/A This is a story (2 volumes) that falls under guilty pleasure category and revenge. Yes, surprisingly, those two go hand in hand for Jonas and his plaything. Jonas seeks revenge on the woman who messed up his brotherContinue reading “Book Review: The Alpha Billionaires’s Revenge (Books 1-9)”