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Climate and Geography


So, 2 people like having accommodating maps (which is awesome) but not something that I can have for edition 2 of Deity’s Soulmate. Mainly because she jumps galaxies…. that would be a really hard map to make…

For geographic locations of species, it’s more obvious in book 3 of the trilogy which is not out yet, but I’m happy to say that I was able to accommodate all 3 people.

Gardenia travels through galaxies! So that satisfies the 3 votes. Yay!

And of course, I do explain climate or geography when its necessary.

Magick and magicians


In my novel, in first and second editions, dragons can snap their fingers and BAM, it’s done. Gardenia can do so on really simple spells, but really it’s about incantations, magick circles, and potions.

Gardenia at one point pays a price for doing a time spell.

Gardenia works magick with dragons. Can’t get better than that. Yay!

  • There are lot of more magickal beings in book 3.

I got gods, goddesses, dragons, and her soulmate looks like a fairy (if imagined)

Characters and Customs


Let’s see. Some folk takes. I can add that into edition 2. Just need to come up one with one or two.

Gardenia goes through the rite of passage through her punishment so guess that works out.

There are a lot more of special characters dealing with different matters in book 2. In book 1 (1st and 2nd edition) one gets the idea that Gardenia has lessons with different family members. Each family member teaches her something different and unique… to a point since she’s not well liked.

Gardenia learns about dragon society which is complex. I just hope that it shows.



Slow and pure romance. Though there’s soul mates which makes it hard to make it pure and yet it is in a way.

I loved writing romance between soul mates.

In edition 2, Gardenia has a couple of relationships before she meets her soul mate unlike in edition 1 so that’s covered. It was actually fun to write.

Sadly there are no love triangles. I am bad at those.

This was a great exercise to see what I can write and people like to read about.

Thank you for your help!

ARC Book Review: The Adventures of Princess Firecracker and Sir Hye Oye

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Book Title: The Adventures of Princess Firecracker and Sir Hye Oye 36355378cc7c059af0e3417f01edef916b6d7063

Book Authors: Renee Lake

Illustrator: Katie Vance

Source: Received an ARC copy from the author for an honest review.

Rating: 5 Dragon Paws 5 paws

This is a great children’s book! It is about 30 pages long with illustrations! Perfect for kids because kids love illustrations. The illustrations are cute and help the story.

Princess Firecracker turned 12 years old, which is a big deal for her family because now she has to prove herself as a worthy princess. She takes her trusty companion (a talking cat) by the name of Sir Hye Oye on her quest set by her parents. I love it when there are talking cats, especially if they act like Sir did in the story.

I liked the names of the places. Really imaginative and perfect for the middle grade genre. It was fun reading about the small interactions between the people and the princess.

A fun, great read for all ages.

You can find it on Amazon here: The Adventures of Princess Firecracker and Sir Hye Oye

Publication Date: October 25, 2016. I will remind you all on that day!

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I am thankful to all of my followers on WordPress. Thank you. I have almost reached a 100! So exciting.

As a thank you, I want to share with you my short story about a high school crush. However, I can’t send you the short story if I don’t have your email, which is why I have created a subscription page on the site. The link is under the short story’s cover. Also, if you subscribe, you get a poem for your birthday… written by me. ^_^ I am not a poet but I certainly try my best with being creative.



The Secret Life of a Book Blogger Tag

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Thank you Cassiopeia’s Moon for tagging me! This will be interesting… I hope.

How long have you been a blogger?

I’ve been blogging since the 27th of May 2016. A really short time frame…

I tried creating a blog on my first website – but the webhost is not built for blogging and connecting with other authors or bloggers so I came to wordpress.

At what point do you think you will stop?

Hopefully never. I like blogging about books, about my author accomplishments and my cats.

What is the best part?

Communicating with other writers, readers, and hobbyists.

What is the worst part?

So little time to read what other bloggers have to say, but I try my best.

How long does it take you to find/create pictures to use?

  • Book Covers appear from Goodreads.
  • My illustrations for novels take a long time because my sister works on them and I need to approve each image.
  • Other illustrations are done using Canva and it doesn’t take too long.

Who’s your book crush?

Jem (the infernal devices)

What author would you like to have on your blog?

I would be honored to have any author join me for a blog post or two. ^_^

What do you wear when you write your blog?

Whatever I have worn that day. A skirt and a comfy shirt…oh and when its chilly, uggs.

How long does it take you to prepare a post?

Depends on the post. But usually around an hour unless it’s about writing advice, then it takes longer.

How do  you feel about the book blogger community/culture?

Love it! The people are so nice! And people communicate which is the best part. A lot of great recommendations every day with great feedback on new and older books.

What do you think one should do to have a successful blog?

Post everyday! Respond to comments. Read other blogs and comment on those posts.

I tag


Anyone who wants to do this tag. ^_^

Bookish Bingo: Fall 2016 Update 6

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The Details: From Pretty Deadly Reviews

  • Every new season has a new bingo card. This one is for books read in the months of September, October and November.
  • The object is to get as many BINGOs as possible (five across, up and down, or diagonal)
  • One square per book
  • You do not have to review these books, or even have a blog, this is simply for books read during the allotted months
  • At the end of August there will be an international giveaway for all participants. The more BINGOs you get, the more entries you get in the giveaway!

1st card autum2016-bingo  2nd cardautum2016-bingo2

3rd card: autum2016-bingo3 4th card:autum2016-bingo4

5th card: autum2016-bingo5

Current Card: autum2016-bingo69 bingos! Anyone know any good Fall Release? 

Book Review: The Alpha Billionaires’s Revenge (Books 1-9)

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Book Title: The Alpha Billionaires’s Revenge (Books 1-9)

 al al2

Book Author: Deana Farrady

Source: Kindle Unlimited

Rating: N/A

This is a story (2 volumes) that falls under guilty pleasure category and revenge. Yes, surprisingly, those two go hand in hand for Jonas and his plaything. Jonas seeks revenge on the woman who messed up his brother and has his investigators (being a billionaire and all) find the girl… except it’s the girl’s sister and she’s agreed to his deal to protect her sister who is now doing okay. Jonas does find out the truth at the end and when he does he realizes that his plaything’s actions and emotions make sense. If you want to know how that happens, read the books. Took me a week to finish reading.

I didn’t like either of the characters. Yes, the story gets to be addictive and not because of the sex but because you want to find out how he finds out the truth about his plaything. Jonas was too manipulative and was really sick in the head while his plaything was too obedient and really should have divulged her secret a lot sooner.

If you’re looking for a guilty pleasure read and are over 21+, then this is for you, but get ready for some twists and turns in the sexual fantasies. What I learned is that billionaires think they own the world and can do anything in it. I learned that they can also be extreme perverts to the point of making me feel sick and I learned that there may be women out there who gets attracted to those type of manipulative bas*****. I can see why it ended the way it did, but for me, it was not the right ending especially since he still called her plaything. Totally uncalled for. So the woman lost her name in my mind because she truly was a plaything. Not sure if that was the intent or not, but there it is.

I will not give these books a rating and there had to be books out there that I didn’t like.