Pitching tip for self-published authors Part 2

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I wasn’t going to do a follow up post to Pitching tip for self-published authors but a recent email changed my mind.

This morning I have received an email titled “Book Review Exchange Request” and decided to check it out. I’m part of a Goodreads group where we exchange books for reviews and it’s really a fun time so I’m never surprised to receive such emails.

However, when I started reading the email, I realized that this author, let’s call him Bob, already made the request on August 21. I denied doing the exchange due to the genre of the book, to which I did not get a response to.

I don’t mind receive a request twice. It happens. Self-published authors spend hours looking for bloggers to read their book and email hundreds to which only a few respond. Though here’s a tip: Check your email for the email or person that you’re emailing if you’re not keeping track of whom you have contacted so you won’t email that blogger twice. The best case scenario is that you will be ignored. The worst case scenario is when the blogger would respond to you and you don’t want a mad blogger emailing you.  

So here’s the kick of today’s email.

  1. He didn’t check his sent box in his email
  2. He made a mistake of naming my book
  3. He apologized without naming my book
  4. It took him an hour to realize his mistake
  5. He didn’t address me directly


I darkened out some parts so you guys won’t be able to find Bob.

Tip: Learn from this email and try not to do what Bob did.

I am still thinking if I should reply with “Please do not contact me again.” or I should just ignore it.

If you guys think that I should reply, please help with the appropriate phrasing. I do have a feeling that this was not the last time that I heard from Bob.