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The Season of Returning Gifts

Today is a different post and it has to do with the season of Gifting.

As I was on the way to work, my husband turned on the radio. The first thing we heard were about how some people already have gifts that they want to return.

Now, I may be old fashioned but returning gifts? Seriously?

I understand that exchanging a shirt for a smaller or bigger size can make sense in today’s society but returning a gift because they don’t like it… is just RUDE.

Now, don’t think that I live under a box and don’t know that returning gifts has been a thing for a long time, BUT, to BRAG that someone already wants to return a gift is just WRONG.

I mean how would YOU feel if your gift has been returned? Things have a way of coming out. Sure, if you hardly see the person who gifted you that HORRIBLE gift, there may be a temptation to be MAINSTREAM.

“Oh, you returned your gift and got something else? I think that I’ll do it, too!” – Doesn’t that sound ridiculous? It’s not like “Oh, you’ve seen that movie? I want to see it, too!” Seeing a movie because someone else has seen it, is actually good because it doesn’t hurt someone’s feelings to see a movie. It does HOWEVER hurt someone’s feelings IF AND WHEN they find out that YOU returned their gift.

Frankly speaking, because people got into their HEADS of returning gifts, gift cards became more popular and even then “What if you got a gift card for a place you don’t shop in?” —BLASPHEMOUS!!! 

What have we become? We complain about EVERYTHING!

  • This soup is too hot!
  • This cell phone is TOO complicated!
  • This dress doesn’t come in my favorite color?
  • What? This game already came out where you are? Damn it! I want it, too!
  • What took you so long? I’ve been waiting in the cold for 5 minutes!
  • Can you believe it? She gifted me with this ugly Christmas sweater!

What if we thought about what we’re doing or what we’re receiving BEFORE complaining?

  • The cook really outdid himself. While it cools a little, I can tell about my latest project.
  • Okay, guess I’ll ask Siri for help or google an answer to my new iPhone 6s.
  • Maybe they didn’t make it in purple because they tried and it looked bad? Okay, I’ll try it on anyway. Oh my! It’s gorgeous on me!
  • Just one more week before it comes out, I’ll just finish the one that I’m playing for now. Don’t spoil anything for me.
  • It’s okay, it’s only been 5 minutes. How about that coffee or hot chocolate to warm us up before shopping?
  • Yes, it’s totally not my style but I can wear it to an Ugly Sweater Party or wear it around her. It’s the thought that counts. Could make lots of funny memories.

NOW, don’t those look better? Make you feel better?

This is a season of gifting and receiving gifts. But, more importantly, it’s about family, togetherness, and enjoying the holiday season. You may get to see some friends only during this holiday so enjoy it.

Stop complaining. Stop thinking about returning gifts. Stop and take a deep breath before you hurt someone’s feelings. People go the distance looking for gifts.

They take their time to order you something online or shop at a store. They take the time of choosing a beautiful wrapping paper and then wrapping your gift. Give them the courtesy of the doubt that they hate you and just thought to gift you something they found in the trash. People don’t gift others to make them miserable. They gift because they want to. People don’t gift people gifts if they don’t like them.

Happy Holidays



Book Review: Carnage at the Christmas Party

Book Title: Carnage at the Christmas Party carnage

Book Authors: Holly Tierney-Bedord

Source: Kindle Unlimited

Rating: 5 Dragon Paws 5 paws

It’s a Christmas story and a rough one at that time.

The main events happen in the same time period as the “Murder at Mistletoe Manor” manor.

Also, the main character, Charlotte, really did have a HORRIBLE boss. I mean seriously, I was impressed with that character. He really was (insert curse word(s) here). It was hard to read and I really felt sorry for Charlotte but at the same time, I was happy to see that she was a loyal friend to her fashion designer best friend. The cost for the Christmas Party was certainly something!!!

The other thing that was awesome, was Charlotte’s love interest. The guy was from Turkey! Very different and great.

I recommend it to sixteen of age and older.

Oh and it was a light carnage… nothing too big… 😉

Seven Hours

Sarah’s review of Seven Hours: Challenge Accepted. Check it out! And also check out the full site for more awesome reviews!

A Kiss At Midnight Reviews

We have another novella for you today and it is completely different from anything else we’ve read before. In Seven Hours: Challenge Accepted by Angelina Kerner, the main character is undergoing an experimental treatment to improve her life. She wants to be able to do what everyone else can, see.


Heat: ♥♥

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Overall Rating: 3.5/6 Glass Slippers

Chanel is a regular college girl, except for one thing. She’s blind and walks with a cane. She was born like this so Chanel knows no difference, however, she longs for more. Especially now that her politician father is making some controversial decisions. The reporters are all looking to Chanel for her opinions, her insight, and of course, just trying to lash out at her.Danger strikes as one gets a little too close to her and hits her walking stick.

Horrified and scared for her well being, Chanel’s parents…

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Six Secrets of the World’s Most Successful Writers by Nina Amir (Inspiration to Creation Coach)

Hey everyone,

Today, I have attended a webinar, run by an writing coach Nina Amir. I have found her website through one of bloggers (a couple of months ago) and finally had the time to attend one of her online sessions.

Let me tell you: She embodies the 6 secrets 100%! And her energy was contagious.

Some things to know about Nina:

  • She is an 11 time Amazon bestselling author so she knows many secrets, probably more than just 6
  • She was also the first to blog a book and that should grab your attention right then and there
  • She’s a hybrid author, so she knows struggles from all angles and can be of a great help
  • She has a course coming up which you can attend and learn to become a better, more motivated and successful author.


Here’s some of the things that she made think about through the webinar. These are not secrets, just something that has to do with them.

  • Am I drinking enough water?
  • What words describe as an author?
    • I said: Ethnic mutt, creative, dancer
  • Am I really focused as an author?
    • rating scale from 1 to 10: 6
  • Am I good at spreading good influence?
    • Have I helped any of my readers and followers?
    • Did I achieve something?
      • maybe you guys can answer that one for me???
  • What’s my purpose of when it comes to writing?
    • I want to share the life lessons that I learned through my writing. I want to share the hidden worlds inside my mind with others.

Check this link out:

Thank you for reading. I know this is a different post from my usual posts, but hey everyone needs some diversity, once in a while. ^_^



Book Review: Murder at Mistletoe Manor

Book Title: Murder at Mistletoe Manor manor

Book Authors: Holly Tierney-Bedord

Source: Kindle Unlimited

Rating: 5 Dragon Paws 5 paws

It’s a Christmas story and a CLUE story.

I don’t know how many people played the game, CLUE or watched the movie, but it’s a tradition for me to view the movie every Halloween and I have the game somewhere in the garage.

This story reminded me of the movie and the game. It’s about a hotel where 7 guests arrive and the guests start falling like flies. It doesn’t help that this is happening during a snow storm and the police have their hands fool.

I really liked the main characters. Well done and I wouldn’t mind reading more stories about the Mistletoe Manor.


I recommend it to sixteen of age and older and especially to those who love a good game of CLUE.

Also, I had two guesses about the murderer and I ended up being right! Just saying, but to most it would probably come as a shock, not sure.

Book Review: The Snowflake Valley Advice Fairy

Book Title: The Snowflake Valley Advice Fairy snowflake

Book Authors: Holly Tierney-Bedord

Source: Kindle Unlimited

Rating: 5 Dragon Paws 5 paws

It’s a Christmas story, a romance story, and one full of lessons.

This story is about a 25 year old girl named Elinor who decided to move to her favorite town and work an advice columnist. What I really liked about this novella was that Elinor was really naive about her job. She thought that the questions would be fun to answer! Those questions were considerable hard and sounded real. It felt good to read about a character coming into herself and learning more about life in a little town of about 2,500 people.

I’ve read this author’s work before and was very happy that she did not let me down. Sometimes, it’s easy to be let down by our favorite authors. I know that I have let people down, but I’m also still learning life lessons.

I recommend it to sixteen of age and older.

The gift of short story for fitzy93

Moving on by the Seaside

There was a moment in one adult’s life when everything was going down the river.

I recently learned about my husband’s infidelities. For two years, for fucking two years, he’d been cheating on me with a woman (online relationship), who used to be a man. This woman had no problem turning on my husband with her size D boobs and a dick. To say that I was embarrassed and made myself to never divulge those details to my family and friends, I decided after the divorce to move to a boating village. Only my best friend knew and according to her, it was all my fault. I stopped being ‘sexy’ at age twenty-five.

It was always hard for me to be ‘sexy’ mainly due to the fact of being half-Asian with no big boobs and no long legs. Also, my beautiful Asian side made me look young. At age 30 and with the right amount of makeup, I could pass for a 20 year old. It was safe to say that I dropped my best friend like she was on fire and never gave her my forwarding address. Now, my best friends were visiting fish.

So here I was, living in a small community, reading Cosmopolitan, and drinking a latte in the ‘best’ spot in town. Currently, I was unemployed due to a nice divorce settlement.  It was greatly in my favor and according to my lawyer, I was set for a long vacation. I figured that I would relax until I started to forget my cockroach ex-husband.  

I was startled from my magazine by a shadow. I looked up to find Fox standing, more like hovering over me with a big smile.

“Morning, Addie,” Fox said. “Learned anything interesting from that thing?”

“Morning, Fox,” I replied and flipped the magazine closed. “Granny panties are in these days because men like to leave some things to imagination.”

He laughed before sitting down across from me, and after he composed himself, he said, “Some men. Some. Why are you reading that anyway?”

“I’ve been told that I lack sex appeal,” I huffed.

Fox raised his eyebrow questionably and laughed again.

I kicked his leg under the table.

“Sorry,” he apologized. “You’re fine. It’s not like you dress like a middle school girl in leggings and short skirts. You dress okay and wear enough make-up. You’re fine.”

“Thanks,” I replied bitterly and drank more of my coffee.

He smiled. “Sorry. You know me. I like playing around. How you like living here so far?”

“It’s a nice haven,” I told him truthfully.

“It is,” he agreed, “though it will get loud for about a week.”

I blinked. “What do you mean?”

“You know how we live close to a navy base?” Fox asked.

“Yeah,” I said slowly.

“Well, a ship will be coming in. The men and women will have a week off from duties so they will be coming into town. There will be a dance held each evening and everything. I also heard that this year there will be a beer walk.” He sounded really excited.

“You don’t say.”


True to Fox’s words, a couple of days later, there was chaos. My mailbox had been filled with letters, flyers, and post cards about the events for the navy men and women.

It was amazing to read about nightclub events, stars flying in to put on shows, and plans for fireworks for every night. It felt like Disneyland… except for adults.

Shopkeepers put up decorations. Trees were suddenly Christmassy, and people started drinking earlier than usual. Parking lots were filled, security was through the roof and I felt like I had no place to go. The town was closed off to out of towners unless they showed tickets to shows. However, due to living in town, I had the rights to mingle, walk around, and start on the festivities with the locals.

I joined Fox at the pier, watching a ship sailing towards the base. It was a beautiful sight so I took a photo for memories.

“I think that’s the first photo that I saw you take,” Fox observed.

“Yeah, well.” I shrugged. “I’ve been waiting for something worthwhile.”

He rolled his eyes at me and asked to see the photo. I handed the camera over and he clicked through my shots. His gaze returned to the ship and then back to the shot. He looked confused.

“What’s wrong?” I asked.

“Did you already look at your photo?” he asked me.

I shook my head no.

He handed me the camera and I looked at the photo and gasped.

The ship was surrounded by white small ghostly balls of light. They lingered by the decks and by the anchor.

I quickly looked back to the ship and could see more detail. Men and women were waving to us so I waved back and so did Fox.

My finger touched the button on the camera and another photo was taken. It was like I was in a trance. I then viewed the new photo and felt shivers run down my spine. Fox leaned over and coughed.

“They brought ghosts with them.”

I was too shocked to respond to his absurd remark.

This time the photo showed the balls of light in more detail. Now, they were human silhouettes. The ‘ghosts’ were not waving. They stood still, eyeing the mainland.

Fox took the camera, zoomed in, and took another photo. Next, he whistled.


I looked at the zoomed in photo and felt my hairs rise. This time, the photo showed two ghost males standing next to one of the live men. One was eyeing him in anger while the other looked directly into my camera. At least, that’s how it felt to me.

In the next moment, after I looked away from the camera, I jumped back because one of the ‘ghosts’ was right in front of me.

“Hi,” he uttered with an accent. “Nice to meet you. Name’s Captain Baldwin.”

I looked to Fox who shrugged.

“What do you expect?” he asked. “All navy ships have ghosts on them.”

I looked around me and saw that no one jumped. No one screamed and that many were actually conversing with their own ghosts.

My ghost titled his head to the side. “You’re not going to introduce yourself? Only fair.”

“Ad,” I started, “Addie.”

He smiled and I passed out.


I awoke back on my boat with Fox and Captain Baldwin looking at me.

“If you believe in ghosts,” I started accusingly at Fox, “how come you were as shocked as me?”

He smiled. “It takes time to sink in and I didn’t want to make you bat scary.”

I threw my pillow at his head.

Captain Baldwin laughed. “Today’s women are feisty.”

I glared at him. “Don’t be an ass.”

Captain looked like I punched him.

“Yeah,” I growled. “Women of today are allowed to curse like men.”

“Though I wouldn’t call that cursing,” Fox commented.

I glared at him.

“This is all normal. We entertain both the living and the dead,” Fox said and then added, “not many see the ghosts though so I’m happy to see you seeing them. Makes things easier on us.”

“Right,” I replied slowly. “This was supposed to be a normal vacation.”

“At the seaside,” Captain Baldwin laughed. “Vacations near seaside are never normal.”

“Funny,” I muttered and jumped after feeling my cell phone vibrate.

I looked down at the phone and growled.

He came in on the line. “You bitch!”

“Excuse me?” I asked calmly into the phone.

“I just received the last boxes of my stuff,” my ex yelled, “everything’s inside is broken!”

“Oh?” I asked, feeling bored. “Wasn’t me.”

“Who then?” he barked.

“UPS,” I replied. “Complain to them.”

“They said that you didn’t tell them that everything’s in there is breakable so they had no knowledge that they had to be careful,” he explained.

“Oh?” I laughed. “Who you going to believe? A company or your ex who never lied to you or cheated on you like you? They’re covering their asses. Whatever. I sent you your stuff, now leave me alone. I’ve got a date.”

“A date?” he asked, perplexed. “Since when?”

“Since it’s none of your business,” I snapped. “Don’t call me ever again. Goodbye.”

“So?” Fox said. “You were married?”

“Yes,” I snapped.

“Then you really need to let loose and enjoy yourself,” Captain Baldwin said. “Let’s go experience life like never before.”

Funny, hearing that from a ghost.

I sighed before giving in to the crazy turn of events.  

“From here,” I said, getting up, “it can only get better.”