Day: January 16, 2017

Deity’s Soulmate (2nd Edition) Update

Hello everyone, I know that there weren’t a lot of book reviews lately or any talks about other topics. That is because I have been revising Deity’s Soulmate with 3 awesome people! Currently the novel is with 3 beta readers and a proofreader. Yes, those two are happening at the same time and whatever grammar issues the beta readers will find (if they will … Read More Deity’s Soulmate (2nd Edition) Update

Book Review: The Girl Who Could Change Fate

Book Title: The Girl Who Could Change Fate  Book Authors: Cassidy Ostergren Source: Kindle Unlimited Rating: 5 Dragon Paws  One of the reasons of why I decided to read the book was the cover. Isn’t pretty? I do admit the synopsis fools you. I really thought it would be more dramatic, though it did have that flare. Lacey is a fifteen year old girl with a power … Read More Book Review: The Girl Who Could Change Fate