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Deity’s Soulmate (2nd Edition) Update

Hello everyone,

I know that there weren’t a lot of book reviews lately or any talks about other topics. That is because I have been revising Deity’s Soulmate with 3 awesome people!

Currently the novel is with 3 beta readers and a proofreader. Yes, those two are happening at the same time and whatever grammar issues the beta readers will find (if they will comment on it) will be fixed at the same time by the proofreader! If anyone is interested in being a beta, I wouldn’t say no. ^_^ Just send me a message.

The new synopsis for the novel:


“Deity’s Soulmate (Book 1)” is an 60,000 word novel set in a fantasy setting of a span of about 21 years.

The book is written predominantly from the point of view of Gardenia, a rebellious teenage goddess, who had her world turned upside down by one of the Fate sisters. Her easy going lifestyle of slowly learning about creation of life is destroyed after she learns the truth about humanity and after Hera’s daughter egged her on to prove the Fate wrong on Gardenia’s fate.

Gardenia’s punishment is to learn the 13 days of creation from 13 different teachers for a 100 years. However, what Zev didn’t count on was on Gardenia abandoning the family to learn from his enemy, the dragons. And to make things worse, Hera and her daughter are out to make things difficult for her to succeed. To succeed, Gardenia turns her back on her family and tries her hardest to learn about creation all the while travelling the stars and finding her soulmate.

Imaginative, amusing, and adventurous, the Goddess Training Trilogy Book 1 is a tale that will possess you to want to travel the stars.


A new cover is in the works as well and will be just as awesome as the first!

Since the novel is with the readers and proofreader, I will be hopefully posting the last of the short stories and more reviews of books.

Wish me luck!

Book Review: The Girl Who Could Change Fate

Book Title: The Girl Who Could Change Fate fate

Book Authors: Cassidy Ostergren

Source: Kindle Unlimited

Rating: 5 Dragon Paws 5 paws

One of the reasons of why I decided to read the book was the cover. Isn’t pretty? I do admit the synopsis fools you. I really thought it would be more dramatic, though it did have that flare.

Lacey is a fifteen year old girl with a power of changing fate and she’s not the only one. There are others with similar gifts and what’s more is that there’s an organization which is against the ones with those powers. There’s a big hint that there will be a book 2… mainly due to another organization popping in.

It is a book for teenagers, especially modern ones because there were words which I had to look up or ask my friends to define them. I can’t talk like a teenager anymore and this book proved it… yikes!

Overall, it’s a great fantasy story which can be read in one sitting. Recommended to all.