Month: February 2017

Great News

Hey everyone, I’m not going to apologize for disappearing on you guys, mainly for one big reason. I’m a new Mother! Last week, I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. Now, I won’t post any of photos of him, yet, because, I want to keep him for myself for the next 3 months. It’s also part of my culture. If you guys remember, … Read More Great News

Book Review: Murder at Lowry House

Book Title: Murder at Lowry House  Book Author: Leighann Dobbs Source: Downloaded from Amazon Kindle Unlimited. Rating: 5 Dragon Paws    So this is my first time venturing out into Leighann’s other series. It was interesting and fun to read, especially about Hazel’s feline companion. Hazel received a letter about someone thinking that she was being targeted for death. Being a mystery author and having insight … Read More Book Review: Murder at Lowry House