1st month of life- mother and author combo

This may be not for the young of heart. 

My little boy is one month old! Really exciting and I’m going to share some things with you that helped me to at least read if not write during the first month of being a mother. 

As a new mother, it’s hard getting alone time and if it weren’t for the sitz bath, I wouldn’t have had time to read a couple of books- well attempt to read. 

The nurses at the hospital told me that twenty minutes each evening with the sitz bath could lessen the discomfort- true. So I would hand over my son to my husband and disappear to read for twenty minutes while doing what the nurses ordered me to do! Oh and it’s not gross or anything, new mothers have a lot of discomfort after giving birth so it’s okay to take advantage of nurse recommendations to read or watch a short episode of a comedy or something while healing oneself in the process. Back to the point. In those twenty minutes, I would tackle – Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, The Past Lives collection, The Land of stories. Sure, I didn’t read everytime because well sometimes there’s no energy to read even and so I played games on my cell.

At other times I would sleep or eat. Feeding a baby is wonderful yet tiring at the same time. To any husbands out there reading this post, get your wife a massage certificate. You have no idea the back pain she endures, not to mention the stress. I have to remember to eat (which sometimes is easy to forget to due the little tyke who likes spending time with mommy). I also have to remember to eat the right foods. I have to remember to take showers. But mostly, I need to remember to take care of myself because if I don’t take care of myself… how I can take of him? So yes, a gift certificate better be in my future for when I’ll be able to leave the house for a longer period of time and hubby can act daddy. 😋

So when the sitz bath time is over, what can a mother who is also an author do to stay in the game of reading and getting some writing done? Take baby out for a walk! Babies sleep much better outside. The stroller puts them to sleep so after he falls asleep, I find myself a bench (with shade) and read! Purely amazing. I get to be out and getting fresh air at the same time as making sure that he’s happy. Reading is the icing, though at the moment I’m writing this blog post but I can read next time. 

A couple of recommendations 

1. Girls – use those sitz bath! It’s good for your body and you can read or write or just relax. If hospital doesn’t provide one, buy one yourself. 

2. Men – love your wives. They go through much more than you while taking care of a really small being. We, women, get that after a long day of work you wouldn’t want to spend time with a baby but do. It’s important for you to bond and your wife can sure use a break or two. She will be thankful and hey if she’s an author like me, would really appreciate it. It’s really hard not to being able to write everyday. It was part of my routine. I miss it, but I’m really happy that I have my son. He’s the best and his expressions are priceless! 

3. Women – for the first 6 weeks after giving birth, the doctor recommendation is to walk- no any other form of exercise so walk. If you’re too tired or use that excuse, forget about it. It’s just as important to walk for your child. Believe me, your baby will love being transported in a stroller and you’ll love the fact that you can write, draw, read, watch a show on your cell. You name it. It can make you feel like yourself for a bit and then after the walk is over you can go back to being a mother. Being happy, content, and rested is good for a new mother (and her milk supply) so use small amount of times for yourself. Happy mommy = good milk = happy baby. That’s been proven! 

Anyway, got to go back to being a mother. With time, I’ll be more active on here. I promise! Oh and I already told my son that in the future he’ll be my collaborator for short stories! He has no choice. 😉

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