Book Review: The Wrong Man

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Book Title: The Wrong Man 
Book Author: K.C.  Willivee
Source: Gifted by the author for an honest review and 
Rating: 4 Dragon Paws 
It’s a fast paced romance story about a woman who lost her brother to a cruel death and the man who went down for it.

 The writing is really good. The characters are interesting, thinking that Anastasia can have have her own story. K.C. Should write a novella about her. However, I didn’t appreciate the point of views jumping though it was a nice try. It was most surprising to see Brigitte’s point of you, only at the end of the paragraph that I read who was thinking. Also it didn’t help the story. 

Back to the writing. K.C. has some really great descriptions going on which helped me to enjoy the story. It’s a great book and romance readers would eat it up. I liked the humor in the story, especially about the movies and how one can learn from them. Humor helps break tension and there was a lot of tense situations. Well done. 

Recommended for 18+.