Month: April 2017


Happy Birthday Laura!

Laura, There’s only so much one can say in a text message (view above). I hope that’s enough. You’re my best friend and I really appreciate the years of friendship that we shared. Your parcel will be sent out Saturday or next Saturday (depending on when I can leave the house for a bit). ^_^ Angelina PS: Those shoes look sooooo delicious!



Hey everyone, I have a Facebook group! It’s been a while but I never really put much work into it before. However, I believe that it’s time that I do… put work into it. Like here! Ask me questions about my books talk to me about your favorite books without promoting them since the group is not for promoting other authors Looking for a … Read More @AngelinaKernerFiction


My Books are now available on Kobo!

Hi everyone, Yesterday, I had a revelation. I could publish my novel and novella on Kobo since my books are not part of K.U. So, that’s what I did. Deity’s Soulmate, 2nd edition buy here on Kobo.  Seven Hours, Challenge Accepted buy here on Kobo. 


Book Review: ABC Book for toddlers

Book Title:  ABC Book for toddlers  Book Author:  Ehtesham Khurshid Source: K.U. (found at Rating: 4 Dragon Paws    Since, I’m a new mother, I jump when I see books for babies, toddlers, and kids. I wanted to read this book before reading to my kid to get an idea of my reaction beforehand. Each letter has a page with 5 words and illustrations. There … Read More Book Review: ABC Book for toddlers


Book Review: Beacon (The Luminary Saga #2)

Book Title:  Beacon (The Luminary Saga #2)  Book Author: P.S. Meraux Source: Gifted by the author in exchange for an honest review Rating: 5 Dragon Paws  SPOILER ALERT Before I get to the review…. Can the author email me book 3? Yes, dear readers, the series is still gripping! ^_^ To remind you, this book is about different groups of individuals – the Paragons, … Read More Book Review: Beacon (The Luminary Saga #2)


Sunshine Blogger Award

Hello Sunny readers out there, Shadow Summit has nominated me for the Sunshine Blogger Award. Check her out here! She’s an awesome writer, a good conversationalist, and is an interesting blogger so click on that link! The Rules: Thank the person who nominated you in a blog post and link back to their blog. Answer the 11 questions sent by the person who nominated … Read More Sunshine Blogger Award


Deity’s Soulmate Quote Cards Part 2


Deity’s Soulmate Quote Cards Part 1


Pinterest Book Review Boards

Just to share with you my 2 boards. Another way to view my book reviews, by their covers on pinterest! I’m thinking it’s a creative way to use the site. ^_^ Not the first to come up with the idea but liking it anyway! As one may guess, the 2017 Book Reviews will only grow. 2016 Book Reviews 2017 Book Reviews

Book Review: My Beautiful Disaster

Book Title: My Beautiful Disaster  Book Author: J.D. Hughes Source: Kindle Unlimited and I heard about it on Facebook Rating: 5 Dragon Paws    For 18+.  I really like the cover. The couple is hot and the dress is amazing. I really want that dress! ^_^ And, I’m super happy that Daniel is wearing a suit. I wouldn’t have read it if Daniel had no … Read More Book Review: My Beautiful Disaster

I’m on instagram

Yey? Proof: Follow me on Instagram and I’ll follow back. For those of you celebrating Easter, today I’m going to go to church to get the food blessed. Will take a couple of photos and post! Goal: Learn to use Instagram successfully!

Places, people, and objects that inspired Deity’s Soulmate

If you can really call them people… ^_^ So… I have been learning how to use Pinterest and created several boards. Two of them has to do with Deity’s Soulmate. This on on Pinterest is the newest. Each pin has some info that you may not have known about me or the novel. Let me know what you guys think!