Cover Reveal: Family Matters (In the Best Interest of the Child, Book 2) @MSFELICIA

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Book: Family Matters

Series: In the Best Interest of the Child, Book 2

Author: Felicia Denise

Genre: Women’s Fiction

Release Date: July/August 2017

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Check out my review of book 1 here.


Olivia Chandler’s journey to wholeness continues as she enters counseling. Her therapy will not be easy, and may not be successful unless Olivia can forgive her mother. But is Sarina Chandler the only one in need of Olivia’s forgiveness?

A Halloween party brings together a surprising group of people, and Bruce introduces Olivia to his adult children. Another Bellamy has a second chance at love – if he can put his old-fashioned ways aside.

The death of someone close to Olivia has her re-thinking the value of emotional connections. She withdraws from everyone, falling back into her old habit of burying herself in work. A surprise confrontation pushes Olivia to her limits, and puts her heart on the line.

Her continued avoidance of confronting Sarina Chandler pulls at the seams of Olivia’s new-found love with Bruce Bellamy. Olivia must make a decision. Save them… or surrender to her emotional demons.


“Olivia Chandler? I’m Sandra Riley, Sarina’s case manager.”

The tall woman grasped Olivia’s hand into both of her own, shaking briskly. “We’re so glad you’re here today. This is a big step forward for your mother.”

“Nice to meet you, Sandra, and honestly, it’s a big step for me too.”

“Oh, I’m sure, Olivia. Any questions for me before you visit with Sarina?”

Visit with Sarina. She made it sound so cute and homey, Olivia thought.

“Does she know I planned to be here today?”

“Yes, she does. When Sarina asked about you a few weeks ago, she said she also knew you’d have little or no reason to want to see her, but she’d always hoped you come someday.””

Olivia stared at the woman blankly, not knowing how to respond to the comment.

“I’m sure this is confusing, Olivia, and now isn’t the time for me to explain all that Sarina has gone through, but please know she is fully cognizant of her aging, of you, her late husband”, Sandra paused only for a second, “she even remembers the accident. It’s everything between the accident and a few months ago that’s fuzzy for her. It’s as though a switch was flipped off in her brain that was recently turned back on.”

Olivia frowned but didn’t ask the question on the tip of her tongue.

“May I see her now?”

“Of course! Follow me.”

The case manager’s long legs covered the distance across the sitting area in no time at all, with Olivia almost scurrying to keep up with her. Margot and Randie were always teasing Olivia about her brisk walking pace, but she had nothing on Sandra Riley! Olivia would guess Sandra to be at least six feet tall… and light on her feet.

Reaching an unmarked door in the far corner, Sandra held it open for Olivia, who walked through and found herself standing in yet another sitting room, only this one resembled the average family room. Large, overstuffed chairs, throw rugs and even a flat screen television graced the area.

“Welcome to Honey Ridge East, Olivia.”

“Honey Ridge East? I don’t understand.”

Sandra pointed to a bulletin board on the wall near the door they’d just come through.

“The residents here are grouped by floor, the severity of mental disorder, and the amount of care and supervision needed. The healthiest, most independent residents reside here in Honey Ridge.”

“My mother is here…in this section?”

She nodded.

Olivia tried to digest the information. Her mother was healthy? Required little or no supervision? Trying to reconcile this new Sarina with the bedridden, incoherent woman she last saw five years ago was difficult for Olivia.

“How long has she lived here?”

Sandra pursed her lips, thinking. Then she nodded.

“I’m pretty sure Sarina was here for the group’s Valentine’s Day dinner dance, so that makes it eight months.” Sandra tried not to laugh at the horrified expression on Olivia’s face.

“Don’t be shocked. We also have Easter Egg hunts and 4th of July barbecues. Most of the residents have signed up for hayrides next week for Halloween, and…” she leaned in towards Olivia, “I heard Santa will visit on Christmas Eve.”

Shaking her head, Olivia was incredulous.

“What kind of mental hospital is this? I mean, um…I thought…”

The case manager guided Olivia past the sitting area while answering.

“River Ridge Meadows is a private care, private pay, voluntary commitment facility. We’re fully licensed by the state and the federal government. Insurance isn’t accepted here, and no resident is here against their will. We currently have one hundred and sixty-one residents ranging in age from seven to eighty-six. Most are from throughout the state, but there are a few from other parts of the country, and even four from Europe. River Ridge has two permanent, board certified psychiatrists, two permanent, board certified medical doctors, six psychologists, and a nursing staff of 40 that includes licensed physical therapists.

The residents here are used to a certain way of life, and we provide that here, within reason. That’s why we also have an event planner and a social activities director on staff.”

Sandra stopped at the top end of a short hallway. “But we have all the time in the world for me to tell you about River Ridge, and even give you a tour, if you like.” She nodded towards the end of the hall. “Your mother is expecting you.”

Olivia pressed her hand against her stomach, the tiny nervous tremors threatening to morph into a full-fledged earthquake. Heat enveloped her body as the familiar tang of bile crept up the back of her throat. Closing her eyes, the nervous woman tried to will the anxiety away.

You’ve come this far, Chandler, don’t you dare freak out now!

Author Bio 

A wife, mother, daughter, sister, blogger and indie author, Felicia loves all things book-related and coffee-related. A southern girl by birth, the fiftysomething, voracious reader now resides in Arizona (via Michigan and California) with her husband of thirty-three years. Their three adult children also reside in Arizona – with their dogs. Felicia frequently reminds them she is the only one of her parents’ nine children who isn’t a grandparent.

Writing has been a hobby of Felicia’s since grade school, but other than serving as editor and writing for her high school newspaper, she never publicly shared anything until the early 2000s when she began writing fan fiction. At the urging of a good friend, Felicia took on the challenge of NaNoWriMo in 2015, writing what would become her first published book, In the Best Interest of the Child, released in the fall of 2016. Her latest book, Free, a Novella, released May 30, 2017.

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Family Matters Cover Reveal Giveaway

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Book Review: In the Best Interest of the Child #1

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Book Title: In the Best Interest of the Child #1 unnamed

Book Author: Felicia Denise

Genre: Women’s Fiction, Contemporary Fiction

Source: K.U.

Rating: 5 Dragon Paws 5 paws

NOTE: This book is intended for 18+ only due to language, sexual activity and scenes of child abuse and near-rape. Those with emotional triggers should reconsider purchasing this book.

Side note: R&R Blog Tours shared with me a sign-up for a cover reveal for the second book in the series by Felicia Denise. I decided to read the first book before being willing to do a cover reveal. ^_^ And…

drum roll….

The first book is amazing! Read it!

Also, stay tuned to see the cover reveal here on Thursday, June 29th

Felicia has a WordPress blog. You can check it out here.


You guys know me. I don’t read things that could be emotional triggers, but I had to read this one and I’m glad that I did. This a good reading for those of us who read contemporary novels. ^_^

The characters are fantastic and so is the writing. There are several typos, but they don’t take you out of the novel. Because it is an emotional roller coaster for the main character-Olivia, one may get attached to her and root for her happiness. She suffered through much and we get inside her head through her thoughts and memories. She is a successful child advocate attorney and helps out kids…to not become foster kids if she could help it. Her next charge, Rena, brings out old wounds and we get to see why she’s so good at her job. Great character!

The emotions in the novel are raw. One minute, I was liked I had her weight of the world on my shoulders and the next, I had the biggest grin plastered on my face thanks to Bruce. Olivia was grinning and laughing and so was I. Great writing!

Felicia was able to show some dark moments, but they didn’t stay in the reader’s mind for long because she would throw in something good. The Bellamy clan in also fantastic. So fun and there’s a thing about B’s. Read to find out what I mean.

I highly recommend it and it’s on K.U., so those of you who have K.U. don’t have a choice. 😉


Deity’s Soulmate

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Stop number 5 of the RABT Book Tours for Deity’s Soulmate!

On A Reading Bender

YA Fantasy and Adventure
Date Published: April 1, 2017
 photo add-to-goodreads-button_zpsc7b3c634.png
From author Angelina Kerner (Seven Hours: Challenge Accepted) comes an all-new fantasy series about Gardenia, a daughter of Athena, and her 100 years of coursework on how to create whole new worlds and subjects of her own.
A sheltered schoolchild in a realm of condescending gods and goddesses, Gardenia goes to Earth on a dare to  witness the unsavory side of mankind for herself.  Believing she can do better, she undertakes the formation of an entire galaxy, but without permission from Zeus.
Zeus disciplines her by assigning an epic 13-fold creational lesson destined to take her a century to complete.  But he is taken aback once more when she makes an odd choice.  She vows to fulfill this knowledge quest by tracking down a lost race of dragons, and discovering the secrets they’ve kept since time began.
Searching the universe to…

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Tour Kick Off: Deity’s Soulmate by @kernerangelina #booktour #yafantasy

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Deity’s Soulmate Book Trailer— LITERARY TITAN

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From author Angelina Kerner (Seven Hours: Challenge Accepted) comes an all-new fantasy series about Gardenia, a daughter of Athena, and her 100 years of coursework on how to create whole new worlds and subjects of her own. A sheltered schoolchild in a realm of condescending gods and goddesses, Gardenia goes to Earth on a dare […]

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Literary Titan Book Awards June 2017 — LITERARY TITAN

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The Literary Titan Book Awards are awarded to books that have astounded and amazed us with unique writing styles, vivid worlds, complex characters, and original ideas. These books deserve extraordinary praise and we are proud to acknowledge the hard work, dedication, and imagination of these talented authors. Gold Award Winners Silver Book Award “For me, […]

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#Blog Tour: Dead Over Heels by Theresa Braun #ShortStory #Paranormal #Romance #Giveaway #Ghosts

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Book Title: Dead over Heels Dead Over Heels Cover

Release Date: November 16, 2016

Book Author: Theresa Braun

Genre: Paranormal/ Paranormal Romance/ Ghost Story

Source: R&R Blog Tours

Rating: 4 Dragon Paws 4

For 16+.


Veronica’s first date with Sebastian not only stirs up a powerful attraction, but also a series of supernatural events that will tear them apart.

After countless hours of dead end online dating, Veronica meets up with Sebastian at a reportedly haunted restaurant, since he knows she has a fascination with the paranormal. While enjoying their meals and each other’s company, they share a shocking supernatural experience. Their romantic connection is overshadowed by the ghosts of their own pasts that threaten to destroy their budding relationship. Veronica decides she must return to the restaurant to face her past and dig up more answers. Unfortunately, she realizes she must go back, this time with a reluctant Sebastian. In the end, they join forces against the evil that stands between them, but will they make it out alive?

Add to Goodreads

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“The problem is, I never knew that finding the one would be such a double-edged sword.”


This is an interesting short story about romance, ghosts, and heels. I won’t spoil anything, but heels really do play a major role and one will understand the cover after finishing read.

I decided to read this short story because of the cover, it’s very beautiful and eye catchy, though after finishing the story, I don’t get the pose. Why are they dancing? It could be because of what’s happened with the ghosts, but wouldn’t it be Veronica on the cover?

I praise the author for sending chills down my spine. For a ghost story to be successful, one needs to scare the reader. I wasn’t scared, but was intrigued. The way the ghost scenes were written was chilly because they seemed realistic. Well done!

If you’re looking for a fast read and don’t have a time on your hands, then this paranormal short story is for you.

About the Author:

author pic

Theresa Braun was born in St. Paul, Minnesota and has carried some of that hardiness with her to South Florida where she currently resides with her two fur babies, who are her creative sidekicks. She enjoys delving into creative writing, painting, photography and even bouts of ghost hunting. Traveling is one of her passions—in fact, her latest adventure took her to Romania for a horror writers’ workshop where she followed in the steps of Vlad the Impaler. She writes horror fiction and the occasional romance. She blogs about writing, television shows, movies, and books, and all things dark. Her short stories are published in Under the Bed Magazine, in Hindered Souls, in The Horror Zine, in Schlock! Webzine, and by Frith Books. Upcoming stories to appear in Monsters Exist and Hardened Hearts.

Twitter | Facebook | Theresa Braun

Giveaway: Click HERE for your chance to win a digital copy of Dead Over Heels


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