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Character motivation- need help

Character motivation –

Guys, I need help. So you all know about my work in progress- Into the Flames. If not, here’s a little blurb:


So if you guys read the above, I need to find character motivation for the static voice.

Here’s the thing, it’s my first time writing someone creepy and I think for the most part…I got him acting perfect…but that’s because for the first 20k words, it’s just a voice, not a man behind it. I know the character is a male and he wants to use the main heroine for his gain…but why?

Sure, she’s the next queen to be…but how does he want to use her. I have a scene where she meets him…but she doesn’t really meet him because he stole someone’s face and so she still has no clue why he’s after her and why he likes creeping her out.

It was natural for me to write in the voice, I actually don’t know where the idea came from. It was just obvious to have him around. Since, I write romance and usually fantasy and or chick-lit, I don’t really know how to write ‘creepy.’

Since October is the creepiest month of the year and most of you are thinking about costumes and parties, maybe you guys can help me out.

Comment with your ideas for my character’s motivation. Maybe I’ll use yours. Maybe an idea will be born from yours or maybe I’ll combine a couple of ideas. One never knows.

I very much appreciate all your help.

Angelina Kerner

Book Review: Ghoul of My Dreams: A Psychic Cozy Mystery (Larue Donavan Psychic Cozy Mystery Series Book 4)

Book Title:  Ghoul of My Dreams: A Psychic Cozy Mystery (Larue Donavan Psychic Cozy Mystery Series Book 4)


Book Author:  Rose Pressey

Source: K.U.

Rating: 5 Dragon Paws 5-paws

Okay, so in place of Abe and Mae West, and Elvis… we get Marilyn Monroe.  I believe that Miss Pressey did a good job bringing out the sex symbol in her story line. 😉

Things get much darker and another psychic becomes of importance. With the shadow people out to get her, she needs to figure out the psychic, the girl who’s interested in witchcraft and how to keep a relationship with the sexy coffee shop owner, oh and friendship with her bestie.

Though, I give this book 5 dragon paws or stars… there is one thing that I’m disappointed with…I mean seriously who leaves off a story like that? With- the end? There needs to be one more book in the series…especially after what happened during the investigation with the other psychic! So, Miss Pressey, I request another book…please?! ^_^ Thank you in advance.

This is a darker reading for anyone who likes to read about romance, ghosts, and creepy homes. I highly recommend. A good continuation to book 3.