8th month of life- mother and author combo

He’s 8 months old and is adorable. ^_^

Let’s see, this month was exciting.

My son tried a strawberry for the first time! He was tasting for like 30 minutes and made funny faces. I believe that he enjoyed it at the end. My friend gifted me with fruit feeder so I thought to give my son a strawberry. People have created amazing things for babies. I never knew things like that existed until I had a son. Absolutely amazing. He also tried more of foods. Now, I know not to give him blueberries. His cheeks turn red and that’s not good. Since then, he had four more strawberries. ^_^

I also took my son swimming for the first time. I bought him a spring float and he enjoyed it for like five minutes which was better than anticipated. My son loves hot baths so I thought that the moment I would take him swimming, he would cry right away, but he didn’t so that was awesome! I also bought him a swim diaper…again people have thought of everything for babies. After that we tried swimming one more time but the water was too cold. I did put his feet in the hot tub and received no reaction from him. He looked – I’m confused. I thought both of the pools had cold water. ^_^

This month was emotional for me as a mother because now I’m back in the office for half day. Half of day, I work at home and half day I go into the office. It’s hard to leave my boy at home with my mother and or sister, but I need to do it. Also, my son needs to know that I’m not going to be around 24.7 and that he will need to learn to be away from me. It hurts but is a necessary evil.

Now, about sleeping. I didn’t want to force it on him to sleep without being swaddled. I would rather him get comfortable and learn that he has control of his arms. So, it finally happened. He can sleep with one arm out of the swaddle (that he works really hard to free) and is able to sleep for like 30 minutes and then he wakes up after he scratches his face or nose, but that’s progress.

Oh, I almost forgot. My son was baptized. In my family we baptize our kids in the first week of life or in the first 40 days…I did it when he was much older and he acted perfect. The Father of the church was shocked and proud at the same time. ^_^ And we went to his first church morning where he met everyone and smiled at everyone. He was curious about everything. It was fantastic.

There was much more crawling this month! Good boy!

Oh!!! He gained 2 whole teeth! So proud…though I say…those teeth hurt when he bites.


Now onto me being an author/blogger.

I contacted one of my beta readers for a quote for my novella for bookmarks. I want to print out bookmarks for swag and so I need a quote. I told her that if she likes the novella, I would love to get a quote. She gave me 3 quotes. I’ll use them for bookmarks and maybe even for the cover. Oh, I ordered 10 magnets that will be used in giveaways in the future.

I also bought a mailbox. So, now I can send out the swag to you guys. Just know that if you’re going to write back, to not say Angelina Kerner. Just write Angelina K.

Much appreciated!!!

A reminder from my last blog session- It has an awesome surprise in there and I got to say that this one, you would WANT to BUY in PRINT. 😉

I’ll let you guys know soon about when it’s coming out and the fun Blog party that I’m going to have for it. Not sure yet of when that’s happening. The cover is going through a transformation. Hoping that it would be another master piece.

Here are the old book blog tours. Check them out and check out the other bloggers while you’re at it.

Seven Hours: Challenge Accepted Virtual Book Tour ended!

Deity’s Soulmate Virtual Book Tour Wrap Up

Also, I went back and edited a collaboration with my bestie! I finished editing book 1 and edited book 2 which is still in progress.

You can read the novel at: The Liar’s Blood. A whole novel for free! Let us know what you think by leaving your feedback!

It has vampires, romance, idiocy, stalkers, sexy blondes, wild redheads, and more! Leave some comments and let us know how much you guys like it. Book 2 is in the works!

fireI didn’t forget about my flames story, it’s just been hectic. I did ask for help in this blog post. If you guys have any ideas about what can motivate a creepy character, please let me know.

I’m also thinking of writing another novella about Chanel…Will have to think up of something interesting for her. ^_^

Until next time,

Angelina Kerner

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