11th and 12th month of life- mother and author combo

He’s going to be 1 year old in a couple of days and is still adorable!

Let’s see,  the past two months had been insane. I’ve been dealing with house insurance about the water damage. – Life Update 2 – house emergency You can read about that here. We also had the garage door break so I’ve been dealing with contractors and the HOA. Dealing with HOA takes times and you have to grin and bare it. Also, hired an electrician because the whole house is having problems in that department! Basically, life had been difficult and expensive.

Through all that stress level, my son is the best.

My son is still into fruit purees. Good for him. We’re still breastfeeding so he’s healthy (knock on wood). We also started giving him Gerber’s little crunchies. He likes them! It’s super cute. Sometimes, I let him take one from the container and it takes a while for him to choose the ‘just right’ crunchie. Adorable!

Still co-sleeping, this time it’s because lately he’s been having problems falling asleep. He’s been awake for longer hours and for some reason takes about an hour hour or two to fall asleep for the night. I’m one tired Mommy!

He has 8 teeth!

There was a lot more cruising this month and crawling. I finally laid out two baby rugs that I got from IKEA in our room and he’s just all over the place on them! One problem, cats love them, too! So, the no cat policy has been reinforced. Rugs are expensive!

Oh, so we’re not walking yet, but we learned how to crawl up the stairs. We prefer walking up, though. Mommy of of course helps us and we giggle and laugh at her. We have too much energy that we don’t know how to get rid off. Need to learn.

He still likes moving his toys against the walls and now he’s taking off the stickers from the wall, one by one. The Alphabet is no more! He looks so proud when he does it.

Nursery Rhymes. We finally started to like the American ones- especially the mouse and the clock. That one earns a squeal. That’s how we start our mornings and Mommy learned how to tune those out!!! Thank the stars.

We’re growing and here’s proof. We can’t wear our favorite pajamas anymore. The size was 9-12 months so guess they have accomplished their life span.


I have also started giving tips for Mom’s. After one year of experience, I can be sort of helpful to new moms out there. 😉

My first tip is Wednesday New Mom Tip #1


Now onto me being an author/blogger.

I’m doing the Facebook event again for my Seven Hours Novella and Deity’s Soulmate Novel. I’ll share the link to the event when it goes live. You guys can read two of my works for FREE during the event! I can also email a reminder if you guys send me a message.


The blog party has been finished for a while but due to unforeseen events that I listed at the beginning, I still didn’t calculate how many points each of you got. I will try to get to it when I’ll have some free time.

Here are the old book blog tours. Check them out and check out the other bloggers while you’re at it.

Seven Hours: Challenge Accepted Virtual Book Tour ended!

Deity’s Soulmate Virtual Book Tour Wrap Up

Follow the Snowflakes Virtual Book Tour Wrap-Up

You can read the novel at: The Liar’s Blood. A whole novel for free! Let us know what you think by leaving your feedback!

It has vampires, romance, idiocy, stalkers, sexy blondes, wild redheads, and more! Leave some comments and let us know how much you guys like it. Book 2 is in the works!

A second novella about Chanel is in the process! First chapter written!

I decided to wait on Chanel and work on a novel instead. My editor has went through the first 7 chapters and said that my book so far is – THOUGHT-PROVOKING. Thanks to Laura and Jeyran, the first seven chapters of the book are almost solid which is good. I just need to figure out how to take the story in a fantastic direction!

I have also hired an illustrator for the book. She will create character drawings, scenes, and the cover. To receive a preview for those images, join my mail chimp list. It’s that pop-up that appears when you open my blog. ^_^

Basically the book is not even finished yet and I already spent $370 on manuscript feedback and will be spending about $200 and more on the illustrations! That shows how much I want this book to be a success and that I learned some more about the book world. There will also be more spending on the rest feedback, editing, and proofreading. Oh, and of course the blurb writing. Oh, and the tour. I really don’t want to calculate all that… my poor bank account haha

Now, what I’ll tell you about this book. It has a werewolf and a witch. Last week I asked about a werewolf name at What is your favorite name for a werewolf male? #poll #newbookcharacter #suggestions

The name that won was Gage!

On April 6-8, I’ll be in Sunnyvale, California for a really cool conference. It’s more of a private conference and costs $50 per day. It’s not an author conference, more of an out of this world topic, but there will be professors, authors, illustrators and many fun people. If you’re interested in hearing about the conference and meeting me there, send me a message and I’ll tell you all about it. I may even sign your copy of my novella’s and book.

Until next time,


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