15th month of life- mother and author combo

He’s 15 months old!!! What a ride!

Let’s see, the past month has been great. I got a new AC/Heater!!! Our AC broke like 3 years ago and couldn’t fix it for just about that long. This year, I put my foot down with my family and said that my son needs an AC to survive the California heat. I won and now we got AIR in the HOUSE! Whooo hoo. I do have a portable AC in the baby room but it would be nice to be able to walk around the House without cursing. Haha!


My son is better with food. Good for him. We’re still breastfeeding! A family member thinks that I’m stupid for breastfeeding for so long. The words were – He got teeth. Stop breastfeeding. Ouch. My words were – Doctor says okay to breastfeed and my son finds comfort in it. I’ll stop when he’s ready!

So, what I mean about better with food- he’s eating oatmeal, homemade soups and homemade smoothies. Mom and I got really good at making the smoothies. He still eats purees in the mornings because well he’s cranky and it takes time to cook. He’s also stuck with puree/breastfeeding combo if I don’t find somebody to sit with him so I could cook.

Still co-sleeping, kind of hard to let him go. He has 12 teeth! Lots of teeth came in so he likes to cuddle. It’s cute how he picks up my arm to cuddle closer so he could get better sleep. Adorable! I know its not for forever, but I’ll sure miss this time when he wants to be close to his mommy.

He’s walking and running! I’m one tired Momma. He likes walking up the stairs and when he goes down, he does it on his cute little butt. Sooo cute. He got a better climber on the bed. He also climbed inside his box of toys a couple of times and couldn’t get back out. Crying. Cute crying so of course I had to help. He also likes driving around the humidifier around the room. He’s gotten good. He also like firetrucks so I bought him a firetruck toy! I couldn’t resist.

We go to places to walk. Rose Garden was really fun.

We’re the size of 18 months old! Size 12 is getting tight! I think a couple of more days for size 12. I had to wrestle the buttons on his onesie yesterday and it wasn’t helpful that he didn’t want to be buttoned up.

Mother’s Day was after he turned 15 months old, but we went to a children’s museum and it was really fun. I loved seeing him smile. ^_^


Now onto me being an author/blogger.

The dates for the cover reveal/book trailer/and book tour has been set! Thank you to Shannon. We figured it out. ^_^

Here’s the sign-up for the cover reveal!!!


This is a unique blogging opportunity because on the day of the reveal, I will be sharing your blog details, bio, and links on my own website. That’s right, for each and every blogger who participates in the reveal, I will return the favor!!!

So, sign-up!!

This book is about a witch forensic anthropologist and the cases that she deals with.

The idea behind this novella has been with me for years! About 4 to be exact and the story went through a minimum of 3 drafts with testing the waters. I bought non-fiction books, books on weapons, and read books about werewolves and romance, although at the end, the most help in that department came from Laura and Lily. So, a lot of time went into it and I hope that you guys will like it and ask for more! Jayran and Eve have been amazing with editing and providing support.

If you want to a part of the book trailer reveal and the book tour, you can let Shannon know when you sign-up! Book 2 is in progress.

Until next time,


P.S.: Please leave reviews of my books on Amazon, Goodreads, and on your blogs. I love reading all the reviews that I get!

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