16th month of life- mother and author combo

He’s 16 months old!!! What an amusement! 😉

Let’s see, the past month has been great. Nothing else broke. *knocks on wood*

My son is better with food. Good for him. We’re still breastfeeding! I’m really proud of that fact. He has more teeth and I sort of lost count, I’ll get the count after I add dates to my notes. It totally helps with him getting a little cold – breastfeeding. It soothes him. In the future it will be Tylenol and soups but for now, we got this awesome connection.

So, what I mean about better with food- he’s chewing! So proud. He likes french fries… may not be good to give him any but he likes it. He also likes baked potatoes and mashed potatoes. That’s totally my son. My favorite food is potatoes – mashed, baked, pancakes, fries- you name it. Been reading about food and babies. So, now in the mornings he eats oatmeal and not smoothies. Forgot why it’s better to do that but hey oatmeal is good for breakfast. He’s also better with cheese. He ate a whole cheese stick! He also likes watermelon so I buy that a lot. He nibbles on watermelon while watching baby cartoons. Cute!

Still co-sleeping, kind of hard to let him go. However, little by little he’s starting to sleep on his own although next to me. I think he likes the new mattress. lol

He’s walking and running! I’m one tired Momma. Because of that fact, I researched baby/toddler/kid play areas. Since it’s summer, it’s really hot over here and he needs a place to play or two. We tried Gymboree, can’t pay for the classes because it’s a bit much, but had one free play time. That’s where he learned how to climb and was prepared to explore a kid amusement park. The kid park has lots of climbing areas, wheels to turn, colorful pillow (some that rock), slides and bad lemonade. We can’t go there all the time but it’s awesome. Other places have similar things which is fantastic because when we can’t get to our favorite location, we go to the others. He still likes walking up and down the stairs and sometimes I opt for that.

We still like cars and driving. At one of our fun places, we take the wheel and watch our animated car crash into walls. He enjoys that.

I had an outing with my bestie, she also has a son. We talked how a lot of baby fun places close during the day. Since both of us work, we can’t really take our kids to have fun at those places and that’s inconvenient. One needs to be a stay home mom to go to those places. Not really smart on those companies. They should really stay open longer – for us working moms.


Now onto me being an author/blogger.

The dates for the cover reveal/book trailer/and book tour has been set! Thank you to Shannon. We figured it out. ^_^ The date for the book tour has changed to be a little earlier. I’m thinking that should get you guys excited.

Tomorrow is the cover reveal and here are the 4 puzzle pieces – a little preview:

puzzle 1   puzzle piece2    puzzle  puzzle piece

This book is about a witch forensic anthropologist and the cases that she deals with.

I can’t wait until you guys see the cover. The cover has been created by Acacia Parker, a fellow author. http://acaciakparker.com 

She did an amazing job! Although, I didn’t tell her that she will hopefully  be making 6 more for the series. 😉

Until next time,


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