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Hotel Review: Ayres Hotel Costa Mesa/Newport Beach, California

Hotel Name: Ayres Hotel Costa Mesa/Newport Beach

Hotel location: 325 Bristol St, Costa Mesa, CA 92626

Stars: 5 stars

Okay, this hotel was very pretty and usually costs about $200 for a room with two queen beds. We got a king room with a king bed and a couch. The room cost about $150. The bed was comfortable and had gold sheets- well the cover. My son had a lot of room to run around. The television was high enough for him not to able to touch and there was a restaurant inside the hotel.

We didn’t try the restaurant because it was expensive and they didn’t have food that my son could eat. When I asked about pasta, they said that they could make him just the pasta without anything for $6. Really? He’s a toddler, he barely eats through his plate and here there was just pasta without anything for $6. Yeah, not happening.

While exploring the room, my son found an m&m! An old one. I wasn’t happy and called the front desk that the cleaning crew didn’t clean very well. I told them that my son found it and it couldn’t have been us because he doesn’t eat chocolate and I don’t have chocolate around him so it couldn’t have been ours. They apologized and said they can send in the crew but by then we were finally resting and I declined. When we were checking out, I asked for a further discount because of the m&m. Considering that I didn’t know what would have happened if my son did consume it, I felt that a discount was in order. We received 20% off the room. Very good.

I have to say that it’s been an adventure this vacation with hotels. It was nice to see a hotel that treated us well. Thank you to the two managers.

The hotel also had a pool and a Jacuzzi. We enjoyed some time in the water, although the water was cold. My son didn’t complain. We used his floaty. ^_^

I told the managers that in the future, we will be using their hotel.



Hotel review: Travelodge, Costa Mesa, Ca

Hotel name: Travelodge by Wyndham Orange County Airport/ Costa Mesa

Hotel location: 1400 Bristol St Suite A, Costa Mesa, CA 92626

Stars: 2

So, I was in a good mood, getting to the hotel. Before we got to the hotel, we stopped to get gas, like 5 exits before this one and I won $3 at the gas station. Then, it got bad.

We got into a car accident on Bear and Bristol. We were turning onto Bristol from Bear on our green and someone rammed into us. I was mad but on euphoria because my son was okay. I called the police and they didn’t come because no one was injured. Only later, I started to have back pain. So my vacation was ruined! Grrr.

Anyway. We came to the hotel and got a room. We didn’t have a reservation. We asked for a room with two queen beds and received a room with full beds. Okay. Was fine with that. Then because of the accident we had to get two more nights, we received one more and that’s where it’s 3 stars. We needed a third night and asked the reception to give us one more night.

Honestly – rude. They said that they would know in the morning if there was a room available. We told them that according to booking.com, there were many rooms available. They said to order online then. We asked why should we do it online when we were right in front of them. After that we went in circles on the subject. They even looked at my mom like she was stupid. That’s the part that we didn’t like. We left the reception, went to our room and called the hotel down the street. They didn’t tell us that we had to check in the morning about a room and so we switched hotels.

This is a cheaper hotel then the one we went to next, but it was a good location that was near my friend’s house and close to the airport for those why fly. Our next hotel was more expensive, although we received a good deal for that night.

I also believe that the cleaning crew tried cleaning our room before we checked out. Annoying.

Road review: Chumash Highway, Ca

Road name: Chumash Highway

Location: California – about 32 miles long

No stars.

Hehe. Can’t really rate it. The highway is one lane for both sides and occasionally two. We traveled about 28 miles on it (I think). It’s a gorgeous road with lots of beautiful scenes. It can get twisty and not for those who are afraid to look down at the trees from the road. Some deep views.

Next time, however, we’ll go directly to 101 because it’s a long road and with a baby can feel longer lol

Below is a shot I was able to get while mom drove.

A nice memory.

chumash highway view

Casino Review: Chumash Casino Resort, Santa Ynez, Ca

Casino Name: Chumash Casino Resort

Casino Location: 3400 CA-246, Santa Ynez, CA 93460

Stars: 4 stars

I have been several times to this casino and I play in the non-smoking section. They have been really accommodating. I went with my mom, sister, niece, and my son. They allowed us to bring in my son and niece into the food court (underage) which was great because we could check on them in between playing; although they weren’t alone. They were either with me or my sister.

At the food court, we ordered chow mein. My son loved it. He ate it up fast. Hehe. I got my niece sushi and she was extremely happy about it. For me, I got pizza. It was really good pizza. After my sister walked around the play area, she returned and I went to join Mom in the non-smoking section. I started with $20, lost to $2 and then won up to $55 so I ended up winning $35. Woot woot. I stopped there. Then, I watched mom finish her game and we left.

The reason I say it’s 4 stars is because the slot machines lie. Well, in other words, there’s no more machines that 1 cent. They say 1 cent, but the lowest that one can bet on those is 30 cents. So, long ago, one could play on $20 for a much longer time than now. It’s probably a good thing because then one spends less time at the casino. Just saying.

I wonder what will happen on my next trip. 😉


Hotel Review: Hamlet Inn at Solvang, Ca

Hotel Name: Hamlet Inn

Hotel Location: 1532 Mission Dr, Solvang, CA 93463

Stars: 1

On the outside and inside the hotel is very pretty. However, looks can be deceiving and this is the case.

We came to the hotel an hour after when we said we would show up. Traffic was horrible. When we got to the hotel, we parked next to a parked car in front next to the entrance into the office. My mother went to check us in while I stayed in the car with my son. She came back with an envelope. The envelope was taped to the door with our last name on it. Strike one. The hotel worker was very trustful. What if someone decided to take the envelope and use the room? We would be sleeping in a car if that happened IF we didn’t find another hotel. And, it could have created problems…I don’t want to think about those.

Strike 2. The hotel has 16 rooms and 14 parking spaces. All parking was taken and on the street it was full. My mother had to park a street off and in the morning when she asked the hotel worker where there is extra parking. The hotel worker said that one can park on the street and in the neighborhood parking. My mother told her that she looked to park in the neighborhood parking but one CAN’T park there overnight. They have a sign and everything. The hotel worker said that she didn’t know that. So the hotel either needs to get rid off two rooms or add parking space. Buy it from the city? Not sure how it works. My mother reparked the car to the hotel’s parking around 6:00 AM. We woke up because my son wanted to feed and she saw that there was a space available now. Annoying, not comfortable and not safe. We get a hotel with parking so our car would be safe, not so we could park god knows where.

Strike 3. We came to the hotel, close to midnight. We bought snacks and microwavable soups at Albertson’s before entering the hotel. Everything’s closes in Solvang in early evening and it was midnight. I went to bed with eating a little bit of chips. And, here’s why. The hotel DOESN’T have a microwave! I couldn’t heat up my son and I was starving. As a breastfeeding mother, one needs food at different times of day and night to keep up with the energy and I could’t have my dinner. I was mad. In the morning, I asked the hotel worker if the hotel will be adding microwaves in the future and the response was – “No. The owners don’t like them.” Owners may not but travelers who travel this late need them so they could eat before sleeping. They may need to think about what they like and if its relevant to their business.

Strike 4. The hotel worker looked and acted like she was above everything. She was rude and seemed not to care how she was acting or communicating. I didn’t like conversing with her at all.

Strike 5. Maid service tried cleaning twice! We didn’t even check out yet and we clearly were still using the room. Once was like at 8 am and then second time around 10. Check out was at 11. I know that they want to do the job and go home but seriously! Stop. I felt unwelcome and like they were trying to kick us out. The room was expensive and to be treated like that really got to me.

To summarize, I will not be returning to this hotel. The next time, I’ll be staying at the Viking Motel. It’s cheaper and better. 1506 Mission Dr, Solvang, CA 93463. I give 5 stars to that one. I stayed in that one in the past but this time, my sister made this reservation. Argh.