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A thank you to fourth day bloggers of the #booktour for #thescentedbones @shanannigans81 part 2

Sept. 6th

Loving Life Everyday (Review)


Laura did a trailer reveal and I’m so happy that she reviewed my book. I needed a pick me up and her review gave me a smile. I’m happy to know that although the cover wasn’t eye catchy to Laura that she found the book within a gem!

“The plot of this book is definitely undersold by the cover. It is a complex mystery with moments of intense tension and suspense. Interspersed are occasions of humour and a fun romantic aspect to.  The book is twisty and their are definitely one or two surprise moments that I totally wasn’t expecting, which was great fun as its dull when you can guess a plot from the beginning.” – Laura



btt pic

A thank you to fourth day bloggers of the #booktour for #thescentedbones @shanannigans81

Sept. 5th

Bobo’s Book Bank (Promo)


Looks fantastic. Trisy’s blog is awesome with lots of content to go through! The header image is interesting and a little mysterious. I like the hand on the rose on the book. Powerful. Trisy  has three sons, three cats, a chihuahua, and a husband. That’s one exciting household! Her goodreads challenge is 180 books this year! Wow! Good luck!

Thank you for being part of the book tour. It means a lot!



Sept. 6th

The Genre Minx (Promo) 


It’s the first stop that shows my book characters from The Scented Bones. WHooo hooo! So, check out this stop to get a glimpse to what the characters look like. Of course, they may look differently in your mind, but there are some hobby’s in there and stuff. ^_^

I adore this blog. It’s soooo pretty! Check out like everything!