16th to 19th month of life- mother and author combo

He’s 19 months old!!! What a ride!

Well, let’s see. We saw rats, cats, turtles, fish, and birds at a pet store – Several times. My sister was actually thinking about adopting a cat. We have too many pets sooo a big no on that one.

We have used markers on a our white board and it was a very pretty drawing of circles and lines….and even prettier on our hands and face. 😉

We have favorite fruit! – Watermelon and bananas.

Mommy tries hard to tire me out and sometimes I fall asleep on her chest or in her arms.

Chuck E Cheese! Did you know that it has many flashy lights and little fish’s in bowls and you even get tickets that you can tug on. Mommy lets me press buttons and I watch all the lights and listen to sounds. It has a good area for my age kids where I climb up and slide down a slide. Lots of smiles. We love all types of slides. Besides the cheese place, we tried a couple of other play areas oh and zoo’s! I’ve been to 2 zoo’s. Got to pet a goat and everything.

I got 2 teeth left to come in….my biting certainly hurts Mama. I find it funny….

Mommy said that she didn’t have a little car when she was a kid. I got a car. A gift from my Godfather. I make her do the work, though. She pushes and I look cool.

I like fire trucks, cars, cubes. I love cubes. I tend to choose numbers face up. Mommy said that I even got the ‘8’ right.

Daddy said that he likes legos so mommy found me legos for toddlers. I got yellow, blue and red and I try making towers. They don’t last.

We’re the size of 18 months old, still, although sometimes we wear 24 months old.

Oh! Mommy isn’t happy with the libraries. She stopped me from picking a used condom. I don’t know what that is but she had a look of disgust and was very angry with the librarians. We haven’t been back since.

Oh, we spent more time in hotels thanks to grandma’s birthday and vacation. Mommy left some reviews on her blog. I like those big beds with the big headboards. It’s so fun trying to move my cars at the top. Gotta stretch.

I had two play dates. We went swimming in the kiddle pool. Played with water table, toys. Drew with chalk and rode the little car. It was fun.

Mommy is trying to get me interested in puzzles. We have a couple of them. So far, I like biting on the pieces and watching Mommy put them together.

Mommy got me a floaty. I cry every time Mommy stripes me in but then I’m okay with it once I’m in the pool. The water be warm though because not a fan of a cold pool.

I like those toddler activities that involve plastic balls. It’s fun watching them shoot out of something or roll around.

We were in my first car accident. Grandma was driving and it wasn’t her fault! The guy hit us. Said that he didn’t see us and said that it wasn’t his fault. Contradictory. Mommy leaned over me to protect me and now has to have physical therapy. Ouch!

Oh! Spray bottles are fun!

Mommy allowed me to go on a carassel, a Ferris wheel, and on a train! It was so much fun!


Now onto me being an author/blogger.

The book tour for the Scented Bones happened –

The Scented Bones #BookTour Schedule @shanannigans81

Oh my stars! It was amazing.

A vampire romance novel is in ‘adding material’ mode. Then, it will be with an editor and a proofreader! I will let you guys more about it after it will be with the editor. It’s a collaborated novel written with my best friend.

I’m also working on a short story about mermaids. Interested in reading?

Book 2 in the Svabodina case files is in the works. I have written 5 chapters so far. Who’s excited?!

Until next time,


P.S.: Please leave reviews of my books on Amazon, Goodreads, and on your blogs. I love reading all the reviews that I get!

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