20th to 21st month of life- mother and author combo

He’s 21 months old!!! What a ride!

Well, let’s see. Mommy doesn’t like it but I love french fries. It’s her fault so I don’t know why she’s complaining…

Mommy showed me a potty for training… don’t know how to use it, but it’s a great place to store my cubes and small cars. It’s recommended that I start potty training at 23 months and till 30 months old so I got time, for now I’ll use it as a toy.

I also heard that I’m like a cat…I like boxes and containers…I actually got stuck in one and looked really miserable…but Mommy kept laughing. I did get out so I didn’t hold a grudge. I love my Mommy.

Mommy’s boss told her about a school carnival that she ended up taking me to. We went onto three rides – Apple twirly thingy, pink flying elephant, and we walked through a mirror maze…. that one was confusing. An older kid was more confused than me!

I like my neighbors. They have gifted me with toys! Lots of cool cars and a train track with little trains that make, wait for it, train noises. I love it! They also got me big lego’s…Mommy tried building me something but I wanted to break it – and DID.

dragon Grandma gave Mommy that dragon that she had to put together and I helped. Mom was proud that I didn’t try eating the pieces. Turned out cool?

Mommy took me to a lantern festival! I was too young to make the lanterns but Mommy made them for me and she made me a rocket. I had fun nibbling on them. We also saw a dragon dance which was awesome. I loved the bright costumes and got to touch one dragon.

Mommy also took me to Chuck E Cheese. I had fun riding the train toy and other rides along with pressing on different shiny buttons. She also took me to a Home Depot where I saw a lot of Halloween stuff and didn’t get scared. I liked their shopping cart, they made it look like a car!

Okay, so when I was little, I wasn’t a fan of the rocking dragon toy…now I’m starting to like it!

Mommy says I’m a big boy because I like drinking water out of her water bottle.

So, Mommy was going to take me to a museum and we ended up going to a small carnival that had a pumpkin patch. There were a lot of pumpkins… I liked the ones that were orange-green. Mommy bought me a small pumpkin for $1. I also got to play some carnival games and the people were nice and didn’t push me to play faster. I won candy, plastic spiders, and bouncing balls.

I’m also climbing over rails, through the rails, and climbing onto chairs and tables. Mommy has to grab me a lot before I fall.

Here’s the best part of my weeks – I went Trick or Treating twice! First time it was at downtown where I got to play a couple of carnival games where I won 2 plush toys and a couple of plastic toys. Again, the people were really nice and they didn’t push me to play faster. It took lots of concentration to pin cones to stars and throwing footballs or banana’s into holes in the fabric walls… My costume was of a penguin and I was the only penguin both times! Mommy let me reach into bowls and cauldrons for candy. It was fun, although I felt shy half of the time. We did a lot of walking and I got tired both times. It was great!

5E763B34-4F9B-4A4B-B4D7-0AEDACE5A9F7Here’s the loot from the first trick or treating. And, here’s the second- IMG_3892

We went to a library so I could pet chickens, goats, and rabbits. Weird place to pet animals but it was fun! After that we went to an amusement park where I rode on a turtle and got to kill ghosts. I won 5 rubic cubes! They make great Christmas gifts for my friends. Daddy and Mommy also took me to an arcade where I got to see Daddy drive Mario game and got to press on more buttons. Different days, of course.

Mommy, Daddy and Grandma voted and I got to play with the “I Voted” sticker. ^_^

Sadly, California burned again this year and many people lost their homes. Please help with donations and prayer!


Now onto me being an author/blogger.

There was a male model that got into a motorcycle accident. Some people organized an auction that I thought to try out. It was a good experience, but I wouldn’t do an auction again unless the rules would be different. One winner got 4 kindle copies of my books. Yey! Hopefully, she will read them and leave reviews. Fingers crossed.


I also deleted my twitter service and did the last service for Acacia Parker. If you guys visit my twitter, you’ll see the tweets that I came up for her and most of the memes were created by me. Bye Bye twitter service. I still do manuscript critiques.

Book 2 in the paranormal forensic series is being worked on. 25K words are already written! There are new characters! Like a ton of them! There are ghosts! And, of course new bones to examine. Before you guys ask, yes, – there is a lot more forensics. My go to Beta – Lily already read all of them and so far she thinks its a really good book! Love it! Of course, it needs editing but not at the editing stage yet. Get ready to be afraid for your favorite characters! *evil laugh*

Lily also read – The Liar’s Blood that is written by Laura and me. She gave lots of feedback so we returned back to editing it so that’s in the works. Lily said that one of my character’s first kill was really realistic. Sounds good to me.

I haven’t worked on the short story about mermaids in a while though so that’s on hold.

I’m not sure about any future event plans but will let you guys know.

Since the holidays are approaching, don’t forget that books make great presents. Get my holiday novella for someone you love for the holidays.

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Until next time,


P.S.: Please leave reviews of my books on Amazon, Goodreads, and on your blogs. I love reading all the reviews that I get!

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