Month: January 2019

Thursday Writing Tip #63

Book Review: The Heath Cousins and the Moonstone Cave

Book Title: The Heath Cousins and the Moonstone Cave Book Author: Eileen Hobbs Rating: 5 Dragon Paws  This a light middle grade fiction novel that shows growth in the children characters and them learning something on their magical adventure. It was great to see a group of cousins learning to work together. ^_^ I loved the creatures that appeared and am interested in reading book … Read More Book Review: The Heath Cousins and the Moonstone Cave

Book Review: Rogue

Book Title: Rogue Book Author: Bree M. Lewandowski Rating: 5 Dragon Paws  Look at that gorgeous cover! Very beautiful. If you’re looking for a new book boyfriend, read this book. Saya is great! This is about a girl named Abra, who after loosing her mother, goes in search of her father who sent her a letter. Along the way, she meets some interesting characters … Read More Book Review: Rogue

Talking with strangers about books at My Facebook Group @AngelinaKernerFiction

So, I ask my Lyft drivers (so far), planning to ask more, this question – “What was the last book that you read?” So far, I have received 4 answers… okay 3. One of the Lyft drivers didn’t speak English – “I think it was about this guy who knew Castro. It was years ago.” “Sabertooth and lots of books on bee keeping. I’ve … Read More Talking with strangers about books at My Facebook Group @AngelinaKernerFiction

Thursday Writing Tip #62

Thursday Writing Tip #61

Book Review: Curvy Diversion

Book Title: Curvy Diversion: A Curvy Girl Friends to Lovers Romance (Curvy Love Book 1) Book Author: Aidy Award Rating: 4 Dragon Paws  This is a contemporary fiction novel with a curvy main character. I wanted to read a book where the main girl wasn’t a size 2 or 4 and this was it. Danica is a Dominatrix and from what I understood, that life … Read More Book Review: Curvy Diversion

New Year brings a new #authorlogo

I’m super excited to share my new logo with you. It has a tagline and everything! Created by my new friend, Chelsea. Look at that dragon! What a great way to start my year. Do you like it? How did you reading/writing year start? Share. ^_^

writers and notebooks #amwriting #giftideas #authors

So, I’m going to start with this – Notebooks…they are like Achilles heels for authors. We find them pretty. We pick them up, look through all the pages, and then waste money on them. Do we waste money on them? No. We may think so if we don’t actually use them after getting them, but what if an inspirational moment strikes at a random … Read More writers and notebooks #amwriting #giftideas #authors

Book Review: Firebird

Book Title: Firebird Book Author: Alice La Roux Rating: 4 Dragon Paws  This is a contemporary fiction novel, don’t let the cover fool you. It’s a gorgeous cover with a fast read inside. Great characters. I didn’t read the blurb when I got this book, and I have to say, I’m glad I didn’t. The cover is eye catchy. It was a good storyline … Read More Book Review: Firebird

Wrap-up of 2018 in #Books

My goal for 2018 was to read 25 books. I read 26! I know it was a small goal but with being a new mom, it was a good goal that could be met. My top favorite 10 from that list are: Shear Magic The Harbinger Delightfully Witchy Happily Chevalier Land of Stories The Nanny Song Aggravated Momentum The Things we learn when we’re … Read More Wrap-up of 2018 in #Books