Book Review: In the Pursuit of Charity

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Book Title: In the Pursuit of Charity  purt

Book Author: Alexandria Sure

Rating: 4.5 Dragon Paws 5-paws

I have a signed copy and I bought the ebook.

This is an interesting novel about college kids. It’s about an athletic and a *big* girl. It’s about him trying to gain her attention and to keep it. The reason it’s 4.5 dragon paws is that I don’t know how to feel about the ending. On one hand, I get it and on the other, I wanted something else. Maybe there will be a book 2?

It’s very well written and it was interesting getting inside a guy’s head. Refreshing. It was also great to see him not carrying about her size and being confused. At other times, I felt like he was an idiot and it was good to see that he understood that, too.

This is a contemporary romance novel and I actually recommend it to 15+. It could teach some guys how to treat girls. Sure there’s bad language in it since it’s college but there’s bad language in schools nowadays.


One of my author best friends is starting The Embers We Seek serial series – A fairytale #retelling @acaciakparker

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Congrats to Acacia for starting a new project. I read some of it and I gotta say, I’m impressed. Acacia is a fantastic author and I have reviewed one of her books on my blog – Book Review: Delightfully Witchy (Witches of the Lazuli Birthrights Book 1).

Join me in reading her new series! 


The Embers We Seek cover reveal coming soon

The Embers We Seek

Publication Date: May 30

Genre: Fantasy/Myth Folklore / fairytale retelling / romance

Publisher: Acacia Parker

A fairytale retelling in a land of magic and war, see Cinderella like you’ve never seen her before.

As Captain, Wren is sworn to protect the soldiers she leads into battle, which includes preventing a potential massacre in an upcoming campaign that could mean the end of the war in Heros. But defying orders from her Lord could mean a noose around her neck…

If she gets caught, of course.

Accompanied by men and women willing to accept the risk, Wren knows they need a miracle to overpower the sorceress who controls the magical creatures surrounding the city of Eius—one grand enough to win Sortis the victory they’ve been after since the War of Giants began.

There’s always a price to be had where magic is involved, though. A price she doesn’t realize until it’s too late.

One that might just cost Wren her life.

The Embers We Seek is a serial series, meaning a new episode of 8 – 15,000 words will be published in the last full week of every month. Cinderella’s tale will be completed in ten episodes.  


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Nook | coming soon
iBook | coming soon


About the Author


Acacia K. Parker has never been the shy one. With her father having served in the Air Force for twenty years, she’s enjoyed homes in many different states, as well as an eight year stint in Germany (and no, she doesn’t speak German, even though she really wishes she did). The odd encounters with various strangers and places morphed her brain from normal to quite unnatural, and what better way to tame the voices in her head than to become a writer?

Oh, and she’s an artist, too, although getting their faces down on paper only shuts them up for so long (but it certainly helps).

When she isn’t falling prey to the voices, Acacia enjoys jamming out to her favorite Spotify playlists, spending time with her husband, drinking wine, and hanging out with her two writing buddies, Boomer and Sookie (think eighty-pound Golden Retrievers).

You can check out more on Acacia’s website, or proceed to stalk her on all her social media platforms (the choice is yours).

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