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Happy Wednesday everyone! So this started last week. I post something about each of my books every work day. Fridays is game day. I make you question things! So if I’m not active on here, find me in my facebook group – AngelinaKernerFiction

Here’s the game from last week –

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Oh and so who’s your book boyfriend? I’m curious!


Book Review: Shattered Destinies (Destined To Be Lovers saga Book 2)

Book TitleShattered Destinies (Destined To Be Lovers saga Book 2)sd

Book Author: Suzanne Nemec

Rating: 5 Dragon Paws 5-paws

Oh my stars!!! As you guys know that’s my phrase for Oh my god. You can find it in my writing everywhere. Suzanne has wrote a hit with this one. She has gone far since book 1. There’s more emotional connection between our favorite lovers, new characters and more of my favorite character – Merlin. He’s one cheeky fellow. This book is a roller coaster of a ride that one may even want to reread. People nowadays don’t reread books but I think readers will reread this one. There’s more lessons from Josh and a LOT more sexiness. Book 3 is in the works. You guys won’t know what hit you when you get to the ending. Remember to yell at Suzanne to get out book 3 ASAP.

For readers 21+ for mature sexual content. Have a good unicorn day!

Book Review: Christmas with a Stranger

Book Title: Christmas with a Stranger xmas

Book Author: Kimberly Grell

Rating: 3 Dragon Paws 3-paws

This is a sweet romance story of where two strangers bump into each other during the holidays. The ending is perfect. It’s good for 15 and older. This story has trees, gifts, and ball dropping. It needs some editing but the style of writing is different which is refreshing. The author has many many books so check those out.

Book Review: Ellie Jordan, Ghost Trapper

Book TitleEllie Jordan, Ghost Trapperghost

Book Author: J. L. Bryan

Rating: 5 Dragon Paws 5-paws

Wow so according to amazon, I got this book in October 2017! So glad I finally read it. It’s really good. I don’t think I read any books about trapping ghosts. The characters are perfect even the psychic when he did show up to help. The boss is also in a wheel chair. Different.

For 16+. There are beautiful women, ghosts, a doll, and the ending is perfect! I highly recommend to readers who love exploring books about ghosts.

Poetry Book Review: Every Love

every-love-cover image
Love can be wholesome,

Healthy and pure.
It can also be deadly,
Of this I am sure.
I’ve experienced many,
I’ve opened my door.
Of all the love that I’ve held
There’s one thing I know,
Ain’t no one has loved
Quite like me… Jann Doe.

EVERY LOVE is a collection of poetry covering my own experiences in love. From abuse, to affair, to healthy commitment, I’ve experienced the dynamics of love… even suicide has played a part. The name ‘Jann Doe’ is to protect myself and my family from my own mistakes and history, given the parts of me that love has touched.


Book Review:

Rating: 5 Dragon Paws 5-paws

This is a great change of pace. A great book of poetry to get away into from long novels and own life. The Book Blurb is perfect!

Some of my favorite poems from the book are titled –

  • Mayhem
  • No muse
  • Confusion
  • Soldier
  • Mountain
  • Ready
I believe it will be good for a reader for 16 and over.
Author Bio:
Jann Doe is a poet who recognizes and accepts her authenticity as a woman, and encourages other women to do the same. Everyone has their burdens to cary, their flaws to accept, and their strengths to pride themselves on. Jann’s goal as a poet is to speak out on behalf of other women across the globe to love themselves for who they truly are. No one is perfect, nor should we be. It’s imperative that we as women accept ourselves, and live for tomorrow… not by ignoring our past but by learning from it, and growing because of it.