By sending me a message, you are subscribing to receive separate emails from WordPress blog updates. Those emails will be a few in number and will involve: free short stories, your birthday poem written by me, and updates for upcoming novels. So, you may receive about 3 emails a year from me. I will not share your personal information with anyone, this is purely a way for me to track to whom I sent the short stories, birthday poems, and updates. In the comments section, please specify that you would like to be added to the subscription list. I will respond with your confirmation for subscription and with your short story!


Yearbook’s Hidden Message, a short story by Angelina Kerner

Here’s your chance to receive your copy. Get it, absolutely free. Just type in your email address and a comment about receiving the free story below. 

PS: Also leave your birthday so I could email you a poem for your special day! ^_^

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