8th month of life- mother and author combo

He’s 8 months old and is adorable. ^_^

Let’s see, this month was exciting.

My son tried a strawberry for the first time! He was tasting for like 30 minutes and made funny faces. I believe that he enjoyed it at the end. My friend gifted me with fruit feeder so I thought to give my son a strawberry. People have created amazing things for babies. I never knew things like that existed until I had a son. Absolutely amazing. He also tried more of foods. Now, I know not to give him blueberries. His cheeks turn red and that’s not good. Since then, he had four more strawberries. ^_^

I also took my son swimming for the first time. I bought him a spring float and he enjoyed it for like five minutes which was better than anticipated. My son loves hot baths so I thought that the moment I would take him swimming, he would cry right away, but he didn’t so that was awesome! I also bought him a swim diaper…again people have thought of everything for babies. After that we tried swimming one more time but the water was too cold. I did put his feet in the hot tub and received no reaction from him. He looked – I’m confused. I thought both of the pools had cold water. ^_^

This month was emotional for me as a mother because now I’m back in the office for half day. Half of day, I work at home and half day I go into the office. It’s hard to leave my boy at home with my mother and or sister, but I need to do it. Also, my son needs to know that I’m not going to be around 24.7 and that he will need to learn to be away from me. It hurts but is a necessary evil.

Now, about sleeping. I didn’t want to force it on him to sleep without being swaddled. I would rather him get comfortable and learn that he has control of his arms. So, it finally happened. He can sleep with one arm out of the swaddle (that he works really hard to free) and is able to sleep for like 30 minutes and then he wakes up after he scratches his face or nose, but that’s progress.

Oh, I almost forgot. My son was baptized. In my family we baptize our kids in the first week of life or in the first 40 days…I did it when he was much older and he acted perfect. The Father of the church was shocked and proud at the same time. ^_^ And we went to his first church morning where he met everyone and smiled at everyone. He was curious about everything. It was fantastic.

There was much more crawling this month! Good boy!

Oh!!! He gained 2 whole teeth! So proud…though I say…those teeth hurt when he bites.


Now onto me being an author/blogger.

I contacted one of my beta readers for a quote for my novella for bookmarks. I want to print out bookmarks for swag and so I need a quote. I told her that if she likes the novella, I would love to get a quote. She gave me 3 quotes. I’ll use them for bookmarks and maybe even for the cover. Oh, I ordered 10 magnets that will be used in giveaways in the future.

I also bought a mailbox. So, now I can send out the swag to you guys. Just know that if you’re going to write back, to not say Angelina Kerner. Just write Angelina K.

Much appreciated!!!

A reminder from my last blog session- It has an awesome surprise in there and I got to say that this one, you would WANT to BUY in PRINT. 😉

I’ll let you guys know soon about when it’s coming out and the fun Blog party that I’m going to have for it. Not sure yet of when that’s happening. The cover is going through a transformation. Hoping that it would be another master piece.

Here are the old book blog tours. Check them out and check out the other bloggers while you’re at it.

Seven Hours: Challenge Accepted Virtual Book Tour ended!

Deity’s Soulmate Virtual Book Tour Wrap Up

Also, I went back and edited a collaboration with my bestie! I finished editing book 1 and edited book 2 which is still in progress.

You can read the novel at: The Liar’s Blood. A whole novel for free! Let us know what you think by leaving your feedback!

It has vampires, romance, idiocy, stalkers, sexy blondes, wild redheads, and more! Leave some comments and let us know how much you guys like it. Book 2 is in the works!

fireI didn’t forget about my flames story, it’s just been hectic. I did ask for help in this blog post. If you guys have any ideas about what can motivate a creepy character, please let me know.

I’m also thinking of writing another novella about Chanel…Will have to think up of something interesting for her. ^_^

Until next time,

Angelina Kerner

Character motivation- need help

Character motivation –

Guys, I need help. So you all know about my work in progress- Into the Flames. If not, here’s a little blurb:


So if you guys read the above, I need to find character motivation for the static voice.

Here’s the thing, it’s my first time writing someone creepy and I think for the most part…I got him acting perfect…but that’s because for the first 20k words, it’s just a voice, not a man behind it. I know the character is a male and he wants to use the main heroine for his gain…but why?

Sure, she’s the next queen to be…but how does he want to use her. I have a scene where she meets him…but she doesn’t really meet him because he stole someone’s face and so she still has no clue why he’s after her and why he likes creeping her out.

It was natural for me to write in the voice, I actually don’t know where the idea came from. It was just obvious to have him around. Since, I write romance and usually fantasy and or chick-lit, I don’t really know how to write ‘creepy.’

Since October is the creepiest month of the year and most of you are thinking about costumes and parties, maybe you guys can help me out.

Comment with your ideas for my character’s motivation. Maybe I’ll use yours. Maybe an idea will be born from yours or maybe I’ll combine a couple of ideas. One never knows.

I very much appreciate all your help.

Angelina Kerner

6th & 7th month of life- mother and author combo

He’s 7 months old and is absolutely adorable. ^_^

Let’s see, for the past two months, it’s been a trial. We went on his first vacation. He behaved beautifully! It ended on a sour note, though and you can read here why. There are photos from vacation on my Instagram. ^_^

I didn’t post about his 6th month because it’s been really hectic around here. Work has been busy every day- too many things that had to go out and stuff. There was a couple of bonfires, a couple of new outfits, and a liking to play with those toys that he can reach for. He still doesn’t sit on his own, but he’s trying to get up. Little cutie!

In his 7th month, we had a couple of sad events. Our dear cat passed away. You can read about her here. Then my mother got sick and then me. Yikes!

In his 7th month of life, he started to eat solids- he’s not a fan of squash. He’s okay though when it’s mixed with apples. He’s sometimes okay with banana, oatmeal and peach combo and he tried mixed vegetables. He crawled a little bit and gifted me with many many sweet smiles and chin kisses. ^_^ A life of a new mother is rewarding. Those smiles and laughs are gifts…cheesy but true.


Now onto me being an author/blogger.

The novella is finished and edited! It has an awesome surprise in there and I got to say that this one, you would WANT to BUY in PRINT. 😉 I’ll let you guys know soon about when it’s coming out and the fun Blog party that I’m going to have for it.

Both tours have ended a month ago. You can check them out here:

Seven Hours: Challenge Accepted Virtual Book Tour ended!

Deity’s Soulmate Virtual Book Tour Wrap Up


Also, I went back and edited a collaboration with my bestie!

You can read the novel at: The Liar’s Blood. A whole novel for free!

It has vampires, romance, idiocy, stalkers, sexy blondes, wild redheads, and more! Leave some comments and let us know how much you guys like it. Book 2 is in the works! I didn’t forget about my flames story, it’s just been hectic. So for now, enjoy this awesome work that has been done in Collaboration and wait for the novella to come out.

Thank you!

Angelina Kerner

5th month of life- mother and author combo

He’s 5 months old and is absolutely adorable. ^_^

Let’s see this month, I was able to take my baths and took him to my friend’s birthday party. We didn’t stay long because my friend invited a reggae musician. He wasn’t bad, he was actually really good but the music was so loud that my son was trying to cover his ears with his hands. Though, his actions were cute, it would have been bad to stay so we left. At least we were able to say – Happy Birthday!

He met a couple more people during his 5th month – including 2 babies. He didn’t care for the first baby that he’d met but maybe it’s because he was sleeping? On his 5th month day, he met the second baby. She’s going to be 1 year old in one week. I already told the mother that our kids will be dance partners because I want my son to study ballroom. She agreed, knowing that when it comes to ballroom dancing, it’s always hard to find dance partners. ^_^

Oh, and he chooses his outfits! Every time, I give him two options between onesies and the one that he grabs is the one that he wears. ^_^ So far, he has two favorites – one with raccoons and one that is yellow with a phrase – Little Genius. Cute!!!

He still can’t sit up on his own but he’s having fun rolling over which is cool to watch. Also, he has a really cute and touching laugh. I hope to remember it, but I’m afraid that because he’s growing so fast that I will forget many cute things he does. Ugh. Problems of a mother!Toys. He’s grabbing on to rattles and small toys. He still likes biting on towels. It’s absolutely adorable. He’s also finding annoying that he can’t sit up. I guess, he’s tired of always being on his back though he does have tummy time. I took some awesome photos but being Russian and believing in superstitions, I think I will not share them yet.

Now onto me being an author/blogger.

I wrote a novella! The only thing that I’m going to say about it is- that it’s finished, went through two rounds of edits, read by two beta readers, edited by two copy editors, and will be sent out to an editor sometime this week! I’m not going to tell you guys on when it will be published, but I’m hoping for August 2017! SURPRISE!

Deity’s Soulmate Virtual Book Tour is going well! Got 2 awesome reviews and checked out a lot of cool bloggers. My pinterest account has a board dedicated just to the tour!

Seven Hours Tour is coming up!

seven hours tour

The author/blogger, who’s in charge is Aimee Brown. Her novel is coming out on August 2nd and I will be blogging about it on the 4th- Little Gray Dress! Here’s the link to the Seven Hours page on her site. Check out it out and explore her website! And here’s Aimee’s author website – http://authoraimeebrown.com/

A little trivia: I started the novella on a whim after reading Aimee’s novel. Her writing made me want to try my hand at more of chick-lit and there you have it…a novella about a Cat. 😉

Anyway, before I go –

Tomorrow is an exciting day for a lot of bloggers! The Launch Party is tomorrow and I’m one of the hosts. It’s one of my longest blog posts and it was very fun helping R&R Book Tours! For more info – go here!


Angelina Kerner

Now, because all of you have been some awesome -here’s a photo of my son!


Thank you for reading. I hope that all is well in your lives! What are you guys up to?


4th month of life- mother and author combo

He’s 4 months old and still adorable. ^_^

There were a couple more baths for me! Thank you to hubby and grandma for helping out.  It may be trivial, a bath, but seriously to a mother that’s better than buying a pair of sexy high heels.

He met a couple more people during his 4th month and we even went over to my mother’s friends house. She gave us a car seat as a gift before he was born and I wanted to thank her and show her that we’re using it. ^_^ Also, he got to meet one of my urban planning professors from university. The professor was one of the best in my time there and so I invited her over and she could make it. She missed the baby shower due to having a cold. He received a couple of new outfits from her and a bath set. He really liked the frog towel puppet. ^_^

Toys. He’s grabbing on to rattles and small toys. He still likes biting on towels. It’s absolutely adorable. He’s also finding annoying that he can’t sit up. I guess, he’s tired of always being on his back though he does have tummy time. I took some awesome photos but being Russian and believing in superstitions, I think I will not share them yet.

Music. He loves it! Here are his favorite toys:

fav toys


I ordered yesterday another photo album from Shutterfly. Lots of great memories of his 4th month of life.

Guess what? Guess what? Guess what? Guess what?




He laughed!!! He first laughed with hubby and weeks later he laughed with me. He likes the sound – chrum. Like when someone is eating. ^_^ Happy kiddo means a happy mommy. Though this made me think:

We need to learn how to laugh. It’s not something that comes easily. Crying though does. Why?

Also, he doesn’t have much of 3-6 months of age clothing and more of 6-9 months. 6-9 months is okay to wear because of the diaper. He’s comfy and I’m happy. I got 6 pages in the album of just his outfits (of course with him wearing them). I believe that in the future he will say – Mommy! I was your doll!


Now, onto the author portion.

One of the virtual tours is live! Schedule is here.


Second virtual tour is being organized at the moment and will be coming soon!

seven hours tour

fireDid some more editing of Into the Flames– . First 3 chapters had been fixed for the most part. Still a couple of rough paragraphs, but hey it happens and it’s not a final draft yet.

The last short story had been published! All of the short stories can be found here.

I did do more reading… didn’t finish any – still reading these:

  1. Candlelight by P.S. Meraux
  2. The Curious tale of Gabrielle (Book 1) by Zachary Chopchinski
  3. Crimes against a Book Club by Kathy Cooperman
  4. Dead Wrong by Lee Dobbs
  5. Floozies and Fallout by Ravenna Young

Remember in my  last post, I said that I won an arc? Well for reading, I received 2 bookmarks. ^_^


It’s funny but my post for Dead Over Heels By Theresa Braun Book Blog Tour with R&R Book Tours happened on his birthday of 4 months! My post is here.


Also, I’m part of the Launch Party Mega Blitz! Go here for more info!

So yeah. Been one busy month with lots of new experiences. Thank you for sticking to my blog. I know that I’ve been lacking in posts, but hey I’m still here. If you want to talk or have any questions, leave a comment in the comments section or on my social media. ^_^

Angelina Kerner

3rd month of life- mother and author combo

First hurdle of his first year had been met. He’s 3 months old and still adorable. ^_^

Let’s see, as a mother, I was finally able to take a bath! Though, I fell asleep. The moment my body relaxed, so did my mind and I slept. That was an hour bath! Now, I know that Gardenia from Deity’s Soulmate loves baths and fell asleep in one scene, that doesn’t mean that I need to follow in her footsteps. 😉

He also became responsive to my friends. The first person to see his smile was Al, my editor. It was surprising. He showed up to pick up printed copies of my novels for an event and I showed Al to my son. My son smiled and laughed!!! What a memory. Every month, I create an album with Shutterfly and 3rd month of life has lots of photos of him smiling. I’m very happy and he smiles at everyone.

He also has an angry face! The angry face comes out before a bath when its absolutely naked. We try to show him that it’s okay to go to the bathroom when he’s not inside a diaper and he actually peas into the toilet before each bath. I heard that babies in US spend so much time in diapers that when they’re without diapers, they’re afraid to go to the bathroom so I make sure that he spends time naked for a bit before a feeding and after. He kicks my stomach a lot when hes that way but he’s happy. Anyway, he looks adorable when he’s angry. ^_^

Also, he outgrew his clothing of newborn and 0-3 months of age so I have to open the box that I have at the back of the closet to take out clothing for 3-6 month of age. Perfect timing. He’s growing well.

Now, onto the author portion. Virtual tours of my work is in the future! Did some editing of Into the Flames– finally started editing it again.

I’m hoping to get back to finishing the last short story. I’m really sorry for taking so long but between work, the baby, and promoting, it was hard to write it. Now, I got some inspiration for it so will be posting it soon.

I did do more reading. This month, I won an ARC by my favorite author and was super excited to read, provide feedback, and write the review. I’m also helping out with Dead Over Heels By Theresa Braun Book Blog Tour with R&R Book Tours. It’s a short story and so I thought to give something back to the community. The Tour can be found at R&R Book Tours.

Also, I’m part of the Launch Party Mega Blitz! Go here for more info!

My Deity’s Soulmate is going on tour with RABT Tours from  June 12-July 21. 17 spots are still open. I’m super excited! Will post more in the future.

Also, back to Al. He went to the Silicon Valley Comic Con and showed off my books at a booth. 1 copy of each was sold and he sent me a photo of a fairy holding Deity’s Soulmate. There will be a guest post by Al in the future about the Con. ^_^ I’m hoping that I would be able to be at the next event. Couldn’t go myself because my son wouldn’t let me go. He loves his mommy. Super proud!

So yeah. Been one busy month. Me trying to catch my son’s beautiful smile. Working my day job. Promoting my novels, helping out with tours and emailing bloggers to say thank you for being part of the RABT Book Tours!



2nd month of life- mother and author combo

My little boy turned 2 month old yesterday! My gift to him were 4 shirts for when he turns 24 months old. One of the shirts had an astronaut on it. So cool!  I have way too much of 0-3 months, 6-9 months and even 12 months.

Anyway, during his 2nd month of life, I had to return to work. I really miss the times when a woman could stay with her child for a year without being worried about loosing her job or how she’s supposed to breastfeed her child cause its recommended to breastfeed for at least 6 months though a year is ideal. Good thing that I’m able to work from home but it’s only for 6 months.

Working from home is tiring because the breaks and lunch that I get go to breastfeeding. By the time I’m done with 8 hours, I lose face and all I want to do is lay down and sleep but no, I have to feed him and then cook and then clean… and I have to think about what to write about.

In the 2nd month of life, I also pushed my editor to finish editing edition 2 of Deity’s Soulmate which is available for purchase! One of the reasons that got finished (finally!) was because of a contest that had a ticking clock on it and I really wanted to enter it so wish me luck guys. Hopefully my novel is worth something! ^_^

I was also able to read more. Don’t ask me how I managed to do that but I was able to which made me happy. I still didn’t finish the 3 books that had been collecting internet dust on my Goodreads page but hey, I’ll get to them…eventually.

On the part of being a mother, I’m one tired mommy though husband allowed me to take a bath! I could actually take a bath. It was once and it wasn’t too long because I heard him cry but it was a bath. I also wore jeans for the first time! Exciting though I think that I’ll stick with dresses and nightgowns. One of the perks of working from home is that I don’t have to dress up and wear anything that I want. I’m also a very happy mommy because whenever my son sees me and I start talking to him, he smiles at me! Ohh that smile is like a really good present to me and keeps me going during the week. When I’m getting tired, I think of his smile or take a second to check on him and I feel better instantly.

Here’s the thing about mothers – we don’t have time to think about ourselves, our pains and our tiredness. My son isn’t thinking that his mother is tired, he’s thinking about food, naps, and play time (hopefully with mommy and not a nanny). So when my back pain kicks in and new mothers have a lot of back pain, I have to ignore it because he needs me. Let me tell you, being a mother made me stronger though tell that to my throat cause it feels like I’m getting sick. Not happy.

My plan for his 3rd month is to spend time with him, work well from home and return working on Into the Flames. For those who missed me talking about it, here’s a preview:


I’m excited to be getting back into it. I have 13 chapters written and I have diagrams of the events for the competition and who wins which. It will truly be an adventure. And yes, I love the idea of soulmates and that seems to me a theme for my writing. My mafia novel which is in the works as well doesn’t have soul mates or magick. Seven Hours is also different so guess it’s a theme for half of the time of my writing.

In conclusion, it’s one wild life of being an author and a new mother.

Have a great week!

1st month of life- mother and author combo

This may be not for the young of heart. 

My little boy is one month old! Really exciting and I’m going to share some things with you that helped me to at least read if not write during the first month of being a mother. 

As a new mother, it’s hard getting alone time and if it weren’t for the sitz bath, I wouldn’t have had time to read a couple of books- well attempt to read. 

The nurses at the hospital told me that twenty minutes each evening with the sitz bath could lessen the discomfort- true. So I would hand over my son to my husband and disappear to read for twenty minutes while doing what the nurses ordered me to do! Oh and it’s not gross or anything, new mothers have a lot of discomfort after giving birth so it’s okay to take advantage of nurse recommendations to read or watch a short episode of a comedy or something while healing oneself in the process. Back to the point. In those twenty minutes, I would tackle – Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, The Past Lives collection, The Land of stories. Sure, I didn’t read everytime because well sometimes there’s no energy to read even and so I played games on my cell.

At other times I would sleep or eat. Feeding a baby is wonderful yet tiring at the same time. To any husbands out there reading this post, get your wife a massage certificate. You have no idea the back pain she endures, not to mention the stress. I have to remember to eat (which sometimes is easy to forget to due the little tyke who likes spending time with mommy). I also have to remember to eat the right foods. I have to remember to take showers. But mostly, I need to remember to take care of myself because if I don’t take care of myself… how I can take of him? So yes, a gift certificate better be in my future for when I’ll be able to leave the house for a longer period of time and hubby can act daddy. 😋

So when the sitz bath time is over, what can a mother who is also an author do to stay in the game of reading and getting some writing done? Take baby out for a walk! Babies sleep much better outside. The stroller puts them to sleep so after he falls asleep, I find myself a bench (with shade) and read! Purely amazing. I get to be out and getting fresh air at the same time as making sure that he’s happy. Reading is the icing, though at the moment I’m writing this blog post but I can read next time. 

A couple of recommendations 

1. Girls – use those sitz bath! It’s good for your body and you can read or write or just relax. If hospital doesn’t provide one, buy one yourself. 

2. Men – love your wives. They go through much more than you while taking care of a really small being. We, women, get that after a long day of work you wouldn’t want to spend time with a baby but do. It’s important for you to bond and your wife can sure use a break or two. She will be thankful and hey if she’s an author like me, would really appreciate it. It’s really hard not to being able to write everyday. It was part of my routine. I miss it, but I’m really happy that I have my son. He’s the best and his expressions are priceless! 

3. Women – for the first 6 weeks after giving birth, the doctor recommendation is to walk- no any other form of exercise so walk. If you’re too tired or use that excuse, forget about it. It’s just as important to walk for your child. Believe me, your baby will love being transported in a stroller and you’ll love the fact that you can write, draw, read, watch a show on your cell. You name it. It can make you feel like yourself for a bit and then after the walk is over you can go back to being a mother. Being happy, content, and rested is good for a new mother (and her milk supply) so use small amount of times for yourself. Happy mommy = good milk = happy baby. That’s been proven! 

Anyway, got to go back to being a mother. With time, I’ll be more active on here. I promise! Oh and I already told my son that in the future he’ll be my collaborator for short stories! He has no choice. 😉