Moonology Tuesday – Waxing Moon in Aquarius – January 4th, 2022

Waxing crescent moon seen with an astronomical telescope, orange light at sunset

January 4th, 2022

Did you know that your Moon sign is literally about where the Moon was at the time and place of your birth? How cool is that? The moon influences us no matter if you believe that or not.

If you’re an Aquarius, everything today for you will be magnified. Don’t be surprised if you fall into a mood where you’re lost in deep thoughts. You may actually come up with solutions to several problems.

A perfect time for you to remind others of you compassion and assertive nature.

Into the Flames won an award!

Into the Flames by Angelina Kerner received an Honorable Mention in the Fantasy/Science Fiction genre!

#phoenixes #reincarnation #revenge #enemies #paranormalromance #theheartgames #withtheasnucrystalblessings 

So, I bet you have a friend or a family member who can take forever to try on clothing. I have a sister. And, let’s just say a normal person would get mad and maybe even walk out of the store. I mean come on … 40 minutes??? But, I’m an author and so I used the time wisely to come up with the book. ^_^ 

And, look what came about! An Award! I’m really happy to share this awesome news with you!

Author – Angelina Kerner / Illustrator – Evgeniya Gromilina

Matched by Santa – by Angelina Kerner, your perfect holiday read

#friendstolovers #chicklit #holidayread #followthesnowflakes #ucla #sweetromance #AceandJoker

Friends to lovers! Poker memories. Theater. Acting. Movies. I also mention two of my books in this one – Follow the Snowflakes and The Scented Bones. For the most part it happens in LA. My niece is currently a student at UCLA and this story is dedicated to her, although she’s not a theater major lol

Follow the Snowflakes by Angelina Kerner, A multi-tradition holiday novella

#miltiholidaytraditions #holidayread #hallmarkworthy #sweetromance #dearsanta #glintwein #yulelog 

It’s my first holiday story I ever wrote. It’s in a different style – diary and chapters. You don’t have to read the diary if you don’t want to. I like experimenting as you can see ^_^ 

So, I know it’s October but for the first time I can share all of my works with you so bare with me. You can also learn about the story by reading this blog post! Thank you.

If you read the trivia, did anything make you think about your childhood?

Are you feeling a little French? A new cover for sale #heartsinparis @akdesigns

Hearts In Paris

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Crow Moon’s Spell

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So now we bring you Grizzly Revenge!


🐻Some BDSM

🐻Fated and rejected mates



Who’s excited???

Alexia is your typical high school student, although the daughter of grizzly shifters, she has no special abilities. She does have a cheating mate, an annoyingly hot homeroom teacher, and a dad with a science lab. After one party leaves her confused about that nights events, she wants nothing but revenge. If you’re looking for a Halloween novelette read, well you’ve found it! Let the massacre begin!

Book Title: The Witch Hunter

Book Title: The Witch Hunter

Book Author: Candace Adams

Rating: 5 Dragon Paws 5-paws

Warning – triggers and empaths may have problems reading this book.

Taryn gets sent back in time to learn a lesson about witch hunters of the past by a witch who survived the witch trials and still lived on to this day. Taryn falls in love with the witch hunter and both have different views on the matter of women, trials, and killings. Matthew, John, and Sarah are all people from history brought into a fantastic piece of fiction. I do say, John as he was written was absolutely perfect. I really hated him so much that in a dream last night, the women whom he said were witches got their revenge on him. The fear in his eyes made me smile. I think the author did a terrific job showing views from different people of different time periods and how everything happened. While reading, I had a feeling of who will get what and still wondering about Harold. His reaction at the book made me think he understood about his life more than he was letting on to the outsiders who came to his town to get rid off evil witches.

This book is an emotional roller coaster and not for everyone. A lot of bad things that actually happened during the real witch hunts happened in the book and may be hard to swallow. However, the book was so well written, if you start the story, you would want to finish it.

Book Title: The Siren Saves The Billionaire (Nocturne Falls #13)

Book Title: The Siren Saves The Billionaire (Nocturne Falls #13)

Book Author: Kristen Painter

Rating: 5 Dragon Paws 5-paws

First of all, I love the cat in the story. Second of all, I did feel like the author in her last 2 books got a little bored with the world she created with Nocturne Falls, but this book, I can see she got more love for it back or maybe it was my imagination. I think this story is a fun romantic adventure with her fearing the love she could have, she learns more about being herself. Also, nice twist and more awesome myths on the billionaire’s ex girlfriend.

Book Title: The Inker: A Legend of Room 334

Book Title: The Inker: A Legend of Room 334

Book Author: W.A. Ashes

Rating: 5 Dragon Paws 5-paws

So, this is such a fun read for kids!!! And adults! It’s simply written and to the point but easy enough for young readers to follow. It’s about a story of two boys learning about Quills and their world. There will probably be 4-5 more books to follow from the author about room 334 and I can’t wait to read them! I know my kid will enjoy these books in the future for sure. Good for middle grade.