Lily’s Rebirth – Current Work – at 9k words

Angelina grew up around books. Books could be found in every room in the house, including the garage.



Award Winning Author

Small secret. Gardenia from Deity’s Soulmate first came to Angelina when she was 15 years old. So, technically, Angelina started writing when she was 15 years old. The book she started at 15 wasn’t Deity’s Soulmate but was called Gardenia’s Castle. There is a plan to finish writing it and it’s the 3rd book in the trilogy. It won the Literary Titan Book Award and the Reader’s Favorite gave the book 5 stars.

There is a famous saying of “write what you know.” Angelina uses her knowledge of mythology, psychology, physiology, and anthropology in her writing, especially in The Scented Bones. Angelina used to be a dancer. She performed in front of small crowds of 5 to about 2,000. Her favorite dances include cultural dances, ballroom, and belly dance. Chanel in Seven Hours: Challenge Accepted is a ballet dancer. The Scented Bones has been republished by a publisher and won the Literary Titan Book Award and the Reader’s Favorite gave the book 5 stars.

Angelina values her life experiences and sometimes uses real events of her friends in her books.

The want to share her stories started when she was about twenty. Angelina joined an online community that no longer exists and met her best friend, Laura. Laura is an amazing writer and friend. The best. Laura saw the first version of The Scented Bones. The book used to the be called In Love with Mafia’s Son. The online community taught her that it was okay to share own stories and not be embarrassed. After she published Deity’s Soulmate, she learned even more about the book world and every day thanks her spirit guide for making her an author.

Now, Angelina has 10 own published works, one anthology and is working on two more books! I hope you’ll enjoy the stories and smile.

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