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  • 1 month for editing
  • 1 month for proofreading
  • 1 month for beta reading
  • 8 weeks to prepare for a cover reveal
  • 8 weeks to prepare for a book trailer reveal
  • 8 weeks to prepare for a book tour. So the book needs to be released during the book tour. Those dates needs to be checked with Shannon if they are available for the book tour and if not, add on a couple of weeks.

Today’s date is 4/24/2018

  • Editing may finish by 5/24/2018
  • Proofreading may finish by 6/24/2018
  • Beta reading may finish by 7/24/2018
  • Cover reveal may be good to do around 9/18/2018
  • Book trailer reveal may be good to do around 11/6/2018
  • Book tour may be good to do around 1/1/2019 – BAD!

By going in that order, my book doesn’t get published until January which is Christmas/ New Years/and other happy-joy-joy holidays which don’t work with a crime fiction novel.

Late September and October makes more sense. So, I need to rethink the timeline.

These dates may change if proofreading finishes in two weeks for instance and beta reading in two weeks. I only win a month and still get the book published in beginning of December! Still happy-joy-joy. HOWEVER, the case happens during Christmas so it may not necessarily be a bad thing…. BUT, the case happening during the holidays doesn’t really do anything for the case.

Today’s date is 4/24/2018

  • Editing may finish by 5/24/2018
  • Proofreading may finish by 6/24/2018
  • Beta reading may finish by 7/24/2018

Cover reveal and book trailer reveal don’t have to happen after beta reading. The important thing is to have the book cover and get Thomas working on the book trailer. To create a good book trailer, he needs to be able to read the editing and proofread book so I can send it to him around the same time as beta readers get it.

So, Today’s date is 4/24/2018

  • Editing may finish by 5/24/2018

What if give the same deadline for the cover? Or Finish cover by 6/1/2018 So, if I do 8 weeks to prepare for the cover reveal.

  • The cover reveal will be around 7/27/2018 around the time when beta readers finish reading the book and will hopefully provide small reviews that I can share with the book trailer reveal and the book tour.
  • Book trailer reveal may be good to do around 9/21/2018
  • Book tour may be good to do around 11/16/2018


Finish Cover by 6/1 and having a cover reveal around 7/27 is a long time? I need to give Shannon 8 weeks notice for the cover reveal so what if I ask for a cover reveal to be around 6/15/2017. So, I need to tell Shannon about the cover reveal about 4/20/2018 and she’s at her own wedding at the moment!!! Anyway, I’ll try getting that date with Shannon (plus I have a killer idea for the cover reveal and the cover reveal needs to happen on a FRIDAY. If she takes to my idea when she comes back for that date, then we’re good for the plan!! *Evil plan.

So if we do cover reveal on 6/15 then we have 8 weeks for the book trailer.

  • Book trailer reveal may be good to do around 8/10/2018
  • Book tour may be good to do around 10/5/2018

So, its October for publication date! Good for mysteries and my book is a paranormal crime fiction.

This just took about two hours to figure out the publication date and it’s still not set in stone. HOWEVER, I like the final timeline and hopefully we can stick to it. ^_^ The book gets released a week or two before Halloween which is good. People are into mysteries and not reading thrillers yet or are and in the mood for a light mystery with mafia, vampires, and witches.


How do you choose a publication date? Do you base it around a holiday? Do you calculate the date? Do you just choose a random date? Do you think about book tours and how much notice you need to give? What does it take?

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How to get customers flocking towards your book? #amwriting #books #bookmarketing

Did I get your attention? I got mine, too.

My response to the question is simple – no clue.

I know an author that doesn’t like giving away free copies. Her reasoning is that – whatever you send out, you get back. Nothing’s wrong with her reasoning and I’m actually all for it. Giving away free copies doesn’t help, but we as far as self-published authors go, always give away free copies at some point. We use the reasoning that we want reviews and to raise up on the Amazon scale. There’s nothing wrong with that. Just remember to play by the rules.

Book bloggers figured out how to get free books and how to make money if they also organize book tours. Authors figured out which book bloggers to choose for book tours and reviews.

Some even take easy routes – choosing book bloggers who say that they only write reviews for books that rate 3 stars or above. That’s one way to keep up the ratings. However, not all of those bloggers agree to read your book so at the end you have less choices and a smaller audience for reaching out to potential customers. Other authors are okay with bloggers who say that they can rate their books at 1 stars and send their books. So if you get a 1 star review, bad reviews can get you customers as well. Some bad reviews even sell your book better than the good ones. Taking the easy route isn’t always the best for authors. Take time on making decisions, especially the ones with book marketing. 

At the beginning, I was an author who felt hurt over 2 stars and I cried. I admit it. But, I did learn from a book blogger that I needed to grow an extra skin to be in the world of authors and I’m not just talking about self-published authors. When a reviewer asked if I was okay with their 2 star review, I asked not to post it and they agreed. After a year passed, the same blogger read my 2nd edition and I received a 5 stars and I jumped for joy. Biased. I was totally biased. That was my second lesson. I should have accepted that two stars so I could boast later that my 2nd edition did improve. Those experiences didn’t allow customers to flock to my books and I lost that book blogger. The other book blogger, I can still contact because I learned about attitude. I think I mentioned before in my posts about being nice to book bloggers. It’s always true because book bloggers remember the good authors and the bad ones especially. Those experienced led me to a blogger who gave me a low rating but was willing to read my second book because I wasn’t scared of her criticism and accepted her review. Now, I’m not afraid of criticisms, bad reviews, and bad correspondences. That allows me to create new connections with other authors and book bloggers. Sure, I had to learn it the hard way, but hey we have to learn some lessons the hard way.

I got off the topic. How to get customers flocking towards your book?

I don’t know. All I can do is continue doing cover reveals, book tours, and reaching out to book bloggers. Maybe just maybe readers would get interested in my works and get them to return.

What I do know is that an author needs to keep writing and learning. Writing more books can get you readers who will return again and again to read you. At the end, that’s what matters – readers who would be dedicated to you. For that to work, one needs to continue writing and reaching out to the people who can help you and sometimes it means handing over free copies. In return you get reviews and gain new friends.

If you’re a successful author, how were you able to get customers flocking for more copies? What lessons did you learn along the way? Are you able to admit to them?

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Current book project checklist: Update 1


Title: The Scented Bones  check

Subtitle: The Svabodina Case Files #1  check


Still working on it. But, getting closer. Here’s a sample:



Ummm….Honestly. No clue. Maybe you guys can tell me what elements you would like to see on the cover? Based on the blurb? Would be nice.


6×9 template is all filled out! check


Done! check

There’s still a thank you to all of you in the acknowledgment ^_^


Done! check

We have polished the plot holes, descriptions, etc.


Is with Eve! I’m using her for the first time so it would be interesting to see her feedback. I’m hoping that she isn’t pulling out her hair….


After editing, it’s going to Jeyran for proofreading. She’s already aware of it and can’t wait to read the polished version. She was the one manuscript critiquing so I get it. Hehe.


I already used one Beta- Lily. In the book, I called her – Main beta and fae consultant. ^_^ She loved it!!! She said the ending is F***** brilliant!!! So happy about that.

I will be using Kelli for her beta reading team for the first time so hopefully that works out. However, the more the merrier, so if you would like be a beta reader for this book, comment and or email me and I’ll you to the list.


Still to come!


Dances! It would be fantastic to read the final version. I’m super excited for it! I think I have energy to spare so if you guys need some happiness, join me in a dance. Whoo hooo!


The plan is to convert to pdf, epub, and mobi.


That’s still the plan


Cover Reveal, Book Trailer Reveal, and Book Tour with R&R Book Tours

The types of posts for the book tour – reviews, spotlight, author interviews, character profiles, and anything else that I can think of. If you want to be part of the future tour and have an idea for a post that is not listed here, let me know and I’ll think about adding it as an option!

Facebook Party with Kelli!

I will be submitting it for a free review with Readers Favorite so hopefully someone chooses it.

Do you have guys have any ideas on what else I can do for advertisement? I’m all ears!


Not sure when. It all depends on the editor, proofreader, and beta’s. As we get closer to getting through those stages, I’ll provide that information. It will be available for a pre-order for Kindle. I know that!

The goal is to get 50 reviews!!! We can do this!!!

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Follow the Snowflakes Trivia Party winners

Hi everyone!

So, I finally had some time and go through the history for the trivia party. There are 3 winners! I apologize that it took so long but the good thing that I finally did it.

Nilzeitung won a copy! For the most likes on WordPress.

The Cozy Pages won for comments.

Didi Oviatt – Author for Twitter

Winners, please use the form below to send me an email with your email address if you want to receive an amazon gift card and your home address or p.o. address for swag goodies. Please let me know which you would prefer to receive!

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