Manuscript Critique Service


I’ve had feedback from other authors, readers, family etc but this was the most useful feedback I’ve had so far. Not only did she point out research gaps in my story facts that could have really made me look bad but she also caught typos that two other editors didn’t catch (even though it wasn’t part of her service). I now have some corrections to make but also know what karts if the story worked well and that is just as important so that I know what to leave in. Much of my worry was whether there would be confusion in the timeline, as this was a new genre to me but she made sure she confirmed that for me as well. I can feel that this book is going to be a much stronger storyline after getting this feedback. Well worth it!

-Raven Genevieve Author of “Keeping Time:Only Time Will Tell (Women of Time Collection Book 5)” 

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Angelina Kerner on a number of occasions. The first was when Angelina reviewed and critiqued my novel. Angelina exceeded my expectations with the speed in which she got back to me and the insightful comments she offered. Recently, Angelina has gone above and beyond my expectations, helping me with various marketing strategies, including, creating effective meme’s for my novel, twitter, and many other invaluable suggestions to help me become a successful author. I highly recommend Angelina.

-Suzanne Nemec Author of “Crossing All Boundaries”

Manuscript Critique Service

Thank you for considering using my Manuscript Critique Service for your project. Please note that this is not an editing service, I’m not an editor. I can recommend a very good editor if you’re looking for one.

How I do things

Stage 1 – Submit your request through the form below. In comment box start with “In Need of your Manuscript Critique Service.”

Stage 2 – We’ll talk about your manuscript and you’ll receive a price quotation.

Please do not submit a thriller or if your manuscript has zombies. I don’t read those type of books and therefore I wouldn’t be able to provide a good critique. 

Stage 3 – If you accept the price quotation,  I will provide you my PayPal link and you’ll send me the payment.

Stage 4 – The work begins!

What I'll look for during the critique_

  • If whole passages and or scenes needs reworking
  • Issues with characterization
  • Issues with conflict/tension
  • Inconsistencies
  • Pacing
  • Plot
  • Point of view
  • Scene development

My notes will be noted in the margins using comment bubbles to note strengths and weaknesses.

Consistent grammatical errors will be noted as a common courtesy, but not corrected repeatedly. A written evaluation is also included.

How much does it cost_

The price for critiquing your work will be submitted at Stage 2.

Thank you for your consideration and I look forward to working with you,



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