Book Review: Chasing the Omega

Book Title: Chasing the Omega omega

Book Author: Jessica Edwards

Source: Kindle Unlimited and I heard about it on Goodreads

Rating: 3.5 Dragon Paws 4

For 18+. Has a sex scene.  

Hmm. What to say? What to say?

I chose to read the book because the author promoted in a Goodreads group I am part of and because I liked the title. I haven’t read about werewolves lately which was a needed change. I needed a simple, easy-going read over the weekend for when I was walking my son and this turned out just that. It did have some typos but they didn’t stand out too much.

The characters were all different and I liked that the main character was named Alice. A nice change to fancy names that pop up in books lately. My favorite character was her best friend, Sam. She was a nice treat though had a mouth on her. Alice is a strong character, though believed fast into what happened to her. It felt a little rushed, but worked out pretty okay, especially when she started to get to know Ryder and the rest of the characters.

So a little bit about the book. It has werewolves, learning about how to be a wolf, and a string of murders. The string of murders isn’t the only thing that needs to be solved for Alice. Alice also needs to solve the mystery that is Max. So that’s two mysteries which create a pretty strong story line. This is book 1 of the series and looking forward to reading book 2.

Warning: It does end on a cliffhanger so be prepared to wait for book 2.



Deity’s Soulmate Reviewed By Anne-Marie Reynolds for Readers’ Favorite

5 stars


Reviewed By Anne-Marie Reynolds for Readers’ Favorite

Deity’s Soulmate: Edition 2 by Angelina Kerner is Volume 1 of The Goddess Training Trilogy. Athena’s daughter, Gardenia, takes up a dare to see the worst of mankind and heads down to Earth. Not happy with what she sees and thinking that she can do so much better, she decides to reform the whole galaxy. The trouble is, she didn’t get permission from Zeus to do this and, as a punishment, she is given 100 years of coursework to complete on how to create a new world and subjects. Gardenia opts to complete the coursework by tracking down a race of dragons believed lost and, in the process, discovering ancient secrets. The last thing she needs to worry about is tracking across the universe to meet a dragon though; there are long-standing tensions between the deities and the dragons and Gardenia is at risk of attack. This doesn’t stop her and so she meets Ri, the dragon she has been seeking, the man of her dreams, or both. With Hera setting traps at every turn and the Fates plotting their own plans, what is Gardenia to do? Stay and fight or turn tail and run?

Deity’s Soulmate by Angelina Kerner is a unique tale, a completely fresh look at the gods and the goddesses. It was an amusing read, a modern twist on ancient history, and the way it was written makes it all feel so real. There is plenty of description in the book to bring things to life, but not so much that the story is overwhelmed. This was an interesting read, more of a coming-of-age style of story with an ancient touch. The character development was excellent, leaving me in no doubt whatsoever who each of the characters was and what made them tick. I found the story slowed down a little in the middle, but it soon picked up again. Looking forward to reading the next one in the trilogy! Highly recommended for any reader who wants an in-depth but light look at the deities, and the addition of dragons lends it an even more mystical air.

Deity’s Soulmate has Readers’ Favorite sticker!


As a happy author, I can easily say, “Whoo hoo!”

Readers’ Favorite reviewers have been fantastic! And with their awesome reviews, I was able to receive that shiny sticker which is now on all of the printed copies that I have. Those copies are for friends and for future giveaways! ^_^

Looks awesome, yes?

3rd month of life- mother and author combo

First hurdle of his first year had been met. He’s 3 months old and still adorable. ^_^

Let’s see, as a mother, I was finally able to take a bath! Though, I fell asleep. The moment my body relaxed, so did my mind and I slept. That was an hour bath! Now, I know that Gardenia from Deity’s Soulmate loves baths and fell asleep in one scene, that doesn’t mean that I need to follow in her footsteps. 😉

He also became responsive to my friends. The first person to see his smile was Al, my editor. It was surprising. He showed up to pick up printed copies of my novels for an event and I showed Al to my son. My son smiled and laughed!!! What a memory. Every month, I create an album with Shutterfly and 3rd month of life has lots of photos of him smiling. I’m very happy and he smiles at everyone.

He also has an angry face! The angry face comes out before a bath when its absolutely naked. We try to show him that it’s okay to go to the bathroom when he’s not inside a diaper and he actually peas into the toilet before each bath. I heard that babies in US spend so much time in diapers that when they’re without diapers, they’re afraid to go to the bathroom so I make sure that he spends time naked for a bit before a feeding and after. He kicks my stomach a lot when hes that way but he’s happy. Anyway, he looks adorable when he’s angry. ^_^

Also, he outgrew his clothing of newborn and 0-3 months of age so I have to open the box that I have at the back of the closet to take out clothing for 3-6 month of age. Perfect timing. He’s growing well.

Now, onto the author portion. Virtual tours of my work is in the future! Did some editing of Into the Flames– finally started editing it again.

I’m hoping to get back to finishing the last short story. I’m really sorry for taking so long but between work, the baby, and promoting, it was hard to write it. Now, I got some inspiration for it so will be posting it soon.

I did do more reading. This month, I won an ARC by my favorite author and was super excited to read, provide feedback, and write the review. I’m also helping out with Dead Over Heels By Theresa Braun Book Blog Tour with R&R Book Tours. It’s a short story and so I thought to give something back to the community. The Tour can be found at R&R Book Tours.

Also, I’m part of the Launch Party Mega Blitz! Go here for more info!

My Deity’s Soulmate is going on tour with RABT Tours from  June 12-July 21. 17 spots are still open. I’m super excited! Will post more in the future.

Also, back to Al. He went to the Silicon Valley Comic Con and showed off my books at a booth. 1 copy of each was sold and he sent me a photo of a fairy holding Deity’s Soulmate. There will be a guest post by Al in the future about the Con. ^_^ I’m hoping that I would be able to be at the next event. Couldn’t go myself because my son wouldn’t let me go. He loves his mommy. Super proud!

So yeah. Been one busy month. Me trying to catch my son’s beautiful smile. Working my day job. Promoting my novels, helping out with tours and emailing bloggers to say thank you for being part of the RABT Book Tours!



Book Review: My Beautiful Disaster (Part 2)

Book Title: My Beautiful Disaster (Part 2) part2

Book Author: J.D. Hughes

Source: Kindle Unlimited and I heard about it on Facebook

Rating: 4 Dragon Paws 4

Spoiler alert. Please don’t read the review unless you’re read the book.

For 18+. 

I really like the cover. It’s consistent with the first and I’m still very happy that he has his shirt on.

The second part to the story of Daniel and Sophia is good, long, but good.

We’re taken on a ride with part 2. Lots of secrets get finally revealed, forgiveness goes around (though not fully), and a big shock gets revealed- I’m not going to tell you who sent the threatening letters, but believe me when I say that you don’t see it coming!

I really liked Shane. He was a fantastic addition as he showed up way more in this second book. He really shined and I was really pissed off when he got killed. After analyzing the book, I realized that that’s the reason why I’m disappointed with the second book, but to fault the author with a low rating wouldn’t be right since the book is well written, has conflicts, and a range of complex characters. He really didn’t need to die, it didn’t help the story line. It would have been better to put him in a wheel chair because the scene of finding out who was behind the threatening letters was nice and have him live out in a lighthouse away from the bikers.

Also in my review, I said that I was going to watch The Proposal after finishing this book, but I ended up watching it the day I finished reading part 1. (Don’t hate me) hehe. I still love that movie!

This book ends on Sophia thinking about Gabriel and his story. A big hint that the story is being worked on and hopefully will be published soon. I want to read his story since I find his character to be interesting. I want to know his past and how he finds his future. Hopefully by being a man and not a sissy. (he acted like a sissy towards the end of the book).

This is a fun read for readers over 18. Lots of things going on and secrets left and right. Oh, there’s a cute dog in it, too.  The dog lives…if the dog didn’t live, you wouldn’t be reading a review.

Deity’s Soulmate Reviewed By Ruffina Oserio for Readers’ Favorite

5 stars


Reviewed By Ruffina Oserio for Readers’ Favorite

A delightful opening to an epic fantasy that features gods, dragons, and compelling characters, Deity’s Soulmate by Angelina Kerner is a brilliant story that will find a comfortable home with fantasy fans who adore mythology. Meet Gardenia, the daughter of Athena, a dare-devil kind of young goddess who defies Zeus and receives the discipline of the ages. It is after choosing to travel to earth without permission from Zeus that she is given an assignment that could take a century to complete. But what she does in return will surprise everyone, including Zeus. She sets out on a journey to find the mythical creatures, the dragons, who themselves are enemies of the gods. She wants to discover a secret they have kept for long. Watch as she faces insurmountable challenges thrown her way by Hera, and how she will find love with a mortal.

For readers who love great settings and extraordinary characters, Deity’s Soulmate will be a delightful read. It is interesting to see how Angelina Kerner weaves elements of mythology into this gripping story; her excellent prose is equally seductive. Her characters are awesome and I enjoyed Gardenia every step of the way. The plot is well-crafted with loads of surprises. The mission of the deity is not an easy one and the reader will love to watch as she grows through it, gaining courage, discovering her hidden skills, and maturing through the adventure. One has the feeling that something awful could happen any moment soon as one reads from page to page, engrossed in the exciting plot. This was a huge fantasy treat for me, a story I read in one sitting and I can’t wait to read the next book in the series.

Deity’s Soulmate Reviewed By Romuald Dzemo for Readers’ Favorite

5 stars


Reviewed By Romuald Dzemo for Readers’ Favorite

Deity’s Soulmate is a spellbinding opening in the Goddess Training Trilogy by Angelina Kerner, an enchanting read for young adults who love mythology. Gardenia is the daughter of Athena with 100 years coursework of creating new worlds. But when she chooses to go to earth, defying the permission of Zeus, she meets a very harsh form of discipline. Zeus gives her a task that would take a century to complete, but to his great surprise, she offers to track down a race of lost dragons and to unveil the secrets they have kept for centuries. Watch a young goddess as she goes on an adventure of a lifetime, discovers the joys and perils of humanity, learns about love, while all the time having to deal with the deadly traps of the unforgiving Hera.

The story is told from the point of view of the protagonist and in a compelling first person narrative voice. The references to Greek mythology and the galactic setting make the work a perfect fit for readers who love gods and goddesses, nature, and dragons. Angelina Kerner knows how to make readers navigate different exciting worlds because of her awesome characters and her captivating setting. The writing is wonderful, punctuated by powerful descriptions and great conversations. Gardenia is a character that readers will adore and they will love her care-free attitude, her love of adventure, and her courage to even develop feelings for a mortal being. The pacing is fast, and each chapter ups the conflict, featuring dramatic moments that quicken the reader’s pulse and indulges them even more. Deity’s Soulmate is a great fantasy, modeled after Greek lore and mythology; a fascinating read, indeed!

Deity’s Soulmate review by Sefina Hawke for Readers’ Favorite

5 stars


Reviewed By Sefina Hawke for Readers’ Favorite

Deity’s Soulmate by Angelina Kerner is a second edition of the first book in the young adult fantasy series known as The Goddess Training Trilogy. This is a book that would appeal most to a young adult audience made up of those who do not mind reading about some implied sexual situations and who enjoy fantasy with a female as the main character. Gardenia is the daughter of Athena and has grown up surrounded by Gods and Goddesses. Gardenia is a Goddess of creation, yet she is unsure if the fate she was born with is one she wishes to embrace or not. When one of the Fates sends her to Earth to see the bad side of humanity, instead of just hearing about the good, it sets her on a path to create her own creation before she had obtained approval from Zeus. For her folly, Zeus punished Gardenia with a 13-fold creational lesson that should take her at least a century to complete, yet her punishment might be just what Gardenia needs to discover herself and her purpose.

Deity’s Soulmate by Angelina Kerner was a well-written fantasy book that reminded me a bit of The Lightning Thief except that instead of half-blood main characters, the characters were instead Gods, Goddesses, and dragons. The addition of dragons as a race that was on par with the deities and Fates was an interesting twist that allowed the plot to deviate from other fantasy books. I personally loved how there were illustrations scattered throughout the book and that they were all done in the same artistic style as the cover. Gardenia was a character so very different from all of the other deities that I could not help but love her. I felt awful for her when she visited Earth and was chased by a man who wanted to rape and kill her; her fear was so realistic that in her terror she forgot at first that she could will herself away. That was the moment when I formed an emotional connection to the character that gave me a drive to find out what would happen to her.

Deity’s Soulmate review by Rabia Tanveer for Readers’ Favorite

5 Stars stars

Reviewed By Rabia Tanveer for Readers’ Favorite

Deity’s Soulmate: The Goddess Training Trilogy Book 1 – 2nd Edition by Angelina Kerner is the story of a young goddess by the name of Gardenia, daughter of Athena. She spent her life as a sheltered little girl living with gods and goddesses who think a little too much of themselves. She wants something better from her life; she wants to do something else that will give her fulfillment. When a dare sends her to Earth to see the true face of humanity, she vows to make a better creation.

In fact, she goes on to form an entirely new galaxy; however, she made one big mistake: she did not get the go-ahead from Zeus. And Zeus – being Zeus – gave her a lesson which will take a century for Gardenia to complete. But she is not giving up this easily; she is ready to take on her charge and create a better galaxy that will have a better mankind. So she gave Zeus her own choice; she will find the dragons who have the knowledge to help her with Zeus’s lesson. Finding the dragons is not easy, especially since dragons and gods and goddesses don’t get along. Gardenia can even lose her life. What will she do when she is faced with such a big challenge? Can she do it?

I love mythology and novels such as Deity’s Soulmate always make me very happy and satisfied. I loved Gardenia, she was strong, resilient, and her determination made her get in touch with her humanity and humility. Her reaction to Ri was fantastic and very convincing; she didn’t fall head over heels for him, but she didn’t just stay back. She was curious and so was Ri. They had a chemistry that was fully explored by Angelina Kerner and that is what made this novel even more interesting. Very well-constructed, believable characters and story line.

ARC Review: Cry Wolf (Silver Hollow #4)

Book Title: Cry Wolf (Silver Hollow #4) cry wolf

Release Date: May 23rd!!!!

Book Author: Leighann Dobbs and Tracy Douglass

Source: Won an ARC copy from the author! Whoo Hoooo!!!

Rating: 5 Dragon Paws 5 paws


A mysterious death brings Deputy DeeDee Clawson to the scene of a movie being filmed at an old mansion in Silver Hollow. Tucker Rockwood, the star of the movie, is found dead, a stake through his heart. Lots of people might have wanted to kill Tucker, but when DeeDee’s investigation points in the direction of the movie’s producer, Caine Hunter, she thinks she has her man.

My Review: 


I love being right! (Not that I got it out of my system, onto the review.)

Our favorite characters are back and this time we get to learn more about DeeDee. For the first time ever, our favorite Quinn wasn’t at the crime scene, though our favorite cat made an appearance. It was weird at first and then I started laughing. That’s how good the beginning was and how it drew me in. A fast and entertaining read.

It was really nice to get inside DeeDee’s mind. So much well development as a character for the series. With this story, I started to emphasize with her, understand her more and her need for justice. We also learned more about the packs politics, how anyone has access to all movie props, and Caine Hunter. Caine Hunter was a surprise of a character and you guys will get it after you read the book (don’t want to spoil anything). I really loved the forest scene.

The best part is that the authors were able to have a good balance between the crime and the romance. Oh, we got more of the vampire, Ursula. You guys will smile when you see what role she had, besides being the examiner. I wish we did see more of Brimstone-that cat is still a mystery to me! How is that possible? We’re on book 4 and I still don’t know where he really came from!

I’m hoping the next book will be from the Gray’s point of view and him receiving some happiness. He’s been lonely for a long time and needs some love. Would be nice to see Cosmo again. Also, would be interesting on how the author would spin that story cause I have no clue on what she has in store for him. ^_^

I hope that I didn’t give anything away! I was like-  don’t talk about this and that. The book isn’t released yet.

This book is awesome and is my second favorite in the series so far! The first book still takes first place in my heart.

Enjoy reading the new installment when it comes out on May 23rd!