Book Review: An Author’s Odyssey (The Land of Stories #5)

Book Title: The Land of Stories (An Author’s Odyssey)land

Book Author: Chris Colfer

Source: Bought at a Barnes and Noble

Rating: 5 Dragon Paws 5 paws

For my review of book 1, go here: The Land of Stories (The Wishing Spell)

For my review of book 2, go here: The Land of Stories (The Enchantress Returns)

For my review of book 3, go here: Book Review: The Land of Stories (A Grimm Warning)

For my review of book 4, go here:  The Land of Stories (Beyond the Kingdoms)

Please don’t read this review if you haven’t read the first four books. There are some spoilers.

This book is a continuation of book 4.

Lots of things happened in this one and lots of adventure for Connor and Alex…mostly Connor. He certainly has a wild imagination. This time, they travel into Connor’s stories. What I really liked about them is that the mistakes in his writing proved to be funny, such as a Rosary Chicken. That’s a lesson for writers everywhere – spelling matters.

There’s a scene with the Masked Man and Bree’s story. That was also an awesome thing because it’s realistic- for a teacher to give a wrong story back to a student by accident. Things happen. That was really well written on Chris’s part. .

Stay tuned for my last review of the series. Already started reading 6th book and it’s also the last the series. That one, I got signed by Chris Colfer. ^_^

FullSizeRender (2)

Recommend to middle grade kids and adults who love fairy tales.

Get to know me weekend part 3

Angelina Kermer

The last 20 facts about me for the weekend!

  1. My favorite shows are the X-files, Suits, Numbers, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Bewitched, I Dream of Jeanie, Teen Wolf, That Girl, Psyche, 21 Jump Street, Life, How I met your mother, Bones, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Sex and the City, and Interny (Russian show). I’m probably forgetting some but these I can watch again and again.
  2. My favorite animes are Sailor Moon, Dragonball Z, Fruits Basket, Fairy Tail, Inuyasha, Yuu Yuu Hakasho, Life is Beautiful, and Cowboy Bebop.
  3.  I don’t like selfies (usually). I’m only okay with them if my son is next to me.
  4. I wear glasses, but I prefer contacts.
  5. After dancing ballroom for years, I switched to belly dancing.IMG_5610
  6. I love snakes. IMG_5611
  7. I was born in the year of the snake.
  8. The last movie that I saw on the big screen was Beauty and Beast, and that was on a big screen at home with my son in my arms. He was sleeping.
  9. When I was in high school, I was in band and played tennis. Don’t miss either.
  10. I met Andy Weir, the author of the Martian. He signed my book and he signed a birthday card for my niece.
  11. I’ve been to several concerts, one of them being Evanescence.
  12. I prefer milk chocolate to dark.
  13. One way to my heart is to get me is to get me milk chocolate or a cherry coke. I’m simple.
  14. I’m a horrible singer and my husband pleads for me to stop. Though, it’s okay when I sing to my son because “I sing with love” so bad singing is forgiven.
  15. I don’t like make-up and I avoid it like the plague. Make-up is only for author photos, dance performances, weddings, and or big parties that I’m not hosting.
  16. My favorite flower is Gardenia. My main character in Deity’s Soulmate is named Gardenia because of that. IMG_1630
  17. My first job was renting cars.
  18. My second job was cashier at Target.
  19. One of my favorites foods is the meaty marinara pasta from Pizza Hut.
  20. I tried being a vegetarian for a year. I succeed only for that year.

Angelina Kerner

Tell me something about you. ^_^

Get to know me weekend part 2

Angelina Kermer

The weekend continues. Yesterday I shared 20 facts about me. Here’s 20 more.

  1. My favorite soda is Cherry Coke or ginger ale.
  2. My favorite food during pregnancy was French Fries. When I was in the car and we were about to pass Carls Jr. or something, I could literally smell them. Bad for husband, cause I would make him stop so I could get some fries.
  3. The first person to do my make-up that wasn’t my mother or me was a gay friend in high school. He had a lot of fun doing it, too.
  4. I love to cook. I like soups and they last for 3 days at time so I would cook a soup and know that I’ll have food available. It’s hard to have something ready with a baby around so liking soups is a MUST. ^_^
  5. I broke my fingers once by falling from a rail. That was when I was about 10 years old…my mother didn’t believe me that I broke anything and only realized something was wrong after I started getting sick. I haven’t broken any bones since!
  6. I stopped being friends with a boy after he jokingly called me a b*tch. I told him that jokingly or not, I don’t like being addressed like that. It was uncalled for. So, I kicked him out of my house. I haven’t seen him since.
  7. I love decorating for Halloween and Christmas. Usually I add one decoration starting the first of October or December. Haven’t started decorating yet this month though.
  8. The only fish that I eat is Salmon and I prefer cooking it myself.
  9. I have a hard time understanding humor and sometimes sarcasms.
  10. I’ve been married for 5 years!
  11. I love bubble baths. When I was pregnant, I couldn’t have them much and then with the baby no time so I adore them. My female characters tend to love their bubble baths, too. It’s their favorite past time and YES, it’s my fault.
  12. My favorite color is Purple!
  13. My favorite number of all time is 13. Architect's Daughter Font (1)
  14. I was born on the 13th.
  15. My favorite font is Architect's Daughter Font
  16. I like researching things, more on Google than Pinterest. I know Pinterest is a search engine, but I’m not used to it yet, though I do have an account and created many cool boards. For instance – The Seven Hours Virtual Book Tour!pretty
  17. I have had several surgeries and nurses think that I’m a model patient.
  18. When, I was in high school, I used to love to write with gel pens. Is that still a thing?
  19. Two of my Halloween costumes was of a female version of Captain Jack Sparrow and one of a gypsy. me with johnny
  20. When I’m sick, like for days, I tend to have a Harry Potter marathon with popcorn!

Angelina Kerner

Tell me something about you.

Get to know me weekend starts now ^_^

Angelina Kermer

I bet that most of you who read my blog posts, know me as a book blogger. However, I’m not just a book blogger, I’m an author first… well second cause first I’m a mother to an 8 month old little boy. PGPE1924

If you knew that I’m an author and mother (you probably paid attention to the site’s image at the top which is great! But, other than that you don’t know me much. Hmm. We would have to remedy this, this weekend.

So, let’s see where do I start?

  1. I miss ballroom dancing.
  2. I’m a Pisces and that means something. If you guys know anything about Pisces is that they are dreamers, well no wonder I decided to be an author on the side to my day job. 😉
  3. I’m 5’7″. When I was a dancer that MATTERED so much. It was hard to find dance partners to be taller than me, especially when I was wearing high heels, but I still had fun dancing ballroom.
  4. I really dislike one nickname- Angie. I don’t know why but when people call me that, I get irritated and sometimes don’t respond.
  5. I’m a fan of Microsoft but had to buy me a Mac…mainly so I could learn how to create apps.
  6. I hate liars.
  7. I have two sisters and one brother.
  8. I used to have 6 cats. One passed away two years ago in August and one passed away this August. Both were black cats. IMG_3106IMG_3128I miss them very much!
  9. I don’t have a TV…well I do but I turned it into a computer. Too much of a hassle to set up channels…stupid with what they did with those little boxes. I use Amazon Prime and or other providers to watch movies and shows. I recently just caught up on Game of Thrones…all 7 seasons.
  10. I have never played Angry Birds, Candy Crush, or Pokemon in any form.
  11.  My favorite drink is coffee and I haven’t had coffee since December because of being pregnant and then breastfeeding. After I finish breastfeeding for good, the first that I’ll do is get a coffee! Are there are any new coffee shops that I should check out?
  12. I love puzzles! They are just so much fun…it takes a long time to find the pieces but can be a family thing…though my family only helps me when I have twenty pieces left EVERY time!
  13. I have a dream of organizing everything in boxes and or labeling everything but that will never happen and even if it would, it would only last a day!
  14. There’s a song that is stuck in my head and it’s about numbers. Courtesy of my son who likes listening to songs about numbers! Here’s the link to his  favorite and yes, it’s in Russian. 
  15. I try to do things that I love.
  16. Each book that I’m working on has its own folder on the desktop and folders within that folder.
  17. For backing up files, I email myself and sometimes my mother so she could keep a copy for me.
  18. I don’t miss the taste of alcohol.
  19. I hate shrimp…mainly because some buy shoved one down my throat to force me to try it. That was in high school. Yuck! That killed our friendship.
  20. No more ice cream for me. Some milk products make me sick…so sad!


That was 20 facts about me, Angelina Kerner- a mother, author, and blogger.

I would love to hear something about you. Leave a comment. ^_^

Angelina Kerner


Book Review: Search for Maylee by Didi Oviatt #Thriller #Suspense


Since Maylee was abducted from her high school the very month of graduation, her Aunt Autumn has never lost hope in finding her. It’s been three years. Autumn has finally reached inside herself and found the courage to track down an old lead. She moves across the country to find him. Will Autumn be able to pry Maylee’s case back open? More importantly, what will Autumn uncover in the process of searching for Maylee?  It’s a cold dark world we live in, and she is about to find out just how cruel it can be. Strength and determination are on Autumn’s side and she will do whatever it takes to either bring Maylee home, or to deliver the justice she deserves.

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Book Title:  Search for Maylee Cover Image

Book Author:  Didi Oviatt

Source: Provided by the author for the book Tour

Genre: Thriller/ Suspense-Thriller

Publication Date: October 6th, 2017

Rating: 4.5 Dragon Paws 5-paws

This was my first time reading something by Didi and I wasn’t disappointed. All who know my blog, know that I stay away from thrillers and or scary things. Mainly because I have a small son and I prefer not thinking about dead things or scary things because then I would stay up all night and I already don’t get enough sleep. But, Didi is a big part of our WordPress community and I liked the premise. ^_^

This book had enough thrill. I was sitting on the edge of my chair while reading the scene where Autumn was snooping. One of my favorite characters was Jeremy, the cute boy in charge of the apartments who is much more complex than Autumn gives him credit for.

There was a moment where Autumn was struggling to get away from Chance. Yeah after you read the excerpt, you will be thinking why would she struggling to get away when Chance is like her dream guy. Anyway, I found that scene to realistic which adds an appeal to the story line even more. I high recommend.

However, there was one scene (and I’m not telling where or I’ll give it away) that I  thought could go differently. Also, there’s no prologue and I was looking forward to that.

I highly recommend this thriller for 18 and over. It’s not for readers who went through something like loosing a loved one to violence. It has suspense, thrill, romance, laughter, and great characters. Pick up your copy as soon as you can. 😉



Nervously, Autumn hurried to the door. Before opening it, she took a quick heart throbbing look out the peep hole. There he was, the man she had spent her evenings swooning over while listening to the steady hum of his voice over the phone. A man that she once detested, and now ached for. There were so many things she wished could be different about this moment. She would have prepared herself, dressed nice and fixed her hair – probably up and swept from her face. She would have picked something with a low neckline to wear, lathered her skin with her silkiest lotions, and even taken the time to shave. Everything…

Rather than the romantic reunion Autumn had been anticipating, she was being forced to see him in dreaded conditions of her own, and clearly of his too. It was going to take everything she had to shoo him out of her apartment. She had every intention on telling him all about Josie, but not until she had the time to speak with her first. Josie needed to warm up to Autumn, and rest. That wouldn’t be a possibility if she was thrown to the wolves before even being able to catch her breath. Autumn had to keep Josie a secret, at least for tonight.

Chance stood outside the door waiting impatiently. It’d been a long trip, he’d caught the first flight possible after hearing news of another sighting of Maylee. Right there in Denver nonetheless. It was time to be completely honest with Autumn, and he had to do it in person. Anxiously, he held his breath as her metal door creaked open. All he could do was come clean about his lies and pray for her forgiveness.

Their eyes locked and for one brief moment they were the only two people in the world. Josie, Craig, Jeremy, and even Maylee faded into mere background.  The sharp gray shards of color in his eyes pierced through her, and she drank in their naked vulnerability. There was a sense of surrender in the upward pull of his brows. It was a look she was yet to see plastered on his handsome face, a look that melted her from the inside out.

As she welcomed him in, the sexy familiar scent of him threatened to consume her. It smelled like spruce bark and ocean mixed into a fresh rustic blend, and it followed him into her apartment, her heart, her future. They had opened up to each other in a way that there was no turning back from. Even if it had only been by phone. No matter what he had to say, there was sure to be a way around it. Autumn was confident of that.



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Didi O. Profile Pic

Didi Oviatt is an intuitive soul. She’s a wife and mother first, with one son and one daughter. She’s a suspense novelist, and magazine columnist second. Her  thirst to write was developed at an early age, and she never looked back. After digging down deep and getting in touch with her literary self, she’s writing mystery/thrillers like Search For Maylee, Aggravated Momentum, The Stix, and New Age Lamians(a trilogy to be). Along with a six- piece short story collection called the Time Wasters. She’s also collaborated with Kim Knight in an ongoing interactive short story anthology The Suspenseful Collection. When Didi doesn’t have her nose buried in a book, she can found enjoying a laid back outdoorsy life. Time spent sleeping under the stars, hiking, fishing, and ATVing the back roads of beautiful mountain trails, and bathing in the desert heat plays an important part of her day to day lifestyle.


Suspense Author & Book Blogger

Columnist/writer for Conscious Talk Magazine

Like us on Facebook: @conscioustalkmag

Follow us on Twitter: @conscious_talk


3 Kindle copies of “Search for Maylee” Gifted through Amazon

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Search for Maylee Blog Tour


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Book Review: Dead Wrong (Blackmore Sisters Mystery Book 1)

Book Title: Dead Wrongdead wrong

Book Author:  Leighann Dobbs

Source: Bought for $0

Rating: 5 Dragon Paws 5-paws


Okay, so I got this book in April and tried to start it maybe 10 times but couldn’t get passed the first chapter. I kept getting stuck on the same paragraph and frankly speaking found the first pages to be boring. However, I didn’t give up and finally was able to read it all the way through in October!

So this lady gets killed and the sheriff decides to blame one of the Blackmoore sisters. Good thing that the police force has a new cop who smells something fishy and helps out the Blackmoore sisters. It’s a great read (once you get passed the first pages) and the characters are awesome, especially the cat! That cat literally saves the Blackmoore sisters on multiple occasions. I’m not going to say how so read it yourself. ^_^


I recommend to young adults who like cozy mysteries, awesome cats and are cat people, romance, and attics.

Book Review: Curiosity and Arawn’s Penance (Gabrielle Book 4)

Book Title: Curiosity and Arawn’s Penance (Gabrielle Book 4)


Book Author:  Zachary Chopchinski

Source: K.U.

Rating: 5 Dragon Paws 5-paws

Spoiler Alerts

The adventure continues. Gabrielle has now lived for centuries as others and is finally ready to go after Arawn with a team of excellent killers during the age of Adolf Hitler. What fun!

What I liked –

Gabrielle is wiser and had trained her next body since childhood for a fight so she would be prepared. She gets to travel with a band of 4 people (herself included) who are on a mission to kill Adolf Hitler and boy what a ride that was. Here’s where it got interesting. At about maybe 70% of the book, she thinks that she’s done with the mission and is wondering of what will happen to her. I was wondering as well because she was really on about destroying Arawn. But, the author did it. He added more twists into the last 30% of the book, including a preview into his next series. It made me question a lot of what she went through. Oh, and I liked the part where she saw the souls that she saved over her journey…I almost cried cause it was an emotional scene. Well done Zachary !!!

I actually didn’t catch any typos this time!

Nice choice of time in history.

I recommend to young adults who like paranormal fantasy, adventure, strong characters, and the past.

8th month of life- mother and author combo

He’s 8 months old and is adorable. ^_^

Let’s see, this month was exciting.

My son tried a strawberry for the first time! He was tasting for like 30 minutes and made funny faces. I believe that he enjoyed it at the end. My friend gifted me with fruit feeder so I thought to give my son a strawberry. People have created amazing things for babies. I never knew things like that existed until I had a son. Absolutely amazing. He also tried more of foods. Now, I know not to give him blueberries. His cheeks turn red and that’s not good. Since then, he had four more strawberries. ^_^

I also took my son swimming for the first time. I bought him a spring float and he enjoyed it for like five minutes which was better than anticipated. My son loves hot baths so I thought that the moment I would take him swimming, he would cry right away, but he didn’t so that was awesome! I also bought him a swim diaper…again people have thought of everything for babies. After that we tried swimming one more time but the water was too cold. I did put his feet in the hot tub and received no reaction from him. He looked – I’m confused. I thought both of the pools had cold water. ^_^

This month was emotional for me as a mother because now I’m back in the office for half day. Half of day, I work at home and half day I go into the office. It’s hard to leave my boy at home with my mother and or sister, but I need to do it. Also, my son needs to know that I’m not going to be around 24.7 and that he will need to learn to be away from me. It hurts but is a necessary evil.

Now, about sleeping. I didn’t want to force it on him to sleep without being swaddled. I would rather him get comfortable and learn that he has control of his arms. So, it finally happened. He can sleep with one arm out of the swaddle (that he works really hard to free) and is able to sleep for like 30 minutes and then he wakes up after he scratches his face or nose, but that’s progress.

Oh, I almost forgot. My son was baptized. In my family we baptize our kids in the first week of life or in the first 40 days…I did it when he was much older and he acted perfect. The Father of the church was shocked and proud at the same time. ^_^ And we went to his first church morning where he met everyone and smiled at everyone. He was curious about everything. It was fantastic.

There was much more crawling this month! Good boy!

Oh!!! He gained 2 whole teeth! So proud…though I say…those teeth hurt when he bites.


Now onto me being an author/blogger.

I contacted one of my beta readers for a quote for my novella for bookmarks. I want to print out bookmarks for swag and so I need a quote. I told her that if she likes the novella, I would love to get a quote. She gave me 3 quotes. I’ll use them for bookmarks and maybe even for the cover. Oh, I ordered 10 magnets that will be used in giveaways in the future.

I also bought a mailbox. So, now I can send out the swag to you guys. Just know that if you’re going to write back, to not say Angelina Kerner. Just write Angelina K.

Much appreciated!!!

A reminder from my last blog session- It has an awesome surprise in there and I got to say that this one, you would WANT to BUY in PRINT. 😉

I’ll let you guys know soon about when it’s coming out and the fun Blog party that I’m going to have for it. Not sure yet of when that’s happening. The cover is going through a transformation. Hoping that it would be another master piece.

Here are the old book blog tours. Check them out and check out the other bloggers while you’re at it.

Seven Hours: Challenge Accepted Virtual Book Tour ended!

Deity’s Soulmate Virtual Book Tour Wrap Up

Also, I went back and edited a collaboration with my bestie! I finished editing book 1 and edited book 2 which is still in progress.

You can read the novel at: The Liar’s Blood. A whole novel for free! Let us know what you think by leaving your feedback!

It has vampires, romance, idiocy, stalkers, sexy blondes, wild redheads, and more! Leave some comments and let us know how much you guys like it. Book 2 is in the works!

fireI didn’t forget about my flames story, it’s just been hectic. I did ask for help in this blog post. If you guys have any ideas about what can motivate a creepy character, please let me know.

I’m also thinking of writing another novella about Chanel…Will have to think up of something interesting for her. ^_^

Until next time,

Angelina Kerner

Contest Time! Win a Free Editing Service — All Romance Reads

Originally posted on A Writer’s Path: ? It’s contest time everyone! Lopt & Cropt Editing has generously donated two prizes for this contest. One is win-able by A Writer’s Path Writers Club members and the other by anyone. Lopt & Cropt Editing is Sarah Pesce, a freelance editor who works with authors ready to…

via Contest Time! Win a Free Editing Service — All Romance Reads

Character motivation- need help

Character motivation –

Guys, I need help. So you all know about my work in progress- Into the Flames. If not, here’s a little blurb:


So if you guys read the above, I need to find character motivation for the static voice.

Here’s the thing, it’s my first time writing someone creepy and I think for the most part…I got him acting perfect…but that’s because for the first 20k words, it’s just a voice, not a man behind it. I know the character is a male and he wants to use the main heroine for his gain…but why?

Sure, she’s the next queen to be…but how does he want to use her. I have a scene where she meets him…but she doesn’t really meet him because he stole someone’s face and so she still has no clue why he’s after her and why he likes creeping her out.

It was natural for me to write in the voice, I actually don’t know where the idea came from. It was just obvious to have him around. Since, I write romance and usually fantasy and or chick-lit, I don’t really know how to write ‘creepy.’

Since October is the creepiest month of the year and most of you are thinking about costumes and parties, maybe you guys can help me out.

Comment with your ideas for my character’s motivation. Maybe I’ll use yours. Maybe an idea will be born from yours or maybe I’ll combine a couple of ideas. One never knows.

I very much appreciate all your help.

Angelina Kerner