Book Review: Grumpy Groundhog

Book Title: Grumpy Groundhog grumpy

Book Author: Maureen Wright, Amanda Haley

Source: K.U.

Rating: 5 Dragon Paws 5 paws

The cover is adorable!

This is a beautifully illustrated short book for children with a great message about well being nice? To those of you who don’t know, Groundhog Day is on February 2nd and that’s when we find out if winter is to stay- Groundhog shadow style!

Though the groundhog was grumpy, adults and children didn’t give up so maybe the lesson is about not giving up?

Anyway, the drawings are cute with diverse characters which is great! A fun read to your kid.

Book Review: Sneeze, Big Bear, Sneeze!

Book Title: Sneeze, Big Bear, Sneeze!sneeze

Book Author: Maureen Wright, Will Hillenbrand

Source: K.U.

Rating: 5 Dragon Paws 5 paws

This is a beautifully illustrated short book for children with a great message about well sneezing and the season of fall. It’s a little different from “Book Review: Sleep, Big Bear, Sleep!” but still is fun.

Parents can try counting leaves, apples, and geese with their young ones and have a laugh while doing it. A mood raiser.

Book Review: Sleep, Big Bear, Sleep!

Book Title: Sleep, Big Bear, Sleep! sleep2

Book Author: Maureen Wright, Will Hillenbrand

Source: K.U.

Rating: 5 Dragon Paws 5 paws

This is a beautifully illustrated short book for children with a great message about sleeping. My son lately is having a hard time falling asleep. I see him rubbing his eyes and getting tired but when I put him down for bed, he’s suddenly wide awake! He sings and smiles and laughs- it’s adorable so I thought to read about book by Maureen.

This short book is funny. It made me smile and laugh because the bear was even willing to clean house when he should have been sleeping!

Good for mothers to share with their kids. Probably for children over one year old though sooner to share is okay because of the illustrations! The bear has a buddy in this one!


Book Review: Share, Big Bear, Share!

Book Title: Share, Big Bear, Share! share big bear

Book Author: Maureen Wright, Will Hillenbrand

Source: K.U.

Rating: 5 Dragon Paws 5 paws

This is a beautifully illustrated short book for children with a great message about sharing. I found the illustrations and the the writing to be a perfect combination. A parent can show all types of animals and colors to their child while reading the book, creating a longer experience of learning about sharing.

I recommend to mothers who are looking for children books about sharing.

Worlds Collide (The Land of Stories #6)

Book Title:Worlds Collide (The Land of Stories #6) chirs 6

Book Author: Chris Colfer

Source: Bought a signed copy at a children’s store

Rating: 5 Dragon Paws 5 paws

For my review of book 1, go here: The Land of Stories (The Wishing Spell)

For my review of book 2, go here: The Land of Stories (The Enchantress Returns)

For my review of book 3, go here: Book Review: The Land of Stories (A Grimm Warning)

For my review of book 4, go here:  The Land of Stories (Beyond the Kingdoms)

For my review of book 5, go here: Book Review: An Author’s Odyssey (The Land of Stories #5)

Please don’t read this review if you haven’t read the first five books. There are some spoilers.

This book is a continuation of book 5.

I’m happy to report that the series has a satisfying ending!

I really liked how Connor saved Alex. Applause to Chris Colfer. A job well done.

One of the hardest things for a story is not the adventure, but how to close that adventure and Chris had multiple ends to finish- including what happens to the book characters who were not from the land of stories or the Otherworld.

This book is recommended to those who like fairy tale retelling. Adults can enjoy this book, too.

Oh! The president of the United States is a woman in the book!

FullSizeRender (2)


The Shadow Girl Blitz @MistyAMount @shanannigans81

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The Shadow Girl by Misty Mount SG Digital Cover

Genre: YA/ Fantasy/ Coming of Age

Publication Date: December 28, 2017



Shy, thirteen-year-old Zylia has always known she was different. Most teenagers feel unnoticed and unseen, but for Zylia, it’s something much worse. She’s disappearing from this world and doesn’t know how to stop it. At times, she’s not sure she wants to. Until she stumbles across a family mystery surrounding the disappearance of her great-aunt Angelica years earlier. During her quest to unravel the mystery, Zylia discovers she’s able to cross the boundary and enter the “in between” world. Now, it’s up to Zylia to save herself before she’s trapped “in between” forever.

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“I have always known that I am invisible—I had no idea that eventually I would fade away completely.”



About the Author

Misty Mount

Misty Mount has written since age five and was first published at fourteen. By day she’s a caregiver, wife and mother to a young son but during the quiet hours of night she becomes a novelist. She resides in Wichita, Kansas.





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Blog Tour: The Stone Arch Secret by K.D. Dowdall



The Stone Arch Secret (Release Date: January 2018) 

Twenty-eight-year-old cultural anthropologist, Lilly Allaire, receives a phone call telling her that Dax is dead.  The cause of death is unknown.

At the age of fourteen, best friends, Lilly and Dax, experience a traumatic incident. After the incident, Dax is institutionalized in a psychiatric hospital with total memory loss.  For Dax, his memory loss is an act of self-preservation.  Lilly still suffers a blocked memory of that day and has frequent nightmares.

Lilly decides to go back to Salmon Brook, her hometown, to find out the truth about the mysterious incident that left Dax in a catatonic state. Lilly has a chance meeting with a former high school classmate, Noah Hawthorne.

Noah remembers Lilly as his high school secret crush and offers to help her. Together, they try to unravel the mysterious incident that plagues Lilly’s dreams and turns them into nightmares.

However, Noah has a secret of his own, a dangerous secret, that will put Lilly in harm’s way.

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book review

Book Title: The Stone Arch Secret img_20180108_074153

Author: K.D. Dowdall

Source: Received as a Kindle Gift for a honest review.

This is a sweet romance within a thriller type of story. The author did a fantastic job with the villain of the story – he made my skin crawl. I  found the cover to be well-made, beautiful, and eye catchy. High points! I believe a couple of the side characters can get their own story lines. 

3.5 dragon paws 3.5


About the Author


D. Dowdall, PhD, MSN, RN was born in New England and spent her elementary-grade school years in Granby, Connecticut. She graduated from FAU with a master’s degree in Clinical Research Nursing and has a PhD in clinical nutrition. K. D. is also a lover of ballet, jazz, ballroom dance, contemporary dance, and has had her own dance studio. She has written songs, poetry, short stories, and now several fiction novels; a children’s fantasy adventure story, a historical mystery/murder with a dash romance and a third fiction novel almost complete; a mystery thriller with romance. All are standalone novels.  Her next book is a series.

Along the way, it was her good fortune to live in the Republic of China, Saudi Arabia, and England. Each culture she experienced reinforced her belief that all cultures are rich in storytelling to explain their human hopes, dreams, struggles, and life experiences, often in magical fantasy presentations. K. D. still dances, loves swimming, scuba diving, and theatre.

Karen Dowdall


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Publishing Paperback: Createspace versus KDP Select

So, as you guys know – I’m an author, a self-published one through Createspace and KDP Select. Usually, I do paperbacks through Createspace and ebooks through KDP Select and Kobo.

I wanted to create an unbiased experience of using KDp Select for paperbacks. And, boy did I get one.

Here’s the pluses of KDP Select Paperback:

  1. Once you set up the kindle, all info is transferred for the paperback
  2. You can get a free KDP Select isbn for your paperback
  3. You don’t have to toggle between signing in twice to work with the same book
  4. The customer service people are nice and do respond in detail. They get 5 stars

Here’s the minuses of KDP Select Paperback:

  1. It’s a fast set up, just like for kindles but that rush makes you miss things like that it doesn’t have a distribution set up to Barnes and Noble and to libraries like Createspace does.
  2. You can’t approve until you get the cover right. Even if you think the cutting of borders is good, until you get the right measurements, you’ll be trying again and again which can create a bad relationship with your illustrator.
  3. The cover will be DENIED if you have a review on it and a saying that you have another book under you belt. The file contains template text, PDF creation guides, or software references that should be removed. <-Confusing text right? I had to ask them for help because it was really confusing on what it meant. I thought that I had numbers on the cover or text that says – Place Cover title here. Well it means you can’t have a review on the cover. Why? Like seriously? Most authors add a short review. It’s part of the culture. While I was chatting with a helper, I sent in the cover again and this time it was approved and the book got published.What happened? At first, I was happy because it meant that I was done with the hell of publishing. Oh, while Createspace gives you templates for covers, you have to calculate the size of cover in KDP Select. That’s more time consuming and doesn’t actually work.
  4. You cannot buy author copies. If an author wants a copy, they have to buy it through Amazon. The perk of author copies is that you buy them cheap and can give them as gifts and send to reviewers. Plus, it saves the author money. I mean self published authors spend a lot of money on editors and illustrators and marketing. Saving on author’s copies is star sent.

So, my unbiased experiment worked. KDP Select is good for Kindle but not for paperbacks, at least not yet. I’m in the process of deleting the paperback and moving back to Createspace. *Sighs* You guys will just have to wait to get the paperback copy of Follow the Snowflakes.

Good luck with your publishing!