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Since I started publishing about 2 years ago, I have attended several book release parties organized by Angelina. They are always fun and full of interaction. I’ve made a lot of contacts in the indie community through these parties. I hired her for my last book release and the party was phenomenal. She also designs book covers. I would not only recommend her for all your book needs but she is the only person I will book for my future release parties. I highly recommend her services.

-Margaret Malory, Author of A Kiss of Shadows.  

April 15th , 2023
Angelina Kerner is, in my opinion, the best party organizer and planner I’ve ever met. She’s
creative and dedicated, and her attention to every detail is incredible. She works hard to ensure
every event she oversees is memorable, successful, and fun.

-Sincerely, Author Robin Rance

I have had the pleasure to work with Angelina Kerner in several different capacities. She is
highly organized and very efficient. She hosts very successful virtual book releases and designs
stunning graphics, teasers, and videos. Every author in her events gets a teaser image of their
book. I have also had the pleasure of her help improving dialogue in my writing, as well as help
with blurbs and games for events. She has also designed me stunning covers, she is a jewel
and always goes above and beyond. Working with her will be a blessing for you and you will
grow from it. Give her a try she is amazing.

-AnnaMarie Gardner, author of Young Fae

Did you ever do a takeover and no one showed up? Not even the host or author? Or going back 24 hours later to check on your games, and finding no comments? With Angelina Kerner at the helm, you are guaranteed that will never happen. I have been to dozens of her release parties, and not only are they unique and interesting, but there is always interaction with the host, other authors, and best of all, the readers. Angelina puts a new spin on parties, making sure the readers engage with the authors and rewarding them with different ways to win prizes. If you’re planning a release party, I highly recommend Angelina Kerner. She will go above and beyond to make your party the absolute best it can be, making it an enjoyable and stress-free event for you, the author.

-Madison Granger

I am constantly blown away by how diversified Angelina is. Whether it’s making advertisements, posting, or hostessing events. The artwork is tasteful and the events well attended. The combination has worked for me.

-M.A. Abraham


How I do things

Thank you for considering using my Party Planning Business. Please note, the parties are virtual and are thrown either in my Facebook Group (Angelina’s Dragon Keepers) or the STAR author group. 

Stage 1 – Submit your request through the form below. In the Message box start with “In Need of your Party Planning Service.”

What you need to add into your message –

Star Author Name (Yours)

Houses (based on your book; 2-6) 

  • Name each houses 
  • types of graphics you want to represent them

Name of the Games 

The prizes you will give to the TOP 3 Commenters of the party (Usually you can find gifts under $10 on amazon or you can do signed books; swag etc.)

Your social media handles for Twitter, Instagram, and Tiktok

Your Facebook profile page which I can use to contact you for a chat. 

Stage 2 – We’ll talk through Facebook messenger, discuss payment, and you’ll give me a JPEG of your book cover. 

Please keep in mind, I need a minimum of 2 weeks notice. 

Stage 3 – If you accept the price quotation,  I will provide you my PayPal email and will start planning your party.

Stage 4 – The work begins!

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