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Book Review: Bloodline Origins

Book Title: Bloodline Origins bloodline

Book Author: Juliana Foos

Rating: 5 Dragon Paws 5-paws

The book totally makes up for the cover. It’s a long read but very satisfying. Very impressive. It twists together vampires, aliens, and more. There’s blood, romance, feuds, distant family members, etc. Lots going on with lots of point of views. I loved the take on how vampires came to be and how one becomes a vampire. It’s different.

For 18+. It could potentially be an amazing movie.

Book Review: In the Pursuit of Charity

Book Title: In the Pursuit of Charity  purt

Book Author: Alexandria Sure

Rating: 4.5 Dragon Paws 5-paws

I have a signed copy and I bought the ebook.

This is an interesting novel about college kids. It’s about an athletic and a *big* girl. It’s about him trying to gain her attention and to keep it. The reason it’s 4.5 dragon paws is that I don’t know how to feel about the ending. On one hand, I get it and on the other, I wanted something else. Maybe there will be a book 2?

It’s very well written and it was interesting getting inside a guy’s head. Refreshing. It was also great to see him not carrying about her size and being confused. At other times, I felt like he was an idiot and it was good to see that he understood that, too.

This is a contemporary romance novel and I actually recommend it to 15+. It could teach some guys how to treat girls. Sure there’s bad language in it since it’s college but there’s bad language in schools nowadays.


Book Review: The Rose (The Redemption Duet Book 1)

Book Title: The Rose (The Redemption Duet Book 1)rose2

Book Author: Sheritta Bitikofer

Rating: 5 Dragon Paws 5-paws

This book makes you wonder about the masks that people wear. We meet Belle, a girl with social anxiety and just anxiety in general and Leo, a depressed soul. Sheritta wanted to show real mental problems through this story to show people that anxiety and depression are real. She did an amazing job.

This book may have some triggers but it’s pretty light when it comes to Belle, Leo is a darker soul. It’s a Christian romance novel.

What I kept questioning through reading it was if the DARKNESS was something that was in Leo’s head or it was real making the book supernatural Christian. Confused. And, it could very well be both. However, it is specified that it’s contemporary.

Sheritta’s chapters are long (took about 20 minutes per chapter) but they are so worth it. Very well written emotions and thoughts. Very real building of a relationship and friendship. Relatable events. Her writing pulls you in and has you walking side by side with Belle and Leo. I felt their sadness, their anxiety, and their happiness. I understood where they were coming from and it’s a beautiful thing.

There is book 2 that’s coming out at the end of the April month.

Due to complexities of the novel and what it brings to the table, I recommend this to 18 of age and older.

Book Title: Nosey Rosie (Southern Fried Sass #2)

Book Title: Nosey Rosie (Southern Fried Sass #2) gator2

Book Author: Julia Mills

Rating: 5 Dragon Paws 5-paws

We get to get to know the second sister of the squad. Let me tell you, her language rivals of her sister’s. I found it wildly entertaining and my good mood continued as I read about your next potential book friend who is a big cat shifter. So cool. You guys know I love my cats.

Recommended for 18+ because of language and ending of the book.

Book Review: The Builders

Book Title: The Builders thebuilders

Book Author: Tonya Cannariato

Rating: 4 Dragon Paws 4

Has potential triggers that have to do with feelings and thoughts about abuse and rape. 

This is a sci-fi novel with elements of adventure and lesbian romance. It’s a powerful book filled with deep thoughts about life and meanings behind relationships. At times, it was difficult to understand her emotions and or why she was doing the things she was doing. Tara’s most important being was a cat by the name of Bear. It was always happy thoughts about him and at one point made me a little sad making my rating lower for the book. I zoomed through the book in the beginning. It was fast paced with her trying to get back home and then it slowed down once she learned more and more about her romantic interest – a female alien.

It’s a great book to read.

I recommend this novel for 18+.

Book Review: Steamed

Book Title: Steamed steamed

Book Author: Katie MacAlister

Rating: 5 Dragon Paws 5-paws

I read this book because it was chosen in my Facebook book club group. Our leader chose well.

The cover is great! Eye catchy. ^_^ There’s so much more to the Captain that meets the eye, especially the thing that we find out at the end of the book. You have to read till the end. I had to put the book down a couple of times because in a way, it reads slow, but the story is interesting.

It was a first time for me to read steampunk, maybe second. I’m not sure. This is a story where siblings land in another world, a world that is very similar to theirs, same year, similar countries, same language but everything runs on asther and steam. There’s a glossary at the end of the book.

This book made me think about about possibilities of similar worlds to our own. Of how they be able to communicate similarly or differently. Of how they would dress. Jack seemed to be in love with the idea of goggles and Olivia kept saying he was crazy. It was entertaining to read.

I think my favorite character was Mr. Llama. I wondered on more than one occasion about him just like Octavia. I think it would have been interesting to hear more of what happened to Hallie. This book ends on a good note but with a hint of a cliffhanger. This will be one of the few books where I would be interested in reading book 2.

Recommended for 18+.

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