Every single purchase and review help Follow the Snowflakes, Deity’s Soulmate,  Seven Hours: Challenge Accepted, and The Scented Bones move further up the best sellers ranking lists. I appreciate those who have purchased and reviewed. It means the world! For those who haven’t, I’d LOVE if you did! 

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★★★★★- A great story anytime of the year! –
“A very cute story. A great love story for anytime of the year. You will fall in the love with the characters and want to know what happens next!”
-Teri D, Amazon Reviewer

★★★★★- 5 out 5 Heartwarming Holiday Stars –
I give this book 5 out of 5 heartwarming holiday stars! While reading Follow the Snowflakes, I felt my heart instantly warm and all that I could focus on was wanting more. I fell in love with the characters in this book and felt that I could relate to Cat and Regina! If you love Hallmark movies, I highly recommend this sweet novella! Angelina Kerner took her passion and dreams and created a holiday romance masterpiece.”
-Dani, Touch My Spine Book Reviews, WordPress Blogger. Full review


★★★★★- I love that this book shows her capabilities more than her limits –
“So much beauty in reading about a young woman who accomplishes so much. That she had extra struggle to do so is almost dimmed by her capacity to overcome. Yet better understanding the work and patience it took her to do so is amazing. Sweet love story with hope to brighter days ahead.”
-Staci D Black, Amazon Reviewer

★★★★★-Seven Hours –
“I enjoyed the plot development of Seven Hours: Challenge Accepted. The story slows down and speeds up in just the right places and there is a sense of suspense. The author describes feelings of frustration and longing extremely well. The characters are interesting, especially the main character who has some chutzpah! There is an intriguing science fiction/medical fiction feel to the consequences of taking the special pills prescribed to the main character, Chanel. A fun read for adults or young adults!”
-John Yamann, Amazon Reviewer


★★★★★- A coming of age story is wrapped up inside a mystical journey –
“Move over, Homer. These aren’t your gods and goddesses anymore. Angelina Kerner puts a whole new spin on the pantheon of Greek and Roman gods in her book Deity’s Soulmate. Our usual suspects are there: Athena, Zeus, Hera, Hermes, Hades and others. We’re introduced to a new structure of the world thanks to the first person perspective of a young goddess, Gardenia.”
-Thomas Anderson, Amazon Reviewer (for full review, click on link)



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  1. Great review comments!! Your tour was so awesome, and so was your book! I’m sending out a newsletter tomorrow and I gave Follow the Snowflakes a mini-feature as my favorite seasonal fiction piece for this year! Just thought I’d give you a heads up. Hope you had a Merry Christmas! 🙂

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      1. absolutely! It’s actually my email subscription that I’ll be giving the mention in. It’s still new and growing, but I have nearly 100 subscribers, so they’ll all get it in a direct email. 🙂

        Enjoy your vacation! Hopefully you can get the kitchen resolved soon. I’m in the middle of a remodel myself and its SO frustrating lol. Happy New Year!

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