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A thank you to fourth day bloggers of the #booktour for #thescentedbones @shanannigans81 part 2

Sept. 6th

Loving Life Everyday (Review)


Laura did a trailer reveal and I’m so happy that she reviewed my book. I needed a pick me up and her review gave me a smile. I’m happy to know that although the cover wasn’t eye catchy to Laura that she found the book within a gem!

“The plot of this book is definitely undersold by the cover. It is a complex mystery with moments of intense tension and suspense. Interspersed are occasions of humour and a fun romantic aspect to.  The book is twisty and their are definitely one or two surprise moments that I totally wasn’t expecting, which was great fun as its dull when you can guess a plot from the beginning.” – Laura



btt pic

A thank you to fourth day bloggers of the #booktour for #thescentedbones @shanannigans81

Sept. 5th

Bobo’s Book Bank (Promo)


Looks fantastic. Trisy’s blog is awesome with lots of content to go through! The header image is interesting and a little mysterious. I like the hand on the rose on the book. Powerful. Trisy  has three sons, three cats, a chihuahua, and a husband. That’s one exciting household! Her goodreads challenge is 180 books this year! Wow! Good luck!

Thank you for being part of the book tour. It means a lot!



Sept. 6th

The Genre Minx (Promo) 


It’s the first stop that shows my book characters from The Scented Bones. WHooo hooo! So, check out this stop to get a glimpse to what the characters look like. Of course, they may look differently in your mind, but there are some hobby’s in there and stuff. ^_^

I adore this blog. It’s soooo pretty! Check out like everything!



A thank you to third day bloggers of the #booktour for #thescentedbones @shanannigans81

Sept. 4th

Errin Krystal (Promo)


Looks fantastic! Thank you very much and I hope that you found my guest post interesting. As always, I find your website to be very pretty and eye catchy!



Sept. 5th

Books Teacups and Reviews (Promo)


The post looks fantastic on your beautiful website. ^_^ I hope that you’re doing well. Yesha is a blogger of a lot of experience with promoting us little authors. Check out her blog and and all of her pages to learn about her content and interests.



Banshee Irish Horror Blog (Review)


So, ummm there’s a really loud squeal over this review.

“I have to begin by saying that The Scented Bones is a whole heap of fun! Werewolf mafia, fairies, psychopomps and a forensic anthropologist who is much more than she seems to be.” Best Read – rating

I read the review to my sister in the car. That’s how excited I was. I’m super happy that you enjoyed the book and can’t wait to read your reviews for future installments. Book 2 will be a little darker. 😉




A thank you to second day bloggers of the #booktour for #thescentedbones @shanannigans81

Sept. 4th

Nesie’s Place (Promo)


Thank you so much for being part of the tour! Felicia’s also an author and her books are powerful!



The Ghastly Grimoire (Promo)


This looks fantastic. This blog looks really unique and has an interesting outline. I love the website logo image. It’s so eye catchy!



The Bookworm Drinketh (Review)


My Tuesday morning was a blast thanks to this review. ^_^

Nicole said, “I was not disappointed! This book is essentially “Bones” meets “Supernatural” meets “The Godfather” ! (I’m sorry, Angelina! I know you may not be pleased with the comparison judging by your writing! 😂” 4.5 stars

Haha! I don’t mind that at all! I have never seen Supernatural but people love it.

And, I have good news! I’ve planned minimum of 5 books. Book 1 is an introduction to the world that I created and it was really hard to pick what to put in. There will be a lot more of forensics in book 2 – 3 skeletons worth and that’s all that I’ll say on the matter. 😉 So, don’t worry there’s lots in the planning and I have an idea for the cover for book 2 and my cover artist, Acacia, loves it!!! I apologize, I don’t mean to tease you. lol

I love the drink! I’ll go shopping to Bevmo over the weekend to get the ingredients!

I’m pairing you up with with this dragon –



A thank you to first day bloggers of the #booktour for #thescentedbones @shanannigans81

Sept. 3rd

Reads & Reels (Kick-Off) 


Thank you for kicking of the tour! I’m super happy with your work and you’re just amazing!



Jessica Rachow (Review)


Thank you, Jessica! Your review made my Monday. It made me smile like a goofball. 😉

Jessica said, “The Scented Bones is one of those novels that has you questioning, and keeps you hooked the entire way through.” 5/5 stars



Excitement is in the air – #thescentedbones #upcomingbooktour

Hey everyone,

The book tour starts on Monday for The Scented Bones !!!!! *girl squeal*

bt pic

It’s going to be fantastic.

There will be a giveaway, another necklace!


I have updated the look of the website! Let me know what you guys think and I updated the Home page! It has links to my recent book review, interview, and location review! Woot Woot!