A thank you to third day bloggers of the #booktour for #thescentedbones @shanannigans81

Sept. 4th

Errin Krystal (Promo)


Looks fantastic! Thank you very much and I hope that you found my guest post interesting. As always, I find your website to be very pretty and eye catchy!



Sept. 5th

Books Teacups and Reviews (Promo)


The post looks fantastic on your beautiful website. ^_^ I hope that you’re doing well. Yesha is a blogger of a lot of experience with promoting us little authors. Check out her blog and and all of her pages to learn about her content and interests.



Banshee Irish Horror Blog (Review)


So, ummm there’s a really loud squeal over this review.

“I have to begin by saying that The Scented Bones is a whole heap of fun! Werewolf mafia, fairies, psychopomps and a forensic anthropologist who is much more than she seems to be.” Best Read – rating

I read the review to my sister in the car. That’s how excited I was. I’m super happy that you enjoyed the book and can’t wait to read your reviews for future installments. Book 2 will be a little darker. 😉




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