A thank you to second day bloggers of the #booktour for #thescentedbones @shanannigans81

Sept. 4th

Nesie’s Place (Promo)


Thank you so much for being part of the tour! Felicia’s also an author and her books are powerful!



The Ghastly Grimoire (Promo)


This looks fantastic. This blog looks really unique and has an interesting outline. I love the website logo image. It’s so eye catchy!



The Bookworm Drinketh (Review)


My Tuesday morning was a blast thanks to this review. ^_^

Nicole said, “I was not disappointed! This book is essentially “Bones” meets “Supernatural” meets “The Godfather” ! (I’m sorry, Angelina! I know you may not be pleased with the comparison judging by your writing! 😂” 4.5 stars

Haha! I don’t mind that at all! I have never seen Supernatural but people love it.

And, I have good news! I’ve planned minimum of 5 books. Book 1 is an introduction to the world that I created and it was really hard to pick what to put in. There will be a lot more of forensics in book 2 – 3 skeletons worth and that’s all that I’ll say on the matter. 😉 So, don’t worry there’s lots in the planning and I have an idea for the cover for book 2 and my cover artist, Acacia, loves it!!! I apologize, I don’t mean to tease you. lol

I love the drink! I’ll go shopping to Bevmo over the weekend to get the ingredients!

I’m pairing you up with with this dragon –



5 Comments on “A thank you to second day bloggers of the #booktour for #thescentedbones @shanannigans81

  1. YOU’RE SUCH A TEASE!!! Ha ha! A minimum of 5 books?! I can’t wait!! (hopefully, I can stalk Shannon into putting me on those blog tours as well! 😇😇) ha ha!
    Also, I love my dragon. 💖💖

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