Meet the #team behind The Scented Bones: The Svabodina Case Files #1

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Here’s links to some of the team members if you would like to check out their services:

Manuscript critique/Proofreader: S. Jeyran Main

Editor in Chief: Eve Arroyo

Cover artist: Acacia Parker

Fae consultant: Lily Shadowlyn

Brainstorming when to #launch my #book #paranormalcrimefiction #publicationdate #coverreveal #Booktrailerreveal #booktour #editing #proofreading #betareading

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  • 1 month for editing
  • 1 month for proofreading
  • 1 month for beta reading
  • 8 weeks to prepare for a cover reveal
  • 8 weeks to prepare for a book trailer reveal
  • 8 weeks to prepare for a book tour. So the book needs to be released during the book tour. Those dates needs to be checked with Shannon if they are available for the book tour and if not, add on a couple of weeks.

Today’s date is 4/24/2018

  • Editing may finish by 5/24/2018
  • Proofreading may finish by 6/24/2018
  • Beta reading may finish by 7/24/2018
  • Cover reveal may be good to do around 9/18/2018
  • Book trailer reveal may be good to do around 11/6/2018
  • Book tour may be good to do around 1/1/2019 – BAD!

By going in that order, my book doesn’t get published until January which is Christmas/ New Years/and other happy-joy-joy holidays which don’t work with a crime fiction novel.

Late September and October makes more sense. So, I need to rethink the timeline.

These dates may change if proofreading finishes in two weeks for instance and beta reading in two weeks. I only win a month and still get the book published in beginning of December! Still happy-joy-joy. HOWEVER, the case happens during Christmas so it may not necessarily be a bad thing…. BUT, the case happening during the holidays doesn’t really do anything for the case.

Today’s date is 4/24/2018

  • Editing may finish by 5/24/2018
  • Proofreading may finish by 6/24/2018
  • Beta reading may finish by 7/24/2018

Cover reveal and book trailer reveal don’t have to happen after beta reading. The important thing is to have the book cover and get Thomas working on the book trailer. To create a good book trailer, he needs to be able to read the editing and proofread book so I can send it to him around the same time as beta readers get it.

So, Today’s date is 4/24/2018

  • Editing may finish by 5/24/2018

What if give the same deadline for the cover? Or Finish cover by 6/1/2018 So, if I do 8 weeks to prepare for the cover reveal.

  • The cover reveal will be around 7/27/2018 around the time when beta readers finish reading the book and will hopefully provide small reviews that I can share with the book trailer reveal and the book tour.
  • Book trailer reveal may be good to do around 9/21/2018
  • Book tour may be good to do around 11/16/2018


Finish Cover by 6/1 and having a cover reveal around 7/27 is a long time? I need to give Shannon 8 weeks notice for the cover reveal so what if I ask for a cover reveal to be around 6/15/2017. So, I need to tell Shannon about the cover reveal about 4/20/2018 and she’s at her own wedding at the moment!!! Anyway, I’ll try getting that date with Shannon (plus I have a killer idea for the cover reveal and the cover reveal needs to happen on a FRIDAY. If she takes to my idea when she comes back for that date, then we’re good for the plan!! *Evil plan.

So if we do cover reveal on 6/15 then we have 8 weeks for the book trailer.

  • Book trailer reveal may be good to do around 8/10/2018
  • Book tour may be good to do around 10/5/2018

So, its October for publication date! Good for mysteries and my book is a paranormal crime fiction.

This just took about two hours to figure out the publication date and it’s still not set in stone. HOWEVER, I like the final timeline and hopefully we can stick to it. ^_^ The book gets released a week or two before Halloween which is good. People are into mysteries and not reading thrillers yet or are and in the mood for a light mystery with mafia, vampires, and witches.


How do you choose a publication date? Do you base it around a holiday? Do you calculate the date? Do you just choose a random date? Do you think about book tours and how much notice you need to give? What does it take?

Until next time,


What I learned from Beta Reading

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First of all, what is Beta Reading?

Beta Reading (From my understanding):

A Beta reader gives the author feedback (plot holes, continuity, believable characters and maybe fact checking) on a finished manuscript before the manuscript turns into an ARC (Advanced Reading Copy) that is sent out to reviewers. These readers should really get medals because it takes hours to read a manuscript, take notes, rate it and provide efficient feedback. In other words, they are REAL LIFE SUPERHEROES for self-published and traditional published authors.

Therefore, one needs to find beta readers before thinking about reviewers for an ARC, before self publishing, and BEFORE sending your manuscript to a publishing house. If you skip this part because you think that your manuscript is fantastic and the agent is going to love it, you need to drink more coffee. Beta reading is worth it and finding good beta readers can make you see your manuscript from different angles, especially when looking for plot holes.

Here is a form that a Beta Reader can use for evaluating a manuscript. I am using this form at the moment for a novel that I am beta reading for an author. This is just a variation of what you may receive from a beta reader or give to him or her. You may find others online or from other beta readers and authors.


So here’s what I learned:

  1. Beta Reading is hard, takes work.
  2. There are 10 categories and if you add category 11 (fact checking) that adds more work.
  3. It’s hard to beta read without fixing typos and commenting on the manuscript so use Google Docs. You’re able to beta read and the author sees your comments right away. Saves times for the author.
  4. Some bloggers offer beta reading services for a fee.
  5. There are groups on Goodreads for beta reading. Authors can post blurbs and beta readers respond. Beta readers state if they will do it for free or for a fee.
  6. It’s good to thank beta readers, acknowledge them on websites, blogs, twitter, and inside the novels. They did a lot of work and read your manuscript from first sentence to the last. Thank them. They are superheroes.