Book Blurbs -what I learned #amwriting

So, this past week, I’ve been dealing with not one but TWO book blurbs.

The first is for The Puzzle of Bones (hopefully will be out in July) and the second is for Into The Flames (hopefully out in the fall).

This is what I learned –

  1. Long blurbs get dismissed. If a blurb is 4 paragraphs or more, it’s dismissed. There’s a facebook group where you can ask help for blurb help and sad to say, I couldn’t read the long blurbs. I tried and was glad to see other writers were helping to shorten them. Plus, if your blurb is shorter, you can do more with the back cover! You can add so many details!!!
  2.  Names – too many names get dismissed. Make the reader care about the main character. That’s what I was told about Into the Flames blurb that I shared. I changed the blurb and received a positive response.
  3. Tag lines are important. Example – IntotheFlames
  4. Either have that tag line on cover or in the blurb. But it will grab someone’s attention.

I don’t want to share the blurb for The Puzzle of Bones yet, but I’ll share for Into The Flames.

What do you guys think?

into the flames blurb

Thank you for your time and have a good day!

2 Comments on “Book Blurbs -what I learned #amwriting

  1. Book blurbs are hard to get right. Thanks for sharing your tips.

    Into the Flames sounds like it has a lot of high stakes. Good luck with your upcoming book releases.

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