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#ReturnAddresses Book Tour – @McLellanBooks @RRBookTours #Giveaway

Michael A. McLellan has a new book out in the world! Read on for an exclusive except and a fantastic giveaway — A $20 Amazon gift card, and a copy of Return Addresses! Psst, bloggers and book reviewers! There is also going to be a blog tour June 10th to the 26th, if you’re interested! Visit R&R Book Tours for more info! Return Addresses … Read More #ReturnAddresses Book Tour – @McLellanBooks @RRBookTours #Giveaway

Summer Heat by Shaunna Rodriguez is out

You’re invited to #INTOTHEFLAMES #THEHEARTGAMES #NewRelease #ReleaseParty #Party #Shifters #phoenixes #kindlereads #paranormalromance #bookloversclub  The party is happening in my group on May 30th and May 31. 21 authors. about 22 giveaways. Games. Authors maybe going LIVE. A group game!!!  

Beneath the Surface by Shaunna Rodriguez is out #coverbyme

Book Cover Reveal – #IntoTheFlames by me @KernerAngelina

It’s finally finished after 7 years of hard work! You can PRE-ORDER NOW at Book Blurb: A dead kingdom. A new life. Two crowns on the line. When Omari turned nineteen, she started dreaming of a dangerous woman and dying men. At first she thought she was crazy but as dreams progressed, she realized she was dreaming of a past life- being Queen … Read More Book Cover Reveal – #IntoTheFlames by me @KernerAngelina

Author Spotlight – Deborah Garland

Series Blurb: New billionaires navigating the world of serious money and the women who can’t be bought. This high-heat romance series is set in the glitzy and wealthy world of New York City and features HAF guys who’ve gone from middle classy to filthy rich. These alphas never had trouble with women before they were loaded. Now they have fortunes and secrets to protect. … Read More Author Spotlight – Deborah Garland

Author Spotlight -Darlene Kuncytes

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Author Spotlight – Linda Boulanger @LBoulangerBooks

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Book Review: Adana the Earth Dragon

Book Title: Adana the Earth Dragon Book Author: Debbie Manber Kupfer Rating: 5 Dragon Paws  This book has really cute illustrations. It’s not for three year olds. I tried reading it to my kiddo and he only paid attention to 40% of it. I like the message in the story for kids and plan to reread it to him in the future.

Book Review: The Experiment (X-Clan #2)

Book Title:  The Experiment (X-Clan #2) Book Author: Lexi C. Foss Rating: 5 Dragon Paws  for 18+. Some possible triggers-mention of rape, force. Sexual. I love the cover. It’s super cool. It’s about how two wolves get to know each other. One had to work extra hard to gain trust and the other has to find if one can trust. Nicely written. Very sexual … Read More Book Review: The Experiment (X-Clan #2)

Blurred Lines Tour @Didi_Oviatt

Blurred Lines The Suspenseful Collection 2 by Kim Knight and Didi Oviatt Genre: Romantic Suspense, Crime Fiction For Mature Readers Only:  As the second installment of suspenseful short stories by two suspense authors, from diverse backgrounds, Blurred Lines offers a thrill ride with nine stories in genres across the board. From opposite sides of the Atlantic these stories have been created. One author started … Read More Blurred Lines Tour @Didi_Oviatt

Book Review: Ella’s Masquerade

Book Title: Ella’s Masquerade Book Author: Lexi C. Foss Rating: 5 Dragon Paws  Nicely written! Fantastic twists on fairy tales and the link growth between the lovers is touching. I would have agreed to see more bloodshed but the endings for characters was satisfactory. 😀 great job! For 18+ age group.