Scene Structure: Draft

Hi everyone,

I started thinking about writing and publishing a novella. Before I will start though, I want to talk about scene structure and what goes inside. Please provide feedback and let me know how you create scene structures yourself.

Thank you!

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6 Comments on “Scene Structure: Draft

      • It wasn’t supposed to be that long, I was just writing for fun, best way to write in my opinion! No pressure, no word count goals, just the story in your head ☺️ downside, I stop and start stories all the time, once they get boring I move onto something else!

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      • Agreed. My ‘Seven Hours’ is good as a novella. I don’t think I can make it better having it longer.

        Haha me too. I got at least 6 not finished stories.

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      • Seven hours sounds intriguing! When are you releasing it?

        Author Jackie French mentions on her website that it is completely normal to stop and start stories, and actually good for you! I counted mine the other day, it’s at 47 now, but most of them are pretty crap, I think there’s about 6 or 7 I’d like to turn into novels

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      • Thank you. It is pretty mellow but I think it will make the reader feel good and think about the senses. It will be released late july since I’m waiting for the proofread edits and of course see if people will turn in any cover ideas. I am willing to provide ARC copies for honest reviews.


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