Cheetah: Adorable Cat

Cheetah is my beautiful 14 year old kitty. I got her as a kitten and I remember that she was able to be on the palm of my hand. I love her loads!

IMG_4178 She stole my favorite blanket for two hours and I couldn’t go to bed until she let it go. ^_^


She loves playing with bags!

8 Comments on “Cheetah: Adorable Cat

    • “Is it a bag, is it a cat!” -Nice!!!

      Aww, I’m so sorry! Adopt a kitty for yourself then. I adopted one cat from a killing shelter and another one from Petco.

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      • Ohh take a photo.

        I only have white and black cats in my life. I tend to adopt black cats because people tend to scorch them on Halloween or don’t adopt them because of superstitions. Ridiculous. They are sooo lovable!

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