Results from the Polls for fantasy writing

You can still provide feedback at: Polls for fantasy writing

Climate and Geography


So, 2 people like having accommodating maps (which is awesome) but not something that I can have for edition 2 of Deity’s Soulmate. Mainly because she jumps galaxies…. that would be a really hard map to make…

For geographic locations of species, it’s more obvious in book 3 of the trilogy which is not out yet, but I’m happy to say that I was able to accommodate all 3 people.

Gardenia travels through galaxies! So that satisfies the 3 votes. Yay!

And of course, I do explain climate or geography when its necessary.

Magick and magicians


In my novel, in first and second editions, dragons can snap their fingers and BAM, it’s done. Gardenia can do so on really simple spells, but really it’s about incantations, magick circles, and potions.

Gardenia at one point pays a price for doing a time spell.

Gardenia works magick with dragons. Can’t get better than that. Yay!

  • There are lot of more magickal beings in book 3.

I got gods, goddesses, dragons, and her soulmate looks like a fairy (if imagined)

Characters and Customs


Let’s see. Some folk takes. I can add that into edition 2. Just need to come up one with one or two.

Gardenia goes through the rite of passage through her punishment so guess that works out.

There are a lot more of special characters dealing with different matters in book 2. In book 1 (1st and 2nd edition) one gets the idea that Gardenia has lessons with different family members. Each family member teaches her something different and unique… to a point since she’s not well liked.

Gardenia learns about dragon society which is complex. I just hope that it shows.



Slow and pure romance. Though there’s soul mates which makes it hard to make it pure and yet it is in a way.

I loved writing romance between soul mates.

In edition 2, Gardenia has a couple of relationships before she meets her soul mate unlike in edition 1 so that’s covered. It was actually fun to write.

Sadly there are no love triangles. I am bad at those.

This was a great exercise to see what I can write and people like to read about.

Thank you for your help!

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