Character (e)Motions

Oh this topic is important.

If you haven’t realized before, but a story is not only made up of dialogue (which is hard to write as well), but also with the character habits or motions. One doesn’t want to see just dialogue, for that one may read a play and even then a play would have notes on what the characters are doing. One wants to read about what the characters are doing and read basic descriptions of things.

So, what habits do characters have? 

-Well, habits are connected to emotions and motions of the body. Our bodies have a lot of body parts and even more bones, but I’m not going to go into that. I’m going to go into basics of one may find in a novel.

-Also, remember that though motions are important, they shouldn’t take over the scene. Leave some things for imagination. Readers like to imagine what their favorite characters are doing in between so give enough to not break the scene’s flow.




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