The Season of Returning Gifts

Today is a different post and it has to do with the season of Gifting.

As I was on the way to work, my husband turned on the radio. The first thing we heard were about how some people already have gifts that they want to return.

Now, I may be old fashioned but returning gifts? Seriously?

I understand that exchanging a shirt for a smaller or bigger size can make sense in today’s society but returning a gift because they don’t like it… is just RUDE.

Now, don’t think that I live under a box and don’t know that returning gifts has been a thing for a long time, BUT, to BRAG that someone already wants to return a gift is just WRONG.

I mean how would YOU feel if your gift has been returned? Things have a way of coming out. Sure, if you hardly see the person who gifted you that HORRIBLE gift, there may be a temptation to be MAINSTREAM.

“Oh, you returned your gift and got something else? I think that I’ll do it, too!” – Doesn’t that sound ridiculous? It’s not like “Oh, you’ve seen that movie? I want to see it, too!” Seeing a movie because someone else has seen it, is actually good because it doesn’t hurt someone’s feelings to see a movie. It does HOWEVER hurt someone’s feelings IF AND WHEN they find out that YOU returned their gift.

Frankly speaking, because people got into their HEADS of returning gifts, gift cards became more popular and even then “What if you got a gift card for a place you don’t shop in?” —BLASPHEMOUS!!! 

What have we become? We complain about EVERYTHING!

  • This soup is too hot!
  • This cell phone is TOO complicated!
  • This dress doesn’t come in my favorite color?
  • What? This game already came out where you are? Damn it! I want it, too!
  • What took you so long? I’ve been waiting in the cold for 5 minutes!
  • Can you believe it? She gifted me with this ugly Christmas sweater!

What if we thought about what we’re doing or what we’re receiving BEFORE complaining?

  • The cook really outdid himself. While it cools a little, I can tell about my latest project.
  • Okay, guess I’ll ask Siri for help or google an answer to my new iPhone 6s.
  • Maybe they didn’t make it in purple because they tried and it looked bad? Okay, I’ll try it on anyway. Oh my! It’s gorgeous on me!
  • Just one more week before it comes out, I’ll just finish the one that I’m playing for now. Don’t spoil anything for me.
  • It’s okay, it’s only been 5 minutes. How about that coffee or hot chocolate to warm us up before shopping?
  • Yes, it’s totally not my style but I can wear it to an Ugly Sweater Party or wear it around her. It’s the thought that counts. Could make lots of funny memories.

NOW, don’t those look better? Make you feel better?

This is a season of gifting and receiving gifts. But, more importantly, it’s about family, togetherness, and enjoying the holiday season. You may get to see some friends only during this holiday so enjoy it.

Stop complaining. Stop thinking about returning gifts. Stop and take a deep breath before you hurt someone’s feelings. People go the distance looking for gifts.

They take their time to order you something online or shop at a store. They take the time of choosing a beautiful wrapping paper and then wrapping your gift. Give them the courtesy of the doubt that they hate you and just thought to gift you something they found in the trash. People don’t gift others to make them miserable. They gift because they want to. People don’t gift people gifts if they don’t like them.

Happy Holidays



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