Book Review: Crimes Against a Book Club

Book Title: Crimes Against a Book Club book club

Book Author:  Kathy Cooperman

Source: K.U.

Rating: 5 Dragon Paws 5 paws


That was a really fun read…. and was filled so many perspectives!

It’s not just about the crimes against a book club, it’s about more – like the things that people hide behind the masks that we wear.

Surprisingly, I didn’t like Annie and I wasn’t supposed to like the detective. I liked Sarah, Annie’s mother, and the artist. Those women were fun to follow. Annie’s mother seemed to be like a joke to me for a while and not really 3d, but slowly she started to play a bigger role and it opened her up.

The characters are fantastic and so is the writing. I take the 5th on saying anything else for fear of giving away the story for those of you who hadn’t read it, yet.


I highly recommend it and it’s on K.U.😉

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